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Is it normal for sisters to come to your place and parade around in their underwear?
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Is it normal to call a cow your sister?
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What about stretching?
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>he isn't the first one his imouto comes to when she gets new lingerie

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Prove me wrong.
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I prefer Twilight for boys myself
It is a harem anime, a romance anime, a supernatural mystery anime, and a coming-of-age anime. Stories can have multiple labels.
Calling Monogatari a harem feels a bit strange.

By pretty much any good definition you can come up with it is one, but it's not really structured at all like the Date A Live style stuff you'd think of as standard harem anime

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This is your sensei tonight
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[Muronaga Chaashuu] Ikasete! Kana-sensei Teach Me! Kana-sensei (COMIC Masyo 2015-09) [English]

There you go familia
Only doing this because I know the pain of trying to find cropped shit.

>no such thing as a actual 1/10 anim-
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It's at least a 8.59/10 you fuckwit. Dont slander my anime.
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You could've at least picked something that's actually terrible
>Say something positive about Mars of Destruction

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Can you improve any girl by making her Gyaru?
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Yes, but only 2d
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>tfw no pure gyaro to step on my ballsack
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No, because you're waifu (whoever she may be) is perfect as she is.

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What is /a/'s opinion on nichijou?

>tfw 5 years late
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Overused and exaggerated jokes that make it seem funny but its actually not: The Anime.
Mai is a cunt, Hakase a stupid brat, I only understand half of the jokes, one of my favorite shows.
unfunny shit with forced animation

What's a good anime to watch with your older sister?
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Yuru Yuri, what is your onee-chan like?
Kiss x Sis
Monster Musume

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>want to buy a anime series on blu ray
>they sell it in 10 parts that are $40 each.

why the fuck is this even allowed?
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how new are you to this whole anime thing sempai?
>how new are you to this whole anime thing sempai?

if you mean buying anime yes im a newfag to that.
>Japanese bds
>2-3 episodes

>Western release
>Full series

How do the Japs deal with this? Why haven't they died off of rage?

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Childhood is when you idolize Lelouch
Adulthood is when you realize Suzaku makes more sense
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Childhood is when you idolize Guts
Adulthood is when you realize Griffith makes more sense
Suzaku = MLK
Lelouch = Malcolm X
problem with that guy was that he wasn't consistent with his ideals

guy was originally nationalistic then he ups and betrays Japan by killing his father
He tries to get the two sides to get along but then he decides to completely become Britannia's lapdog because of the death of Euphiemia undoing all the progress she done
then eventually says "fuck it" and fucks over Britannia with Lelouch

At least Lelouch was consistent "Destroy Britannia, avenge mother, take care of sister" and only trainwreck circumstances detracted him from that goal

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She's looking directly at you anon!! Say something already!!
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fuck off
Is there something on my face?
>y-you too

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Breeding with Sensei!
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She is not for lewd!
Best Sensei.
What subject does she teach?

Chino is for ____
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my chinpo
somebody should clean the poop off her lip
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consensual marriage

Hey evangelion this is how u do a deconstruction
> with out putting in a bunch of bullshit u going through in ur own life

Still piss from that shit and people just keep telling watch the movie watch the move then watch the last epsiode fuck u EVE
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I'm not a huge fan of eva but atleast it killed mecha and turned anime into what it is today.

Also Higurashi wasn't much of a deconstruction, it did a bit to deconstruct horror but I doubt it was the first to do that.
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mootsuka vector.png
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Why do boys magically turned into girls make the best girls?
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I dunno, but I'm gonna post this in every relevant thread until the translation gets picked up again.
Cause you're gay
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A man's mind being overcome by their new female body makes the best nymphos, that is why.

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What are you working on?
What do you wish got picked up?
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>what are you working on
Black Hole
>what do you wish got picked up?
JoJo's, I would love to see how professional translator gets around certain terms and moments in my country there is a traditon of translating every element of the comic into our language so that no annotations/tns are needed
And you, op? What are you working on?
What's the best option when you want to have something scanned but don't want pay an arm and a leg for shipping?

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