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>Death Note
>Fullmetal Alchemist
>Attack on Titan
>Sword Art Online

What particular set of traits makes these gateway anime
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Not losers.
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The fact that they're popular, apparently.

Which doesn't actually make any sense, but at least /a/ has one thing they can agree on.

The fact that no Japanese group has ever produced a series focusing on drugs and/or alcohol just goes to show how far anime still is from becoming a serious art.
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every other art form has at least addressed it
But since when drugs and alcohol it's an issue in Japan? Hikkimoris are by far an much more serious social problem

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Chapter 20. This was posted early morning today.


This chapter gave me more hope.

( last thread + translation >>149623758 )

I'll post the with the pages


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>page 2

Is your sister allright?
It's like this when you disrupt one's inner peace.

>page 3

Wait, Kei-chan. Your make up.
Also, what's with this guy here?
I'll repeat it then.
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The TLanon forgetting lines made me forget lines...
Let me...
crossdress too!

F-Fine, sit here.
She agreed.

>page 4
this is amazing!
just like a real girl.

Sis, you did one hell of a job.
I know, right? I'm always serious when it comes to this.

But by the way...

You haven't fill me in at all
wtf is happening here?!
I sure want to know too.

>page 5
Anyway, I told Tokujira-san and Botan
that I'm a guy

Wait, you... isn't that...

Oi, Itsuki. It's breezy down there.
Can you shut it in for one dang sec?!
Dammit, you!

Now that I've let you crossdress,
are you satisfied now?

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What would you do in this situation?
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Tell the loli to leave while I put the hard drive in, drenched in sweat and nervous because I have no fucking idea what I'm doing.
I would make a back up of my security cameras feeds and call and attorney?
>drenched in sweat and nervous because I have no fucking idea what I'm doing

Mactoddlers everyone

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miyazaki draws porn.jpg
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I guess he's finally started to like Ipads now?
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bitch please...
A drawing tablet is nothing like an ipad and would feel more relevant for Miyazaki. Anyway, it's about time he embraced digital animation. Only a matter of time before the industry goes full digital.
>$2000 cintiq
Anon, please.

I just finished Shinsekai Yori. Anyone want to talk about it?

It might be in my top 10 now. It's that good.
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I watched it last week. It's damn good.
Squealer did nothing wrong.
It started off nicely for me but it just bored me at some point.

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the face of justice
Smug saber best saber

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How can other girls expect to compete?
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A realistic body? In anime? What is this? Apart from refreshing
lurk two years before posting
That last second that shows off her midriff and thighs makes me diamonds every time.

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Who would win?
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guys killed by gogeta: 1
guys killed by vegETto: 0
Your Mom

Anyone here tried watching anime on a VR screen? Would you recommend it? What's the best way to do it?
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Literally fucking pointless.
That's about as retarded as watching anime on a 144hz monitor and thinking it'll look smoother.
>t. someone who can't afford a high refresh rate monitor

What's all the hype about this Utena show? Is it a meme? I watched the first episode and sucked, will it get any better?

This is all coming from a guy who loved Rose of Versailles, by the way.
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not gay at all.gif
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You don't give two shits about sexual liberation. Which is a theme of Utena.
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Consider that you might just have shit taste.

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This is your date today.
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She looks pretty cute, can't wait!
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Why a Chunny girl can be so dorable

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Geeze, onii-chan. Your yogurt isn't tasty at all!
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then how about we wash that taste down with some.....................milk
Shoujo Ramune
>white Chino's nipples getting hard
That scene was LEWD

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ITT: Good Mc's
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You're a meshi

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