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you can only pick one
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Red of course.
Aika > Tail Red > Yellow > Silver
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Can we all agree this was ridiculous? There's such a thing as too flat.

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Openings and endings that make you sad.
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All ops and eds makes me sad because I have to push a button to skip them and I hate having to move my body

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as if there was a choice
They're both ugly and bad characters.
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as if there was a choice x2

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Please describe this adult child.
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a cute snel.jpg
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but not as cute as actual child
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She was always the most adult character.

Also Mayoi Hell fucking WHEN?
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What was your 2016 favorite manga moment/scene?

For me, it was the All Might vs AfO from Hero Academia. That was fucking brilliant and full of feels. These chapters made me cheer All Might with all my heart.
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When Rue Island finally fucking ended. Now prison school needs to finish sports festival and all will be right with the world again.
Guts gets off the boat

This has been the year of miracles
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Not even a contest

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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the official Frid/a/y night Osu! threadAll /a/ lobbies will have the password "rage" and can be found by simply typing "/a/" in the multiplayer search bar. Please make sure to choose songs accordingly to the lobby's prescribed difficulty.You can now download Osu! completely free on the homepage: https://osu.ppy.sh/We also have an IRC channel that anyone is more than welcome to join. It is found on the Rizon server. Channel name is #osubantz.
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So, does anyone know where can I get the old osu theme? I can't find it anywhere.
necro bump
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>10/10 anime don't exis..
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2nd GiG is almost 10/10 but this insert song is undeniably 10/10

I agree with this. It was far superior to the first season and was just overall brilliant. Even though its been said before, 2nd gig, cowboy bebop, logh, and mononoke are the only non-movie anime I consider to be 10/10.

>if you criticize me I will not respond, because I am too scared
For me, Kuze make 2nd gig > 1st gig.
It's great when the enemy have deep relationship with the MC.

>2nd gig, cowboy bebop, logh, and mononoke
Great taste, anon.

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Remember this day, /a/. He died for your sins.
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>tfw no one cares about DtB anymore
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I almost made another thread because I didn't find this searching the catalog.

Sad that /a/ no longer cares. Darker than Black was surprisingly fun despite the weird pacing and haphazard story.
This is at least the fourth one, so I wouldn't say no one cares.

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Hibike! Euphonium is AOTY. Thank you based KyoAni.

What was the second best anime of 2016?
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Koe no Katachi
1. Flip Flappers
2. Hibike

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Weekend Waifu and Husbando Drawthread #2

Remember to relax and take it easy.


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A joint request with Nowi, maybe an outfit swap or a playful Nowi and annoyed Tharja.

Tharja wearing any of these characters clothes.

Doing the pocky game with SI.

Tharja refs - http://imgur.com/a/fdPxg
SI refs - http://imgur.com/a/jHKHG
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Requesting Chelsea, please!

Wearing this catmaid outfit:

Or wearing sweater/hoodie and pantyhose with her clothes, being comfy at home, or doing something cute that'd fit the theme, or just simply being cute.
Outfit example: http://imgur.com/a/T2K3i

Or putting on thighhighs:

Anything else cute/cutelewd/comfy is also fine.

Please and thank you!
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Requesting Kukaku Shiba dressed as Valkyrie from Rainbow Six Siege http://imgur.com/a/3q8lk
Or anything is fine as long as she's smiling.
Have a nice weekend!

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Comfy Nemurin thread pls come back.

Also I fucked up the formatting of the title. That's what you get for being a newfag I guess.
A premise for the Drama CD.

"Suddenly finding herself in a strange land, Snow White is reunited with Nemurin. Nemurin tells her that she has gathered Snow White, as well as other Magical Girls throughout time in order to stop a mastermind from tampering with the Dream World".

The cast includes:

Snow White (Summoned from JOKERS)
La Pucelle (Summoned from Arc 1)
Pfle (Summoned from pre-Restart)
Shadow Gale (Summoned from pre-Restart)
Detick Bell (Summoned from Restart)
Lapis Lazuline (Summoned from Restart)
Postarie (Summoned from Limited)
Rain Pou (Summoned from Limited)
Marika Fukuroi (Summoned from JOKERS)
Beautiful Calamity Mary

Translator-Kun also says that some characters will meet Ideal Versions of themselves in the Drama CD, and communicate with them.
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Comfy thread!

Can't wait.

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>Don't call me a hikiNEET, you bitch
>A man who doesn't mind doling out a dropkick to a female opponent
>Darkness.. Wiz.. My sexual harrasment was your own fault for having such bodies
>Megumin, I would shift you on purpose so I could feel your flat chest against my back
>*Defeats one of the most legendary adventurers in seconds, consistently, using low tier magics*
>The mastermind behind the downfall of nearly every Demon King general
>The binding point of a party consisting of overpowered jobs
>Charming goddesses and demon king generals like it's his business
Name a better Konosuba.
Name a better MC.
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bullying megumin is wrong
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Bullying the mage is why you would even consider having them in the party to begin with.
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Bullying the tank is why you would even consider having them in the party to begin with.

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is this a more subtle way of starting a megumin monday thread?
One time I fapped to a gangbang doujin of my waifu and hysterically sobbed after I came. I never want to go through that again.

Admit it, you just like posting that guy's Konosoba art.

>[Davinci] Girlish Number - 05 [720p][9D9283BF].mkv
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I want to cum inside Chitose.
I want to wiggle muh fingers in Chitose's eggs.
I want Yae to sit on my face

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Daily Dose.png
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Time for daily dose.
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gay thread
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>Gogeta have a cool stardust technique
>Gogeta have a cool hair style
>Gogeta have a cool desing (GT)

>Vegetto have Final Kame Hame-Ha (better than Big Bang Kame Hame-Ha)
>Vegetto have a cooler hair style
>Vegetto have a cool desing too
>Vegetto have cooler clothes
>Vegetto is stronger
>Vegetto is The Strongest One
>Vegetto is canon

Why gogetafags exist? I'm asking seriously

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