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Did they ever explain the time travel stuff?
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Plot convenience.
>time travel
You fucking retard.
There was no time travel. It was all Satoru being chuuni as fuck. He was PRETENDING to be a time traveler and PRETENDING to keep it a secret from his friends.
Time travel isn't fucking real.
Jesus Christ, I hate you people.
nah. and funny thing is he undid all the help/saving of those people who were in danger (which was the trigger to time-jump in the first place)by instead saving the loli.

its never addressed, just a plot device.

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Find a flaw.
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she dead
Not a lesbian.

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Fucking best episode so far.
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crashing this regalia2.webm
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>can't fly
>nothing happens
>best epiode

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This vile vampire made a mess out of your bed. Punish her!
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>make a mess of your bed
>blame the visitor
>your only guest in 5 years
Guess why you have no friends.
I like it better now

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Spoilers are out.

"Those without light"

Harlequin and Diane go full power right off the bat but
they can't do anything against Gloxinia and Dolor at all.
Harlequin: "If you want to kil us… then… do so right this instant…!!"
Gloxinia: "…you're right. Then you'll die. That's if you betray our expectations."
The losing side: "!?"
Dolor: "From now on, we will train you two."
Gloxinia: "We're going to make you surpass us…!!"
End texts: "Either death or the awakening awaits them. The training opens at an unknown location!!"
"What are the Ten Commandments longtime enemies thinking of, making a complete turn from the battle to the death!? The two see their chance to make a comeback come with a mysterious suggestion!!!
To be continued in chapter 200 / Memories of the Holy War.
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>The non-demon and totally not suspicious commandments turns out to the filthy traitors all along

Demons are really shitty at picking allies. No wonder they got rekt by the goddesses so easily.
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Alright /a/. You are given a blank check, but you are forced to sign a binding contract. No loopholes. Your task is to use this funding to "fix" the anime of your choice. You cannot go back and redo previous episodes. Reboots are permitted. You must "fix" a currently existing property, ongoing or finished. You are given full creative and legal control to do as you please. For example, I would halt production on the One Piece anime entirely and redo their entire formula. No five to seven minute recaps. Let the manga progress for a few months and focus on creating decent episodes over trying to keep pace with the already poorly paced manga. What would you fix /a/?
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Boku no Pico, full length feature films directed by Miyazaki, animated by KyoAni.
Hire Ikuhara to expand the romance plot to the greatest love story ever told. Make Anno voice Mokkun.

It's going to be glorious.
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Which would you rather have?
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Hisui easily (rip Miyu)
rin is trash
Rin looks like an anorexic spic in that picture, and I happen to like maids and that color hair as well.

Obviously Hisui and Kohaku

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Is it good?

Does the black cat talk?
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Only when it has a red scarf tied around the neck.
It's a very comfy and cute show. And I don't mean cute in the 'moeblobs doing cute things' manner.
Good enough for me

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i want to sexually fuck maki
Niku is a living garbage.
Maki is for rape.

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fucking hell lads

I never cry to movies, tv shows, books, videogames, etc.

But this shit had me balling nearly every episode.

holy phuck
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I only cry because I can't have anal sex with a certain Anaru
Finale had me bawling like a small child who was just punted down a flight of stairs.

This shit hit way too close to home.
This was forced drama, the anime.

Let me tell you why it's bullshit. Before the first episode's OP, we learn that the ghost girl is able to interact with the world around her, yet it takes nine fucking episodes where this is demonstrated to the others.

The only purpose to the previous episodes is to build up the drama by the making the lead to appear crazy by his friends.

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Why is this genre so neglected?
I'm a huge fan of series like Amagami, Kimikiss Ano Natsu and Toradora but, is the fanbase for such series so small as to studios to completel ignore the genre?

I mean, it's pretty easy to find fanservice harem series or romantic shoujo series, but why are male-oriented romantic series, not focused on comedy or fanservise but actual romantic development between a not-so-dramatic couple so scarce?

Why hasn't any studio or producer/director thought about making somethink like Amagami? Wasn't the anime succsessful enough to be considered a profitable, unexploited genre?

That series was the friggin perfect recipe:
>Omnibus format - Every fucking girl wins
>Not overly dramatic
>Male MC's a fusion of self-insert and a likeable personality.
>Just a small pinch of fanservice to remind you of the heroines sexual attractiveness.

I'm sure there's a shitton of romantic VN that could be adapted like Amagami was and we see countless LN/VN adaptations with shitty plots and even shittier attempts at romance be released every season so why not focus on developing a decent male-oriented romantic series for once?
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Amagami was one of those gems that come by once every century.
Well, out of the three omnibus romances I know of, only Amagami wasn't fucking shit, so there's that.
Photo Kano tried it and failed hard.

If the formula is so simple, why not fucking follow it to the letter?

Amagami's arc were 4 episodes long, lenghty enough to get a nice development between the MC and each heroine and it was perfect.
Instead, Photo Kano focused 6 episodes on the main heroine and 1 for each of the rest. So main heroine's arc came out decently but each of the other girls development felt rushed and came out of nowhere.

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What the fuck happened this season? I haven't picked up anything at all.

How are you guys doing this season?
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I wouldn't say there's any outstanding must watch or any horrendously awful watch for the laughs with /a/, it's just a bunch of sixes through eights. Just watch whatever you're interested in and catch up on your backlog.
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Average to below average season. Heavily recycled yuribait anime and worse fujobait shows. Chinkshit was a mistake.

Only things worth watching are Keijo and 3gatsu.
flipflap and keijo and literally nothing else

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What's your thought on this?

>inb4 Uguu
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It's great. Hocchan banzai!
I fucking love those school uniforms

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When will we get another anime that turns /a/ into chaos?
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As soon as the new Code Geass anime starts
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>he didn't watch rezero
You missed it already.

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