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So Trunks' new transformation was actually a sort of "spirit saiyan" mode created from absorbing the hope spirit of the people around him right?

I'm assuming today's episode was their way of alluding to what the new transformation was.

Pretty cool, its like the saiyan ritual but for a half-breed, it's with humans.
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It was an asspull.hate the power scaling
Still a ningen. Can't compare to real Zamasu

If the "spirit saiyan" idea is true then it's not too much of an asspull. Unless you think the god ritual is an asspull too.

I think this new transformation existed to allude that Trunks was subconciously channeling the energy of all the people he knew and wanted to protect, hence leading up to the current episode

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memeru oshitty.jpg
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Why do people pretend to like the films of Oshii? Is it because they think it makes them mature?
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Kill yourself.

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Was it ever addressed why Guts cheated on Casca at the beginning of Berserk?
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I don't count that as canon because it's out of character. Miura probably didn't know what he was doing at the start.
He drew it when he was like 17, he later mentioned it was very out-of-character.
Probably had to fool the Demon into revealing it's true form through sex.

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Daily reminder that traps aren't gay.
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yes they are
No they aren't
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Samurai Flamenco.jpg
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Do you still remember, /a/?
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Never forget.
How can you forget this /a/pproved garbage?

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My name's Rei Ayanami! How's it hanging?
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It's not hanging anymore.
>Why is the new girl's hair blue and eyes red?
>Jeez what a freak
>I bet she isn't even human
>freaky emotionless weirdo
Lets beat her up and take her bento.
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It's natural for the other girls in the class to be jealous of Rei's beauty but they shouldn't be so rude about it.

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What software do you use to browse your mangas' image files?

I've started to read some mangas recently but I've grown tired of Windows' default image viewer, its dense as fuck.
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Leave and never come back.
Paint and gimp familia

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ITT: Painfully unfunny garbage.
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File: Screenshot_20161113-070451.png (1MB, 2560x1440px)Image search: [Google]
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>This is Major.

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I know if I were smart I wouldn't have ever bothered to hope they wouldn't totally fuck up the GitS movie
Looks like a naruto headband
File: hugo-weaving-cloud-atlas-asian.jpg (379KB, 659x744px)Image search: [Google]
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>no eye things like hugo weaving had in cloud atlas

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Suigintou is still the best doll after all these years.
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Rozen Mainden one of the best anime, this anime made the 4chan community
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>being this objectively wrong after all these years
Suigintou a shit.
20 years later and Suigintou is still one of the best 2D girls ever created.

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Now that's its 2016 and the manchilds have grown up a bit, we can finally agree Brotherhood was the definite FMA anime right?
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Yes, only contrarian hipsters think that FMA>FMA:B.
FMA:B is basically the best Battle Shounen out there.
No, it's not even the best FMA anime.

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Be honest, do you masturbate to anime?
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Yes, I'm also notoriously xenophobic, racist, mysogynist, homophobic and islamophobic.
>fapping to ecchi or the kind
Better question: has anybody masterbated to something within the anime/manga? Not smut or doujins, but inside an episode/page?

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>it's kickass the anime
>no it's actually kamen rider
>no no no it's actually nolan batman
>now it's power rangers
>now it's fucking watchmen
>then its metal gear rising
>engrish with aliens
>fosters home for imaginary friends
>and it's fight club

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They were thinking, "let's have fun with this series."

And it was a fun, interesting to follow show when it aired. I would watch it again. Objectively though it had budget issues, rushed animation, a sometimes confusing plot, and awful pacing. But again, it was a very enjoyable watch and I wouldn't hesitate to call myself a fan.
We must save anime from itself.

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A wise magical negro offers to transfer you to a 2d world with an OP perk/superpower but in return you have to give him a degenerate sexual favor you are guaranteed to hate (he will read your mind to find out what it is).

Would you do it?
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I've done worse
Nah, Trump won so I'm fine with this world.

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I don't think it looks that bad.
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Look again.
I really don't like the way she's posed in that scene to be fair, the room could use a bit more feeling as well.
What's the purpose of a glowing bed?

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