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Is this shit any good? I'm not really a waifu/lewdfag will I enjoy this? I liked KLK and Gurren Lagann
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it's gr8 senpai
KLK is basically a mix between PSG and TTGL. So you might.

Have fun with it.
>I liked KLK and Gurren Lagann
The chances of you liking it is high. Just don't don't go in expecting narrative or character progression.

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bubuki buranki.jpg
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Now that the dust has settled, we can all agree that this had the best female characters of 2016, right?
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Since they occupy 90% of the screen at all times in this show to the point that the boys are basically only there for background, I guess so.
Hell no.
Not even as a joke

What's your opinion on titanium ribs?
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>titanium ribs

fuck I'm still mad
Would rather forget it.
Getting mad over titanium ribs after cyborg ojousama.

Come on, guys.

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Is this show any good or just moeshit?
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Watch a few episodes and find out.
You're moeshit
It's Shaftshit.

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De geso!

De gesoo!~
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im sorry squid

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Good Morning /a/!
During the thread yesterday, we decided on what to sing next, and the answer was the two Best songs of the season!
So, this November, we’ll be singing Gospel of the Throttle, the Drifters OP, and FLIP FLAP, the Flip Floppers ED. Ooh, I’m feeling tingly just imagining it.

Drifters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVSNKn3YTew
Flip Flappers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGKjPD_BNAE
/a/ Sings God Knows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAk72siHBAw

So, for those who don’t know the drill, record yourself singing, (you don’t need a mic, or even be able to sing) and send it over to me on [email protected]
I’m also desperately lonely, so any questions are welcome.

The Deadline is the 27th of November, two weeks from now (Because you assholes only ever procrastinate without a deadline), so get moving!
Here are more in-depth submission details, along with the recordings to sing by:

And here is the supplementary announcement video for all the assholes who inevitably miss all the threads, (If you’re salty about missing them, subscribe you faggot): https://youtu.be/OaBvQ9VSkgU
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I still wonder what could have been for the dead Uninstall one.
Do I send the audio recording as one track or two?
I'm not sure what happens when a project dies. I assume the computer crashes and all the files are lost or something.

I suppose you could do two different ones. Actually, send me two. It'll mean more organizing, but that's my burden to bear.

So how much are you willing to pay, anon?
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A few cents.
For some random slut?
Not much.
whats the translation?

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How can I protect my waifu against horny anons who lewd her and degenerate artists who draw her being gangbanged?
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>can I protect my waifu against horny anons
make oc donut steel waifu and never ever upload her anywhere
Sharin is caring.

Anons are your family so you should share your waifu with horny lewd anons. That or you let them use your boipucci.

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You should be able to solve this
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>implying I can look them in the eyes
1. nichijo
3 rezero
4 stains gate
5 konosuba
6 hibike
8 flip flaper
9 fate
11 nnb
13 shimoneta
14 galko
15 cg
16 indeks
19 monogatari
20 kon
22 shirobako
27 love live
28 umaro
29 nisekoi
30 hyouka
31 jintai
32 Ritsko
33 one piece
34 DB
35 katanagatari
38 KLK
39 naruto
40 chaika
You're supposed to name the characters, not the anime. But still you're only 26/28.

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Some stellar writing this series has.

>when i was 6, both my parents and my little sister got hit by a drunk trcuk driver and died and they let me, their little kid see their dead mangled bodies instead of my extended family, which by the way is demonized to the point of not giving a single shit that i became an orphan and letting me go live with some random hobo on zero legal basis
>i got abused and beat up by the real kids of that family and bullied in school and had no friends
>then I got molested and raped by my step sister, quit school and started living life alone in an empty apartment, got drunk and got beat up to a pulp by my step sis's boyfriend and was dumped on the street
>and now im contemplating suicide everyday because life sucks dicks

I wish I was making this all up on the spot (which is what I assume the author did, where the hell was the editor looking?).
It actually feels like satire.
Am I the only one treating this as a comedy and just laughing at every new ridiculous tidbit thrown in every time?
Redpill me on melodrama /a/, why the hell do people take it seriously and don't do as much as bat an eye at how dumb it all is?
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Fuck off, /pol/.
Fuck off /pol/.
I've never actually been to pol.
Is this some ebin meme or something, stay on topic.

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New chapter is up. Otoyomegatari thread : Abs edition
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Pariya a cute

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>turkish soap opera - the manga

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Iori is a pure angel do not sexualize.
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Pure anal queen more like
Disgusting 4head.

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So, I have just been thinking of something.

Is there any anime with actual musical? I mean, not them actually playing/singing on a scene as a staged number, or a song going over a scene, but actually bursting into a song while doing thing that are normally unrelated to music things and going into a whole choreography with a climax and all, only to resume regular activity once it is done?

Has any anime ever done something like that, or is it more of a western animation staple?
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>Is there any anime with actual musical?
Sort of, yes. But no anime actually is primarily a musical. It's either special episodes or one song per episode.
>But no anime actually is primarily a musical
you can say that about cartoon too.

I mean, Pineas and Ferb isn't a musical cartoon, but they will have musical scene every so often.

>It's either special episodes or one song per episode.
Do you have one where there is a villain song?
The first thing that comes to mind is Dance With Devils.

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Dungeon Meshi thread.
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Dumb mobile poster.
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finally, komm susser todd

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Go back to >>>/tv/.
SSB looked pretty good on Vegito while SS4 suits Gogeta better.
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