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Yurifags on suicidewatch.jpg
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>RIP Cabbage
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Will you two just get it on already?

Has anyone ever lost after getting one of these fancy stills for the final shot?
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Gee, it would be a shame if two people showed up and made him waste his entire hand and set cards.

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yuri ost tracklist.jpg
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Yuri On Ice OST tracklist
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>serenade for two
I wonder which song is who's programs.

I guess Ji or Phichit is next after Minami right? the PV made it look like probably Phichi.

>scrolling this list
>I feel pure again
>23. Welcome to The Madness

>tfw no new chapter in months

So did the scanlators seriously drop this because they got butthurt about the girl who was obviously going to win winning?
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It's got furigana dude, just read it in nip. Translations are not the problem, the REAL problem here is scans in general. I have no idea where to find the raw scans of this up to date; senmanga is pretty inconsistent and really doesn't have anything up to date or complete, and that's like the only site I know.

Also Aika a best.
Is Karen (best) gonna win?
Best girl (Karen) never wins.

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Managed to score some early raws, figured I shouldn't let them go to waste with there being no chapter last week so I threw together a quick translation.
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There's enough problems with the current scans that I'll probably just wait until Thursday to do a properly edited release, but if some things work out then I could possibly have Kaguya come out around this time every week. Managed to get the estimated cost down to about five dollars so it's definitely possible, and it might work better with my schedule on the off chance I ever get a job so we'll see if it's doable:
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I love you Jag.
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Greatest invention by mankind
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I can't tell whether you mean pantyhose, bunnysuits, or miniskirts. Shitty pic
are pantyhose, glasses and braids, dare I say it, THE strongest metals known to mankind?
All of them

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We Third Impact now.
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Gogeta is still better than Vegito. Fuck every one of you retarded Vegitocucks.
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Someone is salty as fuck.
>Vegito only showed up because Toriyama decided to listen to these fucking retards screaming for him like bitches in heat. It's very frustrating because he's a shitty boring character.
It's really annoying.

>hurr durr where is muh vegetto.
>now I want Gogeta.

It's so fucking annoying.

In terms of what? Vegetto is a potara fusion, he's leagues better then Gogeta.

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maxresdefault (4).jpg
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Why she is hated?
arata a crap

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Don't you take care of you're waifu's feet /a/?
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>not giving your waifu a tongue pedicure everyday
File: 1477702693549.webm (3MB, 700x392px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 700x392px
mine has no feet.
>being homo

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What are your favorite powerups in manga or anime?
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black blood maka.png
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Black blood Maka was great, wish Ohkubo had used it more.
>get headshot
>is still okay
File: 1476007222900.webm (3MB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 1280x720px

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Would you fuck it, /a/?
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Don Patch is my waifu, so yes
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>blue hair
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He's ok, right?
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Not with this cunt still around
but she left
She's always watching him, she wiretapped the damn apartment

Does /a/ like /a/fro Samurai?
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File: Afro Samurai Resurrection.jpg (561KB, 1280x1024px)Image search: [Google]
Afro Samurai Resurrection.jpg
561KB, 1280x1024px
Meh.The animation is good and Sam Jackson gives a steller performance.The story isnt the best but it makes up for it in action and style,reminds me of Boondocks
Yeah this is basically why I like it, felt like if Huey made an anime.

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Does turning someone or something into a little girl always make it better?
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File: 1463956648813.jpg (3MB, 1808x2560px)Image search: [Google]
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cuteness makes EVERYTHING better.
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salaryman turned loli.jpg
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If I could have a single super power, I'd definitely want the power to turn people into little girls by touch.

I'd start a business out in the midwest and advertise via 4chan. Help every Anon achieve his true potential of cuteness.

File: Boys-are-garbage.jpg (25KB, 500x369px)Image search: [Google]
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Is she right?
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File: c0EeOiB.jpg (86KB, 752x976px)Image search: [Google]
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>you'll never grovel beneath her feet.
>she'll never grind her shoe against the back of your head and call you pathetic
>she'll never laugh at you piteously as you wet you pants from her torment.

pretty much everyone was garbage in some way in PS
That´s one of the reasons why I could never got into Prison School.

I can´t find any of the characters likeable.

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