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327 from Sense:
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would you mob?
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I would be tsundere for mob.

He's a cool dude but... no

Also I have no idea what the question is.
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i'm asking if you'd like to fuck this cute dude ?

Describe Iori without using words starting on "A".
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Anal Queen
Rectum Ruler
Intestine Interloper

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Break Blade discussion anyone? This isn't a dream.
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I need to read the last 10 chapters, fuck.

Coming from someone that regularily dropped the whole chapters (raw and translated) in the past but didn't read much in the last years.

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I was young. No regrets though.
Love Hina
I remember a porn flash game used Chobits' OST, so I guess my dick made me pick up Chobits too.

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ITT: Anime that appeal to idiots.
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You start.
>implying K-On is an intellectual show

Why are these two the best New Game?
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Aoba nene a shit.
Hifumi best
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Because middle school kids are sexy and cute. Aoba and Nene made the show.
Hifumi, Kou, and Yun are best objectively

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Animator Hiroyuki Terao says
SILVER LINK now creating Brave Witches didn't pay money of his work for Strike Witches OVA to him.
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This news has been stewing for a good few hours now. Always slow on the uptake /a/.
When one out of one hundred of anons can read nip at a conversational it creates this sort of latency.

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In the endless war between perflat and cowtits, have medium-sized breasts been neglected?
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I prefer them.
Those look huge to me desu
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Flat always wins.

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It’s FINALLY FUCKING HERE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAk72siHBAw&feature=youtu.be
After months of fucking around, I can now proudly present to you /a/ sings God Knows; 28 submissions, some of the best I’ve heard, and some super neat surprises to go with them.
Of course, you faggots will probably hate it, but perhaps some of you will be so contrarian you’ll like it just to spite everyone else.
Either way, a massive thanks to each and every one of you who helped out with this one. It was a load of fun.

I spent too long trying to make this, though, and I want to get right onto the next one.
This is where you guys can come in; Decide the best OP and ED of this season, and we’ll do the tv size versions of both. At the same time.
Hit me with your best shot.
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It's amazing.
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>tfw you don't get a solo
Best ED is easily Magical Girl Raising Project's Dreamcatcher.

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What have you learned about the Japanese culture after watching enough anime to lead you to /a/?
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Do Japanese people really do this?
koreans are literally dogs who should've been nuked.
Japs are jellly as fuck of American tiddies even if they're attached to dirty and disgusting gaijin scum

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GitS Live Action.png
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>not naked for the invisible fight in the water
The one in the first movie? She was wearing her camo suit.
>SJWs hate it because not enough asians
>/a/ hates it because not enough asians

I want to fill Haruhi with fun
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Dicks can be fun
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>visit funimation today on a college trip
>ceo comes up and asks our favorite shows
>"H-Haruhi. Haruhi Suzumiya, god bless you guys for releasing that collectors edition"
I mutter out like a total beta
>he says something along the lines of "yes, thats one of the shows we did recently. we've been picking up dead shows and re-releasing them"

I was both happy I informed the ceo of funimation that Haruhi fans are still living and sad that its a dead show.
it's an abstract kinda feel
ive got pictures of their stuff if you guys wanna see some of the cool shit/spoiler]

Pic related. Everything that made this series fun is gone.
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ITT: Echochamber thread
Mushoku Tensei.

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Clearly the Brexit was inevitable, when the UK doesn't share continental Europe's patrician tastes.

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>not yuri on ice

What did they mean by this?
What the hell, Switzerland?
Keijo is the better sports anime.

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