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You must be able to solve this.
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Will solving it unlock the exit from Namek?
What am I, a nerd?
I'm afraid I need to see the rest of the formula

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Anyone remember when anime looked good?
I miss the times when anime tried to look realistic. now all they do is make jello blobs with big boobs. Take one piece for example, it looked good, pretty realistic but they it slowly got more and more cartoony. Nami and Robin went from looking good to having grossly big boobs.
Initial D also had the good realistic look.
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nigga neither of those look realistic they drawings who the fuck thinks drawings look realistic
You need to watch more anime.
There was an attempt

Subs are out. How did you enjoy today's episode?
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ded show

Also the endcard this time was atrocious.
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Cu0L9W3VYAIvqjB.jpg orig.jpg
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I guess there isn't much to discuss since it's an adaptation that closely follows the manga.
Agree on the ED card, have a cute script cover instead.

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Looks like /a/ could use some hope
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what happened to the Danganronpa threads
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Not enough bullying
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Someone tell me when are we getting that Anthology.
Also Chiaki a best.
Well you know DR3 was so horribly bad that I at least don't bother making threads anymore.

Why can't anyone defeat the Queen?
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>Watched >30 anime
>Hurr X anime is the GoaT
You're correct anon, I've watched a lot more than 30 anime.
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Post it uncensored, if it's so great.

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So what's the appeal of armpits?
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Delicious and sensitive place that's normally hidden, plus you can lick it or use it as armpit pussy.

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more like edgy teenage wishfulfillment trash
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this guy

I know the story is a trash
>much like Detergent
But which one is the breast grill?
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I want her t suck my blood
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Does the artist not understand perspective? Looks like she has little nubby stump hips or something

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Only 15 days left till the "Code Geass no Kiseki no Anniversary" event. HYPE!
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Sunrise isn't KyoAni.
They won't troll us like KyoAni did, will they?
No, this is a real thing. They even teased it 4 years ago.
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Preview pics of the 32nd episode.
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33)King of Mars
-Battle between SAU and Arbrau ends with both accepting mediation. Tekkadan decides to evacuate from Earth, remembering their members lost in this conflict.

34)Vidar Rises
-The connection between McGillis and Tekkadan strengthens. Meanwhile, Gundam Vidar finally rolls out.

35)Awakening Calamity
-A huge object is discovered in Tekkadan's mine. McGillis, who received from Orga info on the object, decides to visit Mars secretly.
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Ajin 2[06]_snapshot_04.52.jpg
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This is an Ajin. Do not fap to Ajins.
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Can Ajins get knocked up?
I didn't even realize season 2 was airing
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AOTS contender and no one is talking about it. Really sad.

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What went so right?
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>being forced to bathe with a post-pubescent girl
>being strictly into loli
>not being into a wide range of the female form

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Why do catgirls in anime/manga seem to assume that the catgirls would be dependant on the owner (who is almost always a guy)?

Cats domesticated humans, not vice-versa. Why aren't there any series where the catgirl is the dominant one in the relationship?
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Because it's a fetish.
Cats aren't dominant. Taking charge would take a lot of effort, and it would bind them to a position, when they would rather prowl around or take a nap.
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No news on the NekoPara non-hentai, deal with it anime? Just a vague announcement back in July.

Which ones did make you mad, /a/?
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Ill bite. Trigun still pisses me off. Knives had a backstory that pretty much justified his actions, and they just made him jealous cry baby.
The whole sub plot of Rosario vampire, I still remember that episode where he was supposed to go ghoul and kicked some ass, but then the episode went comedy harem route, people in the thread were losing their shit.


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