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ITT: Hidden gems
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>hidden gem
>was on cable TV
Anyways I'd probably say the 2004 tetsujin remake or Towards the Terra
anything with 20k users on MAL is hidden gem worthy, tbqh
So you opened the thread with something that doesn't even qualify by your logic?

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This was mildly amusing the first time
I don't get it.
Mr Slowly

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Yare Yare Daze
I agree OP, but to be fair he's relatively flat compared to the other Joestars. Josuke comes as a nice second for me, then Giorno.
I think he's flat only in comparison to the other Jojos, I kinda like him for his endearing simplicity. He always had heart and a sort of childlike innocence about him.

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Who would win a fight to death, Darkness without her Sword or Light without his Death Note?
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Darkness isn't her real name so she'd win.
Darkness is a better fighter without her sword
Light is a faggot without his DN
Light manages to seduce her

What is it all about?
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Bullying disabled people and edgelords on /a/ thinking those bullies did nothing wrong. See:Ueno.
guy bullies a deaf girl but then later gets bullied himself, so this makes him feel for the deaf girl.
he shows up later after having learned sign language and they fall in love.
lots of drama but the anime movie version skips too much to save time.
What about the ending?

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Post your best mint-haired girls, /a/
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You already did
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I guess I saw already this very same joke. And it is not funny at all.

Why do they keep doing the same jokes?

I really don't get why this is such a huge success.

Same repeated unfunny jokes.
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It's not funny. To (You).
Re-occuring character tropes and jokes can be funny and literally coin the cast members. Even an entire show.

On top of that, Monogatari is not exactly a comedy show.
Certainly only people with weird personality disorders couldn't understand the concept of a running joke, but what kind of person resents an anime yet is still watching it some eighty episodes in?
>but what kind of person resents an anime yet is still watching it some eighty episodes in?

Because I have to watch every anime that airs.
Even the bad ones.

What's your waifus theme song? Is it any good?
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That is actually pretty cute senpai.
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Asui's sweater.jpg
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>tags: Netorare
>it's just the MCs mom having sex with someone that isn't the MC
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>how dare you! my mother is a virgin~
>no don't shoot it deep inside my mothers womb, she doesn't do that kind of thing!

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is he a pedophile?
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He had a child with a grown ass woman. She had to have gone through puberty. No. At least not exclusively.
I saw that irl, a lone father with a child resembling the dead mother. You don't need to be a pedophile to feel like shit in that situation. Konata's dad is doing great.
Konata is 17 to be honest, he's ephebophile

New Koisuru Metronome chapters are out.

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Best time has come.
>isn't even best girl in her own spinoff
Being Utaha is suffering
Utaha a shit.

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>It can't be as good as people make it seems
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Just started watching it. But there's like 300 episodes. It's kind of disheartening.
Same reason I never picked up one piece or bleach.
So far first like 3 episodes are ok.
the first episode was horseshit though?

It only picks up by episode 26, so there's that
Newfag Gintama-fan who only got into the series last year here. The show's a quite behemoth, but boy was it worth the trouble in the end. I'd actually TRIED to watch it a whole decade earlier, but the first two eps didn't impress me enough, and there was tons of amazing stuff airing at the time, so I dropped it.

Few tips:
1) You should SKIP the first 2 episodes. Those are literally filler, as you prolly already noticed. Ep3 is the first REAL episode of the show.

2) The first 20-25 episodes or so are literally dedicated for introductions and mild foreshadowing. While not exactly terrible, that section is easily the worst the show has to offer. It starts picking up the pace after that, with the first ""recap"" episode being a lovely change of pace and example of the show's better humor. You get a first decent "serious" mini-arc around ep 40, which can be seen as an appetizer of things to come.

However, the show REALLY starts to kick up the pace and style after the first year, with the second season packing tons of cool, memorable chapters and way better production values to boot. The legendary "Benizakura" arc is pretty much the show's counterpart to Bleach's "Soul Society" arc, as in the part where everyone agrees shit really hits the fan and gets interesting. It will pretty much set the overall style of the show for the entire series afterwards, with small ups and downs between the arcs.

The arcs of Gintama are notably shorter than in typical Shounen series, which I think helps keeping them well paced and easier to watch too. Some are humorous, some more serious & action-packed, some half-half.

tl;dr: Skip first 2eps, give the show minimum of 25eps, preferably full 50 before you pass judgement. 1st season is merely "OK" for most part, but still VERY required to get into the series' cast and lore.

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Left or right?
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all of them
Right Right Left.
me on right

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Where are my peeps at
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i liked this episode
Farming Badges.

I liked previous episode. Hearing creepy hayamin laugh is a bliss.
best girl

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>anime these days is bad

Why are you all so negative? Anime has never been better.

Sure, there's trash that gets released just like any other form of media. But overall, we are in the golden age of anime. This decade has been way better than any that came before it.
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Anime was always the same shit and will continue to be so

but Isekai is garbage
You're not wrong Yuno. Keep up with the good posts.
When the "best" modern anime is shit like SnK and BnHA, it's pretty clear that anime is not in a golden age.

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