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heaven or hell?
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Let's rock!
Why not both?
People have been posting this pic for years im surprised no one has taken it upon themselves to fill in the gap.

Is Ougi, dare I say, the best anime villain of all time?
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>the real villain is actually yourself
My cute wife Ougi.
>dare I say
Fuck off.

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Who are some cute anime characters with freckles?
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concept asuka.jpg
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Asuka's original design.

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Kaoru huh.jpg
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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I am indifferent to it.
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Hiro did it once.
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I thought I wanted to. ?gnoid uoy era tahW

Is he wrong, anon?
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You can't escape reality and if you avoid every little inconvenience you'll also keep yourself from experiencing good things.
>implying there are good things for everyone
>good things

The only good thing about reality is escaping from it.

If you for argument's sake were forced to kiss one MALE anime character, who would that be? No homo btw.
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Full homo.
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hime c.png
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>you will never pair program with hime sitting on your lap
why even live?

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say something nice about her
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Old hag, should have stayed a loli. Pizza girl is better now
I'm glad she moved on with her life. Childhood crushes are just crushes. The MC is a mangaka self insert anyways. It's just a a harem and he's also no longer blind and has successful anime. I guess the last part came true.

>haha! sexual innuendo except she was actually talking about candy all along!

do people actually like this shit?
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>haha! sucking cocks except OP was actually sucking a few cocks all along!

do people actually do this shit?
I'd appreciate your shitposting way more if you were falseflagging Naruto and Dragonballfag instead.
It would appear so.

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maxresdefault (9).jpg
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Press F to pay respects
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Lemongrab a cute

Fuck I teared up a bit at Gowasu's optimism until the very end. It was all too identical to his optimism towards being able to change Zamasu. I'm surprised it hit me as much as it did

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Why is Gil-sama so cool?
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Eh kills lolis and doesn't afraid of anything.
He's my family doctor. We adore him

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I ship it.
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>tfw there's no SSY doujin except for Saki getting raped by rats
>inb4 muh homo
muh homo

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dumping a new scanlated chapter
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How long it took to you realize that /a/ loves to use escape goats to explain the increase of shitty and disposable anime?
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I am shitting in the toilet right now.
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>escape goats
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Holy fuck who let the goats escape

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C92 Doujin
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>not putting wixoss in the OP
So what was the deal with that plotline about Ruuko being a sociopath?

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