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Sarada doesn't deserve all this shit
Sasuke is the worst fictional being in history
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I don't read boruto. What happened?
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>Sasuke is the worst fictional being in history
Sarada seems to disagree with you. CHADsuke wins again.

Saradafags being as annoying as ever
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just Sasuke being father of the year.

>fantasy "dungeon raiding" story
>the author himself says there's little dungeon raiding
>3 of 7 volumes are literally fillers
>a whole frigging volume dedicated to a prostitute's side-story
What the hell is wrong with this series? I've been wasting a week on this, I feel like I was scammed beyond repair, now I'm just starting chapter 4 of volume 7 but I had to take a fucking break before continuing, I vented 13 kilometers on cyclette I just couldn't hold it anymore.
Seriously, what the hell is the author thinking making a heroine a frigging prostitute? not just some slut prostitute like those lively amazons but a crafty bitch who plays all ionnocent and pure in front of this clueless countryside kid, while she has been whoring herself for the past 2 years, as if she actually disliked it.
Really, if you knew that you were going to be a slave prostitute for the rest of your live, just fucking kill yourself, don't act like you are some nice girl who happened to be there, she fainted when she saw bell's collarbones? what the fucks was up with that? can one whiore be any more frigging pathetic?
I was sweating cold, probably for the rage, I'm not even kidding. I haven't finished reading this volume yet but I can already see the direction it's taking, I bet my fucking shit that this swine joins bell's party and they continue like nothing fucking happenecd, I really hope she gets gangraped by a pack of frigging minotarus.
Honestly, if it really turns out that this literal whore joins Bell's familia, I'm going to shit in a box and send it to Homori's address. Screencap this.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the way the story started and some scenes excited me like very few novels did before, but now I feel digusted even thinking that I liked this story for even a minute, it's obvious the author is just blatantly willingly ruining it or trying to bander to a difference slice of conusemers, probably to normalfag whores (">women read more so it's ok lel they spend more").
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Besides, what's up with YenPress dropping honorifics? couldn't get a worse bonerkiller, it feels like Sengoku Rance all over again, for Pete's sake.
Is there anyone here who was able to read volume 7 without losing their shit? I'm unironically thinking of dropping it right here to be frank.

Yes it was a cooy-paste mistake, my bad.
>page 6
I'm not even surprised nobody gives a shit about this series. Whatever.

Rejoice fag because it's revealed at the end of the volume that she's actually a virgin, presumably made that way so that purity fags like you won't stop buying a series the second an actual character with depth appears.

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How gay is he?
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Shonen protagonist amount of gay.
her love for dick surpasses no bounds
He's based
I would do the same
Why would I engage myself in sexual relationship with cowtits

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You have 10 seconds to name a non superficial reason for liking this cunt.
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She has a kind heart - far more golden and radiant than yours, or even mine.
Op is right, she's too realistic for my tastes.

Discotek is dubbing Bananya and releasing a Blu-ray before Japan even gets one. Mike Toole is confirmed as the narrator.

What dub cast, if any, could do the show justice? Will you buy the show on Blu-ray to show Japan what they really need to make more of?
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>Will you buy the show on Blu-ray to show Japan what they really need to make more of?
But i don't want this
I want quality cute.
Samuel L Jackson and Johnny Young Bosch.
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The troll subs were the only reason to watch this show.

in what fucking universe would this ever happen
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it's an anime you autist
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In the magical land of Japanimation, baka niwaka.
>the dog is the problem
>the two demons and the angel are fine

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>merrily going to the 24/7 convenience store
>this isekai girl appears and tells you to get in
what do?
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Don't accept candy from strangers
Wonder why I'm trying to get to a 24/7 store as there is no such thing in this country.
It's because you are going to a different country.

Is this the longest running series of this kind? Following the story, the source material so closely, while keeping the level of quality (or QUALITY, if you wish)?
How did they do it?

It's amazing to think about how far we've come. 91 episodes, three movies. And it doesn't seem to be coming to an end just yet.

>but it's literally called end story jej anon r u baka
i remember mad nisio announcing the "end" book, then it turned out to be a three part series, then he wrote another book continuing the "end" series and like five more books after that, and more coming up, i just don't know how this fucking hack does it

(monogatari general)
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Mad talent
Opening theme quality has definitely worsened over the time though, and this Haneoka guy's music is meh.
It still has a ways to go before it reaches LOGH. Also the attrition has been lowering its sales each year. Basically only doing less than half of peak sales.

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WTF guys, why have I never seen this hidden gem of a series brought up here?
I stumbled on it looking for UMA stuff. It starts off as a kind of unassuming X-files style bullshit series and..............

I was even surprised it got a second season when I checked out of curiosity, because I felt the first season was that good for what it is.
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>why have I never seen this hidden gem of a series brought up here?
Because you weren't here for when it was airing. We had weekly threads, they never reached bump limit but they were pretty nice.
Sounds comfy and hilarious. Will check archives
Suddenly main theme plays
I still get goosebumps

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evil megumax.jpg
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What's the first thing you notice about this image?
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The hat

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I just started pic related. Do they ever explain why Dio possessing Jonathon's body causes Dio and the Joestars to possess stands? Dio didn't have a stand in Phantom Blood.
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>Do they ever explain why Dio possessing Jonathon's body causes Dio and the Joestars to possess stands?
They had stands, just like a lot of other people in the world. It's just the genetic-psychic connection with JoJo Sr.'s body getting stabbed by the arrow forced the expression of those stands.

It's questionably psychic space magic, I ain't gotta explain shit.
It gets even more fucked in part 5 once you find out the arrows are infused with a space virus responsible for stands.
>infused with a space virus responsible for stands
I thought that whole space virus thing was a mistransliteration for the meteor causing a sickness in those people not spiritually able to possess a stand?

I thought it was just magical metal doing the stand-giving?

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Chapter 192 is out, boys.
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Wait, where's 191?
Whiteout scans site. Released a few days ago.
When are they going to fuck holy shit

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Oh shit, it's that time of the week and that means that another chapter of the gospel is out.
Come gather and pray for our lord and saviour Agni.
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This autist just slapped you automata's ass.

What do?
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Give it a few seconds and watch him fly through the nearest building, wall or off the ship in general
reminded me to watch this
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g fight 1456845285901.webm
3MB, 532x300px
Nothing, she can defend her self.

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Why didn't Kiritsugu bring some extra homunculi with him as backup soldiers? An average one is so strong that it's a pain in the ass for the magus association to hunt down a single stray. Hell, some did accompany him when he first landed in Japan
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>someone else bumping a 1 minute old thread

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I think a better question is why didn't he fuck all of the homunculi, literally perfect specimens that you can crank out by the dozen via voodoo bullshit, and they're even fertile.

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