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>tfw the "not even top 3 this season" actually became real
>Tfw retards like you exist
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Poor sad Yuyu.

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will my wife see animation in s2?
i just want merch of her please god
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No she won't. You have to wait until season 3.
So we know there's no winner to this fight, and Bakugou is just venting to Deku. Will Deku break through to Bakugou and continue his kung fu therapist tradition?
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Some Josukes allowed
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Thank you Joushuu
They should just range ban you.

>sexualizing worst shitboy

What a horrible taste

Why is Yayaka so damn perfect?
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this episode broke me
Been a few times now with the upbeat ED playing over shit hitting the fan at the end on an episode.

What are your thoughts on Cross Ange?
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I liked it.
Fun so-bad-it's-good trainwreck with great MC.
First half is pretty great. Second half is trash though.

I'm so proud of my boy, Georgi. Managed to move on to greener pastures.
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Man episode 10 really did explain why Michele called Yuuri a closet pervert.

Truly best boy
Sala confirmed for guys who play hard to get.

Will she win the Korea-bowl?

When will he win at least one battle?
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>Vegeta trained for a whole extra year in the time chamber than goku
>Still gets outpowered by goku by a lot in the Zamasu fight
>Loses pathetically to Arale

>Arale can tank attacks from Gods

is she the final boss of dragonball super?
Nah, cuz Beerus could clearly Hakai her...hell Zamasu could probably kill her, actually I think he did

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Reminder Viktor was the most beautiful woman in town all along.
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No wonder she was going batshit

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This show is so 80s it hurts.
I have created a masterpiece.
why does mao pam even bother with what little cloth she has?

Yeah, I love that neckerchief thing, goes really well with the clothing you're not wearing.

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Episode 69 discussion


Also, would you let Goku touch your ochinchin?
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gag power >>>> powerlevel meme power
Toyotaro is literally /our guy/
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Things that are canon, forever: Beerus > Arale > SSB Goku.

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Why is she so perfect, bros?
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Sexy, cute, feisty, cool, somehow a tomboy but also girly even though that should be an oxymoron
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T&A and the red stripe

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Sorry to bring up such brand name film but do I have to read the manga after having watched this? The ending seems rather inconclusive.
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I'll bump myself
The manga continues for like a decade after the films was made.
Yeah I know it's a long ass series but do you know of its worth? I'm willing to dump time on it.

When even your darkside is better than you.

How can we save Fubuki?
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She is a good MC.
Is the the designated kancolling thread
Why is Fubuki so alluring?

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Wouldn't fighter jets make these things obsolete?
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Didn't CG have some contrived reason for why the setting had no real aircraft?
Mecha are a stupid idea, we put up with them because they are cool.
Clearly Jets are ineffective since they don't use them against mechs.

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>Seeing the avenger's eyes burning red, Haunted took a step back. Before he noticed, Hayato had evacuated from the place.

>Haunted did not counterattack, he decided to escape just like Hayato did.

>But the avenger didn't let him to, he wouldn't miss.

>The avenger——would never forgive Haunted.

>"Who the hell——wait, I don't even know yo——"

>As Haunted panicked, the avenger clenched his teeth and exposed his fangs.

>"Can't recall me? No wonder! Then so that you don't forget, remember well...!"


>"I'm AntiMagic Academy's 15th Test Platoon's captain, Kirigaya Kyouya——"

>"——The man who killed you!"
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>No Mari or Lapis in this chapter
Why even bother wit–
>HAUNTED chapter
OH. Time to fap.
Has the MC fucked anyone yet
This series was 5/10 as hell but it was a rare example of the main girl within the harem not being an annoying piece of shit for once
Sex with Mari.

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