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Sorry pizzabutt fags but this is objectively the best pairing
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Milly is the best girl
Okay what the hell is going on? We have more waifuwarring and shipping threads popping up than before. Is this a /co/ hostile takeover?
>We have more waifuwarring and shipping threads popping up than before

/a/ has always been full of them. In fact if anything the last few years have seen less of them.

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>almost 2017
>still preferring anime over manga
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I like voices.
I want her to bully me so bad.
I like stuff that ends in three months instead of dragging on endlessly.
Only manga I read are oneshots and finished series.

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Requesting any of the following ideas with Rias:
- wearing a tank top and tight shorts or jeans that emphasize her hips
- handing me a birthday (December 18th) or Christmas gift sort of like this http://imgur.com/a/7a8QB
- dressed as Sabrina from Pokemon, either her original design or redesign is fine http://imgur.com/a/QbgCz

kisekae reference: http://imgur.com/a/KwGq0

Anything cool or cute would also be appreciated. Thank you and have a nice day.
I would like to request Mai Natsume coming out of the shower wrapped in a towel:

Another idea is Mai playing with her hair. E.g.:

A suggestion for a joint request is Mai and Futayo Honda >>150489586 together with their combat outfits swapped.

Other ideas would also be appreciated.
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Special early birthday request because December 6 isn't on a Friday sadly.
Requesting a POV shot of Madotsuki on top, staring down with a Yandere look on her face, wearing her turtleneck sweater but not her skirt or pantsu, but this isn't clearly shown. She is pointing her knife forward. Have her hair down and messy and if possible have her say this, "Just what were you dreaming about I wonder? Was it me? Were you dreaming about me? If you say no, I'll kill you in your next dream and if you die in a dream, you die in real life, isn't that right?"

>Kyousuke and Kirino systematically alienated and caused emotional distress to all their friends, decided that 'playing superman' is a valid adult career option, dragged each other into a stigmatized caste of sexual deviants in which they obviously don't fit in, and abandoned any chance they had of a real relationship

If this series was supposed to convince me that there's nothing wrong with incest, it did a piss-poor job.
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I was under the impression that the series originally attempted to parody the incest genre. Like "you think this is going to end in incest, but nope, that trope's too old."
But then it fell down and played the trope straight. Kyosuke and Kirino ruined their lives and the lives of their friends only so they could have some "fun."
If this thread was supposed to convince me that it is not pure shitposting it did a piss poor job. Fuck off.
The author is not skilled enough to write something like that though.

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Rivalz suffered the most.
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Look how tall that nigga is, even by CLAMP noodle-people standards. How can a manlet like Rivalz even hope to compete?
Dunno, be a nice guy or something like he always does?
He's got a qt dancing with him right there.
He'll be fine

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Major anime studios are watching us today so make it good.
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Haruhi 3rd season
During the whole series, viewers see things through the main character's perspective and of course, label him as the protagonist - but it isn't until the end when it turns out he was the main villain all along and the true protagonist defeats him and proceeds to take his place as main character for the second cour. Viewers will be slightly hesitant on whether or not to have doubts on the new protagonist and it all leads to confusion as MC starts to do things that could be considered "wrong". Someone else comes along and in their own viewpoint, considers MC the antagonist, defeats them, and now they take the "protagonist" role on. It'll keep going and going and the main message at the end would be about how humans have differing opinions on what the concepts of good and bad are, and how perspectives affect personal morals.

Mainstreamfags should love this cliché shit.
MC is the alternate dimension loser version of a great hero. In most other dimensional time lines MC died saving the world, one dimension is actively hunting down other realities where the great hero exists but is not needed in any significant way that would affect said alternate world. MC is the first find that isn’t a vegetable or completely mentally unstable or needed. The slider that finds MC is disgusted with MC's otaku existence but reports their findings, after a while of observation they are ordered to approach MC and gain MC's trust.

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Live TL-ing the first chapter here as I read it
For some reason there are no group currently scanlating this manga so I guess this is the best you get.
My Japanese is 超下手 so if anyone wants to creect me then feel free to do so. I aim do do at least 1 chapter a day around this time.
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Shuuko Yakumo, 28 years old
Hobby : Cooking
(door bell)
She has a secret she can’t tell anyone
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>DBZ gets DBZ Kai
>FMA gets FMA Brotherhood
>Sailor Moon gets Crystal
>Fruits Basket gets a sequel manga and is being re-released in new editions, plus it's 10 year anniversary is coming up soon.

Fruits Basket anime remake fucking WHEN?!
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Oh yeah forgot to mention Cardcaptor Sakura is also getting a sequel and new anime, so seriously now it's the time for old-school staple remakes, where the fuck is my manga-accurate Fruits Basket anime?!
Because those series were actually good.
As is Fruits Basket, at least the manga is. The anime is hot garbage though, I agree.

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Long Riders or Yuri on Ice for QUALITY AOTS?
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People are really watching Yuri on Ice?
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It's a huge hit, might even sell more than LoveLive S3.
Its literally the most popular anime this season and the most popular nonsequel this year. Quality has never been correlated with popularity.

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>women are literally throwing themselves at this faggot and he won't lay a finger on them anyway
Fucking Iori you little bitch
Who /grandblue/ here?
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>The official website for the Long Riders! television anime announced on Thursday that the anime's last two episodes will be delayed until February. The last episode that will air this year will be episode 10, which will air on December 24.
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Tough luck, but it makes sense given how badly the production has been struggling.
Where did they put their GuP money?
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Probably because all the QUALITY

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ITT: Overrated shit.
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Flip Flappers, poor man's Phantom World.
These threads are always just invitations for edgy contrarianism.

Declaring that you don't like some popular or highly regarded thing has always been the lazy wannabe's desperate way of trying to prove they're cool.

I liked that shit.

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I thought in the LN she wasn't really getting anywhere?
Subs when?
Read the novels yourself, no better judgment than your own

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the best one
i kinda stopped having one. cat has a fantastically well written character arc, snake was very interesting, and crab was a lovable psycho with some really well done romantic scenes - but i just cannot get past the lolicon pandering.

it's distracting, lessens the integrity of the work as a whole, is inaccurate to the light novels (though that applies to a lot of the anime), and is generally gross and not at all funny despite how often the series tries to make a joke out of molestation or the sexualisation of infants.

i just cannot bring myself to care about any character associated with such trash
wow, this really changed my POV anon. i can't believe i used to just laigh at such gross indecency. i wonder if 'a' will ever mature enough to see things like this?

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Which of the big three has the best volume covers
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One Piece.jpg
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for comparison here is all of One Piece
File: Naruto.jpg (2MB, 1326x1049px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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and Naruto
File: Bleach.jpg (2MB, 1679x883px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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and finally Bleach

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