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What's the point of ahegao when girls don't make this face in real life?
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What's the point of being alive?
What's the point of fantasies if they don't happen in real life?

What's the point of anime if they aren't real?

What's the point of manga if they aren't real?

What's the point of waifus if they aren't real?
just got a boner remembering the anal scene

>[HorribleSubs] Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki - 10 [720p].mkv
This show is way too cute, please don't ignore it like this.
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Just look at all the cute. CUTE
Suzu is love
Suzu is life
>knee sock suzu

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Are you hyped?
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Not really but I'll watch it anyways.
Why is Trigger wasting their time with this

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Maid Dragon.jpg
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AOTS of Winter 2017 has already been decided, yes?
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Anything by KinoAni is automatically AOTS.
Got a link to the PV? You already posted AOTS, though. Maid Dragon's cute humor will be hard to top.

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What's the point of this anime?
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I believe they are trying to be entertaining
What's the point of your life?
To make Monday a little easier.

>[HorribleSubs] Teekyu S8 - 94 [720p].mkv
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Are we tennis yet?
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this fucking fag.png
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ITT: worst characters of their respective show. I'll start with the obvious
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That's Suzaku a character from Code Geass.
That's not Ougi anon.
Oh-gee > Suzaku.

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Wtf did I just read? Who the fuck is that? Why does she look like Fuuka 1.0? Why is this happening now?

First girl always wins, not even death can break this law of japanese writing.

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anime cringe:
Some autistic faggots show Miyazaki a retarded CG abomination and get rekt. What where they even thinking?
Why didn't they just show him a normal walking simulation?!


Cg anime is shit
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Anime is ded
Miyazaki is such a depressed old man, like dude chill.

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Maid Dragon PV incomming.
VEG Vollume 2 of novel and CM 2 incomming.
New VEG character designs posted.
New novel won KyoAni GrandPrise
>Tsurunete - Wandai High School Archeology Department (its fujoshit)
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>those designs
So glad she got promoted for VEG.
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As expected, kyoAni is doing their archery boys LN

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They can't choose a more boring sport.
Nice, joshimuke anime is selling really well so it makes sense.

Okay you win. I will finally give GochiUsagi a shot.
I hope I won't fall low enough to fap to these pure angels.
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I haven't even watched it and I fap to them.
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Don't worry you won't
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Gochiusa stretch.jpg
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I thought everybody fapped to the Gochiusas.

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We've all been discussing other things about Final, bit we've never actually spoken about what school Alice chooses after the Alice War OVA.

Every character appears during Final, so she has potential to join anyone. Who do you think it'll be? I have a feeling shell bring herself and her Centurion to Koala Forest, St. Glo just doesn't strike me as Alice's kind of school and they're overpowered enough, and they already have Darj as their flag-girl, Koala is a fresh and clean slate where Alice can shine, plus a Centurion at Koala isn't out if place.

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>Alice and Centurion dropped into Koala
>Totsugeki bbq bakas suddenly turn into elite Shimada style enthusiasts and the second best school in the series
Won't happen as it'll step on other, more popular school's toes way too much. Plus the Centurion would take the spotlight away from the Sentinel too much.

Put whatever you have in a pastebin or something. I don't even care about quality.
St Gloriana, because they have defeated Miho twice and they potentially also Centurion.
>Shame because it was really cute.
Seems like not everyone did

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See this, what do?
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Try out the new hole.
Tell OP he's a faggot.

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The Look.png
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It's over.
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What is?
Then OP should have directed it to this person >>150638187
>Half Britannian
>Fights against Britannia
>Winds up with Britannian man just like her mother


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