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I love this fantasy.
Thank you Anno!
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>make anime short about anime consuming people's lives
>internet instead waifus the girl
never change
>implying that wasn't the plan all along
Yes, and?

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I want to ______ Taiga.
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Fuck Taiga through her vagina and reach her mouth from there.
want to what, OP?

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Post your favorite reaction image.
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> Best girl is present only for a few chapters and nevers comes back

Lara Croft chan deserved better I swear.
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She actually came back though
When ?
Don't remember it.
Reika = best girl

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oh boy
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Japan God damn it

why is this happening?!
Serious answers please
The Holy Trinity of shit taste.
unironically, vengeance for Hiroshima & Nagasaki

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Interview with Konosuba's anime character designer and 1 of the 2 animation directors Koichi Kikuta.

>He was the First Animator for Princess Lovers and some Working, and these two apparently influenced his decision to have use a minimalist + animating design for Konosuba.

>He was hired by Studio Deen to make another series, but that production was terminated. So Deen asked him to switch to his one.

>On first glance of LN illustrations, he exclaimed "this is way too cute. No way we can animate this." So he decides to concentrate on the animation part.

>The producer only rejected his proposal once and asked him to closer follow LN's designs. Koichi Kikuta made some minor changes to the design and handed the design back.

>The original author never once complained about the design.

>Even though he is the character designer, the other animation director Komatsu Momoka (even number episodes) actually followed his original design better than himself (odd number episodes). Most agrees that his original design and by extension Komatsu's episodes is better than his eventual episodes. He hangs his hat and apologizes for being too carefree.
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>He spent _A LOT_ of time reframing the series. He redrew the entire after death scene and guild scene in episode 1.

>As the production moves on to latter episodes, he and Komatsu had less and less time going shot-by-shot (out of ~300 shots, they looked thru all 300 shots for 1st episode, 3rd for 190, 5th for 170, 7th for 140.)

>He put in 120% for episode 9. He personally modified every single shot from basic scene composition, frame, layout, to animation. Fan service gave him the all the motivation he needed.

>He designed all the succubus. No direction from the producer at all.

>He loves saggy breasts. He loved them so much that even though the original design did not contain them. He found himself drawing bigger and bigger breasts, so he subconsciously sag them to make the physics look right. He sort of regret doing this now.
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>By his own choice he added a lot of saggy breasts bouncing to a lot of scenes. For example, the producer rejected his first layout for this scene and asked him to make her hair floats more. While doing that, Kikuta said 'why the hell not' and added in boob sagging. Since the frames have to be redrawn anyway, this addition costed the production nothing.

>He also added all the hands groping, sliding, touching, body swinging the the bar scene. He added so many animations that the production have to add more animation to other scenes in the episdoe as well to make everything uniform.
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>Actually he takes special pride in some of the more realistic scenes in the anime (like this scene.) This sort of thing is rarely done in anime. But everyone only cares about saggy breasts *shrug*

>try to romance shinka
>she turns you down and calls you a loser
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>ask out best girl kumin instead
>rape while sleeping

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>he ends up with his sister
... What? That came out of fucking nowhere. At first he was in love with Kuroneko, then he a thing for Ayase. Then out of nowhere he's having a mock marriage with his sister?

What shitty writing.

I don't have a problem with the incest end, but it came out of nowhere.

There were no hints of him loving his sister like that throughout the show.

There were some hints of Kirino loving him, but not the other way around.

Good anime overrall, but dumb ending IMO.
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>There were no hints of him loving his sister like that throughout the show
>then he a thing for Ayase

OP I'm sorry, but you have autism.
>That came out of fucking nowhere
Did you watch the whole thing without ever once reading the title?
Anon, do you know what the full title of Oreimo means?

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How is Rozen Maiden?
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what is that japanese word that they often say in animes and on internet imageboards?
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It's pretty good desu. Cute doll lolis and some plot to go with it. The manga is also comfy, though the last few chapters are really poorly translated.

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SB69# 10
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Official survey for the game

Tell geechs what you think of the game.

Translation help
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>your face when Airen actually is Aion's older sister
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The new project announced shaft: the film "Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom?". Release date: August 8 2017.

Granddaddy Director: Akiyuki Shinbō
Director: Nobuyuki Takeuchi
Studio: SHAFT
Cast: Suzu Hirose, Masaki Suda, Mamoru Miyano
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>Director: Nobuyuki Takeuchi
>Director: Nobuyuki Takeuchi
Directional debut!!!! This is promising! Personally, I found his work on Bake to outweigh Oishi's.

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What did you think of Gankutsuou?
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Anime for patricians.
Best adaptation of the book.
Nice as its own thing, though I prefer the book's end and handling of the Count by far. Should have kept the lesbians in, instead of turning it completely into a sausage bonanza. Lovely character designs. Haydee is <3.

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Childhood is idolizing C.C.
Adulthood is realizing Kallen is best girl
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I love Kallen, but OP is dumb.
I see the appeal, but CC was just a bit better.

/a/ liked this, I'm hoping.
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No. I won't say /a/ hated it but they didn't like it.
Extremely mixed responses. Would have been the Mari Okada hackjob of the year if not for Mayoiga.
It was mediocre. Surprisingly not the worst anime Okada was involved in that season.

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Based zombie.png
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Is this magnum opus of comedy harem genre? Prove: Name one series better. You can't
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Lost in best girl side.
Seitokai no Ichizon

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