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Aiz spin off is getting an anime.


Here is hoping they don't shove Hestia trash into the story like they did with Danmachi when she was barely relevant outside of volume 1.
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>no faggot male MC
You're still getting males. Just not garbage like Bell.
>less prostestia
>less faggot MC
Objectively a better series.

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Overall thoughts on Whole cake arc so far?

What do you think will happen in the final two chapters this year?
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I’m sure what I say is already said by someone else, but I’ll throw it out there anyways. This post, of course, concerns Nami’s expression at Pudding’s news of Sanji’s proposal to her.
Initially, when I read other people’s views on her expression, I thought to myself, Yeah, Nami could be extremely upset at the news more so than Luffy. But it’s really how to tell because of the way Oda draws them. (Emotions is mostly show by the eyes.)
The way Oda’s draws male eyes is simpler compare to female eyes. It could be because Nami’s eyes are more detailed that she comes across looking more shocked than Luffy. For all I know, they could be equally shocked.
Anyways, I didn’t put too much emphasis on it until certain people made a huge fuss about it. I decided look at the chapter again and noticed that Oda actually drew their expressions side by side three times, one page after another.
The first one is when they see Pudding. Nami is clearly surprised while Luffy looks angry.
The second one is the news of Sanji’s proposal. Both are shocked. Truthfully, I think Oda could have draw Nami’s expression from the first set and it would have fit fine with Luffy’s second expression. Instead he went with a more drastic look for her.
The last one is Pudding’s whisper. Nothing to say except whatever Pudding whispered to them horrified them.
One more thing to add,
Notice how Nami is in the exact center of the page, also notice how her panel is the only panel without a dialog bubble blocking any part of her face. She doesn’t say anything and her expression is very prominent here. She even holds that expression to the last panel of the page, unlike Luffy who goes back to being angry. Nami is very shocked and Oda wants you to absolutely see that.
Already best arc since forever in terms of character designs
>Pudding will suicide
>Sanji will fail to protect her
>through some asspull Luffy and friends manage to escape/ defeat big mom

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"You found me,"

How did you like the series? What do you think could've made it better?
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>How did you like the series?
Not the best Ikuhara but still the best thing came out last year.
>What do you think could've made it better?
More episodes to get to know the characters better.
Personally, I think the series wasted Konomi and Mitsuko. Like how they were similar but so different from Ginko and Lulu.

Not to mention how they went against court approval; started hunting Excluded Girls instead of Invisible Girls and got executed for it.
I'm fascinated by the series but I'm also not a yurifag. There was so much squandered potential. Like the interplay of the conflicts between:

Kureha vs Being Excluded
Ginko vs The Invisible Storm
Getting Sullied vs Remaining Invisible
True Love vs Hunger/Lust

What did you think the message of the story was?

When will Chapter 98 of Mob come back from war?
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It's already out
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did screenshot girl die
>Dimple redemption looking more and more likely with each update

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Hit is stronger than goku
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I prefer the anime version.
In the anime he is above kaiokenx10 ssblue.So yeah he is stronger.
>anime is only canon when I like it

DBSfags everyone

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>"Wow Mikasa, it looks like I really am some kind of Attack on Titan"

jesus fucking christ how does this still happen
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>I guess i can't live in society now that i am a Byuu Byuu Bitch

i like satsuki itsuka as much as the next guy but this needs to stop
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So that's it, huh, we're some kind of Suicide Squad?
>My name is naruto uzumaki!
scriptwriter needs to be hanged

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congratulations! it's over now, so you can leave now if you haven't already.
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i haven't done this in a while since the past two chapters made me upset, but i figured i might as well make sure this is finished the day it comes out.
sorry for that. it just sucked to see something I love end prematurely.

anyway, let's move on to the chapter already.

>This is the final chapter.
>She is the Rokurokubi
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>This story is a work of fiction..........
>Eren on the front cover

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Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Asuka!

Come in and wish happy birthday to one of the best anime girls ever
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Oh good, someone went ahead and made a new thread.
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Anything for you anon

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Guess what got translated.

Who's ready for some cute, but insane deitos ?
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The volume finished Sunday, Our Queen simply proves herself as best girl.
Why is she so fucking great?
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This would be cute if the characters involved weren't horrific.

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I miss when anine had realistic faces like these. Everything made after 1999 is completely soulless waifubait moeblob garbage.
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That's a weird face. There's tons of better examples before '99.

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How old do you have to be to not be a loli?
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12, currently Japan thinks 14 is still though.
How old do you have to be to be too old to voice a loli?

I'm quite surprised at the number of over 40 year olds being VA for loli characters.
Age is not important. Body is

>120000 volumes printed
>Volume 2 and 3 announced already with exact dates for both
>通常1~2か月以内に発送: Jap amazon ran out of copies

Jump will get their own SnK now.
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I don't really get the hype for this manga. It's not bad but nothing really stand out and screams 'hit' for me.
Same. The plot is interesting, but the other elements (characters, background) have nothing that really shines.
Never heard of it. Can you summarize ?

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ITT: Girls that should have won but didn't
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You OP
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baka minami.jpg
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Anyone else likes Sports anime?
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Captain Tsubasa.
watched baby steps for the first time it was pretty enjoyable I wouldn't mind watching it again
love it. havent finished slam dunk or joe yet though.

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>Orochimaru is literally a Dr.Mengele of the Naruto
Does any other anime have a character like him?
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Amiba from Fist of the North Star, though he is technically based on Unit 731.
is it just me or Oro looks like bit younger there
b a s e d

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