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Lets have a discussion about this manga.

>Do you believe the manga would be better of if it dropped the lame half assed attempts at an overarching plot and just focused on humorous character driven day to day moments between the main girls?
>Do you believe on the contrary that embracing an overarching plot and going full rosario vampire with twists and turns and action would be a better course?
>Or do you just think there should be more ass and titties. Ass and titties galore. Character? Story? Anything else? Fuck that.
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1) no
2) yes
3) yes
How would that work though?
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1. Arcs but day to day plots. I want slice of life
2. No idea, never watched
3. In moderation, keep it casual but don't mind the stuff, maybe throw a few more fetishes in. Milking is always good.

How the hell does the author get away with ANYTHING in this manga? There's more tits and pussy than most hentai manga and this is still published in a major magazine. What kind of magic is this motherfucker using?
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it's manga

shit like that happens all the time
No way. There isn't a mainstream manga that gets away with pussy shots other than this one
that's because mainstream manga = WSJ

most manga doesn't have that problem though

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Continuing the dump with the gay volume of Keijo. Seriously, turning the yuri up to 11 this volume.

We're 3 volumes behind in translations for Keijo!!!!!!!! so I got the raws and am hoping someone else will feel eager enough to pick up the manga, because the current group that has it is getting on my nerves
>1 chapter every 2 weeks
>overburdened with projects, still takes more
>begs for money

Fuck that.

Volume 11 >>150449364
Volume 12 >>150465945
summary of volume 11 >>150451521
summary of volume 12 >>150451611
summary of volume 13 >>150496829
volume 13 is this volume, the full summary has not yet been done

DDL: https://mega.nz/#F!8IUi3ShC!wQFVcXY98bO4lF7VMNe-qA
I'll be putting volumes 11-13 in here, 11 and 12 are up, 13 is uploading.
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This is the girl that took everything from Chitose. Do you like her?
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My finale ideal for this show is this girl doing that goofy star thing from the OP with the other 4 while Chitose watches from the shadows.
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New girl is another two-faced bitch like Yae, isn't she?

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I am up late tonight doing a critical analysis as to why Black Hanekawa is the best character in the Monogatari universe.

Feel free to add some input as you see fit.
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>boring character has the best body
>give her a temporary upgrade in personality and hair
>she becomes 1000x hotter
That's all it is.
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he smug.jpg
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>"bleck henekewa a besto"

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Press F to pay respect as this man died for a lesbian witchi.
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I'd die for a cute lesbian witch.

Groman will avenge him

Episode 69 Discussion

Because >>150499735 can't do anything right
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I want to say Goku will finally have a win today, but I don't want to bet my hand or something for it
I'm not seeing any hype for today's episode.
I bet first of all, that Goku being a bad father thread didn't have more reply because no "Dragon Ball Super" subject on it, also other reason many people think the fight is one sided for Arale

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Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Asuka!

It's already that time of year again. Time to celebrate the best girl in any anime's birthday.
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Use catalog, there is already one.
I don't have access to my main Asuka folder right now, so hopefully I won't be the only one dumping this year.

Shut the hell you damn kraut bastard.

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Megumi a best. V11 full summary when?
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OP has shit taste and megumi a shit
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Wow anon you're hilarious.
>September 23, 12 AM.
>Just a little while before the meeting time.
>“…., …….!” (implied to be Megumi from the brackets)
>“Eh? What? Sorry, I couldn’t hear you…” (Tomoya)
>From that phone call which wasn’t too clear because of the noise.
>The “twist” that she didn’t wish for…
>…in that moment, has finally come.

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Cat owners are smarter than dog owners. This is a flap.
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>Yayaka wakes up without any memory of Cocona

How would you feel about this?
maybe you should flip over to >>>/an/
>**1,921位/**1,855位 (***,458 pt) [*,**3予約] 2017/01/06 フリップフラッパーズ 1 [Blu-ray]


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What did she mean by this?
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What did she mean by this?
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What did he mean by this?
Ayase is better.

Swim Swim did nothing wrong.
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Also Minael was a good friend.
Why is the anime making SW that way. Do they have a grudge against her or sth?

Do they have to make her break down at the worst moment?
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Why did the Peaky Angels have to die? They were the best girls, the most peaky, popular, and most wan~der~ful.


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You have assembled all seven dragon balls, what is your wish?
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Your mom
I'll take a bag of ready-salted crisps, cheers.
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shinobu to be my wife

No Josukes allowed
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gappys brilliant disguise.png
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Y-yeah no Josukes allowed
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Whatever you say Joubin, but allow me to say this, fully.

I won.
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Only Best Boys are allowed in this thread.

We haven't had an Akinator thread in a while.

<15 questions: Your waifu jerks off random people in the subway bathrooms for food and has a menagerie of diseases. That should explain your itch down there.

15-25 questions: Your waifu is definitely a huge slut. Get yourself checked and hopefully you're fine with her cheating on you constantly.

26-30 questions: Your waifu's been around and may or may not be faithful to you. It could be worse.

31-35 questions: You're not her first, but you might be her second or third. Not that there's anything wrong with that; some experience is always nice.

36-50 questions: Congratulations, your waifu is a virgin. She's saved it all for you. Happy?

>50 questions: "What's a sex, anon? Why are you taking your weiner out?"
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Absolute perfectgirl hits the 36-50 bracket
Remcucks once again on suicide watch after having probably found their used toilet of a waifu in 10 questions max.
>won the subarubowl
>best design in anime history
>38 questions signalling virgin

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I'm legitimately surprised Akinator didn't know Azusa. I got all the way to the end and she wasn't on the list.
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got cummico in 31

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