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Kimi no na wa.jpg
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>Won best animation LAFCA
>Cleaning up the Chinese box office
Oscar incoming
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saw this with my girlfriend-chan, can confirm it is probably his best work.
The Academy are a bunch of Normies who have no taste on animation. Plenty have confessdd to vote for Disney for being Disney. Shinkai deserves an Oscar, but if Anomalisa didn't get one he will stay in Asia. Fucking Oscars: They don't respect animation.
Sorry, the Mouse King's furry bait will win the Oscar.

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Anyone else hope Cathyl gets another chapter after all these cow lewds from crab?

Also which do you expect from her appearance in the S2 anime, tanned or full chocolate milk?
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She is the only other giant in the series to have a reason for her tits to be out, unlike Tio who is girly enough to be proper and not end up in a situation to be naked. So ya, she is going to get more appearances.

I think visually she will have black and white hair, however most art of her has tan legs, and I've never seen a B&W and tan cow, so I'll go with black leg fur. I hope they try and give her an accurate tan, or at least exaggerate it so there are defined tan lines with pale breasts and pink nipples.
I dont think she is a chocolate cow, just a dark tan from outside labor.
I like my cows milky white.
>entire milking scene animated

Do we really live in a world where something so good could be real?

ITT: shows no one but you remembers.
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Re-kan was one hell of a ride of feels but /a/ was memeing hard on a show i don't remember now

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This is it. This is the end of buyfag threads.
They became cancer anyway. Who cares.
Time to start spamming the board with buyfag threads

Afterhours edition
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Reference Image #16.jpg
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Requesting any of the following ideas with Rias:
- wearing a tank top and tight shorts or jeans that emphasize her hips

- wearing a sweater like any of these http://imgur.com/a/idGqo

Anything cool or cute would also be appreciated. Thank you and have a nice day.
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Momo WWD V2.png
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Hello people of WWD. I'd like a drawing of my waifu Momo Hanakai from Highschool DxD in naked appron either front or back view, or dressed in the new costume of Mashu Kyrielite/Shielder (https://a.pomf.cat/xarbtz.jpg), or wearing ONLY a keyhole sweater (https://a.pomf.cat/ipigyb.png), or anything cute or cutelewd, all on the scale of 7 on lewdness.

Thank you if you're planning to do it.
I would like to request Mai Natsume coming out of the shower wrapped in a towel:

Another idea is Mai playing with her hair. E.g.:

A suggestion for a joint request is Mai and Futayo Honda >>150489586 together with their combat outfits swapped.

Other ideas would also be appreciated.

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Better or worse?
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Basically the same, except all routes happen simultaneously.
>Final Fantasy Brotherhood
Much better
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>Kamijou Touma is a Hero
It'd be a short series with very little tension, seeing as he could just one-punch all the vertex with the Imagine Breaker. Probably slap the Taisha's shit too for its bullshit.

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So how do you expect David to handle part 5?
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They won't, but they'll collaborate with another studio.
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I expect them to fuck up.
I liked Chase.
I know some hated it because "It's not JoJo", but it sounded really good and that guitar riff at the beginning always gives me goosebumps.

Best fusion boi, probe me wrong
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Anyone have the GX episode guide?
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youre not wrong
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Is it that time again?

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Show me /a/

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Shit I love these threads, but I'm not at home ;_;
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Did nothing wrong.jpg
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griffith turns me on

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>To Surpass the Devil (100%)
Mao Pam is cute and powerful
She isn't a jobber and fuck rainbows

>Next Chapter already at 40%
Is there someone who could even hope to stop our fairy?

PS: If someone knows how to buy a laptop please help.
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You order the wrong appliance again Mao Pam?
Damn she is ugly as fuck
She isn't as bad as the hamster.

We've finally gotten to the hardcore hand holding.

Also, Ron's Vivid BD release is out:
>[ron] Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid (1080p BDRip Hi10 FLAC)
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File: CymGX2fUoAA4ntQ.jpg (148KB, 800x779px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
148KB, 800x779px

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what's your opinion of this slut?
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Ruined the show by being too perfect and overshadowing everyone else.
She's still under 18 and that's good enough for me.

> Even Son kun couldn't beat them

> Leave it to Son kun

> Son kun's gonna take care of them

How does Vegeta live with himself?
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To this day, I STILL don't get why Toriyama just didn't write Goku and Bulma being together.
By reminding everyone that he's a prince every fucking chance he gets.
muh otp

Find a flaw
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back pain
Seventeen different kinds of STDs.

Also back pain.
She only has her da-san though

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>Author is a hack, why are chapters just 30 pages now edition

Also, how tall are the characters? I always thought GS was strangely not tall for a powerful, mysterious hero.
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oh hey i like goblin slayer
I like it too, but wtf I binged it in like two hours, is this what mangas that aren't 20 years old like?
So what if Goblin Slayer was more of an opportunist and decided to take advantage of the goblin's victims, have sex with them and have them have their kids so in case he dies they can rear his kid and get loads of dosh to kill more goblins

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