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Korean scans: http://marumaru.in/b/mangaup/174890
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Translation when?
Smells nice
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>Ferid is smiling while is burning.

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Is Kanye West the luckiest man alive?
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but i am Kanie
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A real hero. A real human being.

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A good foe.

Do we get more of Nyanyase?
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what a slut

New episode in 2 hours, will HS deliver on time?
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pls include the OP this week

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>komaeda protag
Are we going to see Mukuro fall in love with Makoto? God, I hope so.
Hope boy fills us with Hope

We're getting doujins! Will you be able to save her dreams?

Will anyone ever scan them?
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Cowardly kinslayers and failures not welcome here
How does she take off her suit?
Here, a demonstration by dear Stella, all for you. Though Beatrix's is a bit different, since she's wearing an earlier era suit.

Now say thank you.

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What was /a/'s first reaction to MHA?
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Well this shit is going to slow.. but I kinda like it
I kinda like it
>shounen shit

/a/ never has favorable reactions to opening of a battle shounen

MHA is the greatest manga and anime in a generation

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It's time to make anime/manga related drawings!

Or to request for such drawings. Whatever floats your boat.
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Requesting Mimi Tasogare from Duel Masters and Mimibro-tan wearing Winter clothing, out on a town street petting and feeding a kitten or puppy in a box, please!

Thanks if you pick this up!

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Lum Rouge.jpg
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Requesting Lum Invader cosplaying as Rouge the Bat.
Requesting Neena gagged with duct tape and lying on a couch (full body), preferably with he wrists and ankles cuffed. Face preferably aroused.

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Makihisa Tohno did nothing wrong. He was a stern but caring master of the Tohno family that had to make all the hard decisions. His blood was going out of control and he desperately needed the Sync Sisters to quell it so he could continue his role.
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It's not about right or wrong, just actions have consequences. Raping a child is a heinous act even if it's 'necessary'. But arguably if Makihisa was more ruthless (not sparing and adopting the son of his enemy on a whim, killing his son when he turned, not giving Kohaku any leniency whatsoever, etc), he would have been fine. But that wasn't the case and it resulted in his death.
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Makihisa is a piece of shit, literally nobody likes him

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>Had a Geass that made men want to fuck her
>over 700 years old
>has probably fucked even more men during that time
>probably fucked George Washington
>fucked Charles
>sexually molested some Chinese orphan boy and abandoned him

Is there a bigger slut in anime?
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>Kallencucks keep making these shitty threads
Why are they so insecure?
And despite all that, Lelouch never got any. No wonder he is /a/'s favorite self-insert.

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Saw this shit in cinemas yesterday. Holy fuck was it fantastic. And I usually don't like Shinkai all that much.

When's the BD coming out?
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Probably about March 2017.

I agree though, I loved it.
It was good. It wasn't great. Was a lot better than shinkai's other works though.
I was expecting another 5 cm per second, but I enjoyed this a lot more. In my opinion it was great.

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DARKNESS is the strongest.
No, this is the strongest.

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A little brother belongs to his Onee-chan
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I love how she calls her brother gutei
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Kurisu is probably browsing /a/ right now. Let's post lewd things about her!

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You mean like how I'd like to rub her thighs through her pantyhose?
Or how I fap to her every single day?
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sg (38).jpg
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I like how small and fragile she is! She is like a tiny science fairy!

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Another month, another chapter.
Hopefully our very devoted and Christian anti-nipple mod will have mercy on us so we can actually post and discuss the chapter this month, without getting banned.

Let's start with possibly the best cover ever.
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Gonna translate stuff if the thread is still up when I get home from work tomorrow, so keep the thread up once everything has been dumped.
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