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Final episode today.
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Chii-chan a ____!
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Also third and final chapter of the Lostorage short-manga:

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Rin Suzunoki!
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Hooray for Suzuki
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She's not even the sexiest girl in her own show.

Also nice hat, nerd
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Solid choice.

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Why does /a/ hate Schierke?
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I don't hate her
I hate her
I don't care one way or the other

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I liked it.
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The ending was underwhelming, but overall it was pretty enjoyable.
So If all the worlds were built by the imagination of Sashi,Why did none of the worlds involve him boning the best girl?

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might as well dump the raws
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Hustify this
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It's still being talked about today. There's your justification.
>one episode everyone turns into a zombie
>next episode everyone is fine
>never mentioned again
>caring about the story in this show
Season 2 when

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Why did they shove 2 guys into a harem anime? Maybe if they were cute traps, but they're ugly and annoying as shit.
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Klein and black guy were the only two characters I cared about in that whole shitshow, and I can't even remember one of their names.

SAO was a mistake
in the novels they got another new guy who raped 2 girls.
Silica x Egil is canon

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Being a child is rooting for L and Near

Being an adult is realizing Mello did nothing wrong
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I don't even remember what Mello did aside from die
eat chocolate
And kidnap Light's sister. And kidnap Light's assistant girl. But yeah, kidnapping.

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ITT: Girls who would probably rip off your balls.
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She would probably be laughing while doing it too.
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But then she would lovingly sew them back on with needle and thread.
Your waifu if you cheat on her.

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If Ilya has Prisma Ilya's power in UBW, would she still get BTFO by Gilgamesh?
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Prisma Illya's only power is being cute and raping maids.
It's a magnificent power.
Probably not. Definitely not if she also had her plot armor.

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So now that Akame ga Kill is over, are we going to read Zero?
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How did it end anyways?
Akame kills Esdeath
Leone dies, bad end for Akame
Kurome dies, bad end for Waver
Tatsumi stay as a dragon and Mine wake up, good end?

Something like that.
Dragon dicks.

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macross shittier.jpg
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Why was this such a piece of trash?
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It's a masterpiece compared to Delta.
On a scale of 1 to The Great Train Wreck of 1918, how horrible is it?
The movies fixed everything.

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Momoyo 6.jpg
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Best day of the week is finally here.
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Also why did the mod delete the last thread ?
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Why did the last thread got purged earlier there was a good amount of posts.

Also I'm kinda salty how a-2 is much longer than a-1 and also how seiso route is literally hegemon route.

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I wasn't able to read much manga when this come out and being a Nisio Isin fan I'm kicking myself now for having taken so long to read this

Can we discuss it? Waifuwars, memories from when it was being serialized, etc.
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Najimi Ajimu has great hand-bra-covered tits, but my favorite has to be Nekomi, I like kitsune/neko type characters.

My boss caught a glimpse of this page while I was reading at boss, sadly I wasn't promoted.

Did they ever do the open-zipper hoodie thing Kumagawa mentions in the later chapters?
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more Nekomi, looking back on it having two such minor characters fight it out seems silly, doesn't it?

Also my favorite male was Kumagawa, I just love underdogs. Does anyone have the first character poll he won with the naked aprons? I forgot to save that one.
Nobody really cares

The pacing is horrible.
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The pacing for a lot of anime is horrible.
SHAFT is going to make that money somehow
but then they wouldn't have had an opportunity to do that 10-15 gore scene with bat shrieking for help and arararagi crying.

actually i don't remember all that much happening in the first movie, come to think of it. there were Cat pantsu, though, these kinds of things are worth remembering.

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