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Just finished watching this.

Why is it that when a claymore dies, the ones weaker than her don't move up in rank? Like Jean is still #9 after #8 dies. Even after half the claymores die, Claire is still #47.

Also, what's wrong with her body? It looks fine from where I'm sitting.
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The body isn't sewed back together properly so half her guts must be sewed on the outside
Claymores have huge scars cause reasons
claymores have enlarged clits and nipples and penis grows in belly button because of high test

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What's to become of Madoka now that Homura seperated her for the law of cycles? Will she live her life normally?
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Find out next time on Mado-ball Z
Up until she becomes a ballerina.
Yes hopefully.

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>start watching HxH
>Kurapika looks like a girl
>talks like a girl
>is not actually a girl
Well that's disappointing. The fuck am I supposed to fap to in this show?
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kurapika is a girl
He is a girl of how huge faggot he is.
The only girls with decent porn are machi and pitou. Though there's a fair bit of gender event Kurapika on pixiv too

Why did everyone have such a boner for him?
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Cool manlet character who gets the girl
him and kira are the only characters with any development

Because he still tries despite being short and weak(before Act 3 at least).

Underdogs get people going

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Momo was a mistake.
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I loved everything about this series - songs, novels, manga.
Then the anime came out. And my interest in all of the franchise died.
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Maybe Jin's other series will turn out to be good.

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I want to snatch her crown with her head still attached to it.
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This shit better not be delaying Uchoten Kazoku S2.
Any news?
PV in case someone missed it

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I finished watching it recently. What's /a/'s opinion on it? Lain a cute
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Fuckin' good.
not that good, overrated
better than this guy thinks

Chapter 130 out.
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2016-12-27 08.31.31.png
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>Dem Donald Duck lips
>Dat fugly Visha
>flying ponies
>sky skis
>awful OP song by a shit singer

Where did it all go so wrong? Does Studio NUT seriously think what they are doing will get more nips to buy the Manga and LN? This is more likely to drive potential customers away and cause life long Youjo Senki fans to drop this series in disgust.
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Visha a Slut!

Thus she desrves a shitty design in the adaptation!
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>Draw a boy
>call it a girl
>give nig lips as an extra bonus

Why is this allowed?
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>This is a loli warlord (salaryman)

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What anime are looking forward to the most next season?

What anime will be the most popular?

What anime will be the dark horse of the season?

What anime will have the best threads?
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very excited for LWA
I'll be watching LWA and Schoolgirl Strikers.

Everything else looks like absolute shit though, so that's probably it for me.
Honestly, none.

ITT: The best anime this year that no one watched.
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The ending pissed me off. Not Poco disappearing (that bugged me too but more due to how it was done), but more the fact that Souta talks with his dad again after dealing with getting over not being able to do this over the course of the series
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Pretty sure most of that was anime original as well.

Something, something rugby.

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Any of /a/ would be intersted on the next Ova of this kind of oldish show call Saber Marionette J?

Anybody have memories of it?
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I loved it, but I really don't know how they're going to do a story when J to X killed off the cast...
File: Saber-01.jpg (49KB, 600x351px)Image search: [Google]
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I suspect for the "teaster" picture, that they are just going to ignore the end of J to X or something like that.

The kind of logic of Dragon Ball Super, ignore half the story, and make a new ending ova

in worst case, instead of being robots dealing with the mortality of Otaru and being a kind of inmortal robot.
they just have the little girls from J to X as grown ups.

Actually, the picture makes me believe they aren't going to ignore J to X. That he's old, and the clones probably grew up...

Or, somehow, the robots managed to make it back after a SUPER long time in space.

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>it's a tournament arc
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>it's a tournament arc
Fuck off
>you know the heavy favourite is going to lose to the edgelord

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Time to spit it out, anons.
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basic summary is this
>Hayate got bitch slapped
>Hayate declares that he will quit once the competition of inheritance is over
>Hayate convinces Maria to stay, and fails
>mysterious character appears in the mansion
Nagi end soon.

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What do you do when there's no seeders for an anime you want to watch? My only option right now seems to be some backwater streaming site with garbage tier quality.
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I'm sure there are seeders.
What are you trying to download? Is in not on BakaBT?

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