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>Anime that /a/ doesn't talk about, even though it should
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Every thread.
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/a/ doesn't talk about that because it's not subbed

Ohayou mina-san!
Time to pick your groups for the class trip next week. Remember, you must have three girls and three boys including yourself!
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>tfw my highschool life was just like my animes complete with a student council that has too much power, foreign exchange students and a real life Ojou-sama
>tfw i was just a background character
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What the hell guys.

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It's quite sad that the only criticism of Japanese society came from shitty wish-fulfillment isekai shit. No one takes the problem seriously as a result.
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>knightmare frames are unlocked via USB 2.0 drives

Are you fucking kidding me? You mean you have to slot it in, realize it doesn't fit, turn it around, have it still not fit, turn it around again to push it into the port? That would be impractical as hell.

Immersion = destroyed.
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USB 2.0 doesn't have those bevels on the tops, it's just a rectangle.

It's actually a pretty neat way of unlocking something like a computer, but it's retarded to not use it for storing shit too. Also, you can cleary see which side is right side up in that pic.

Look at the port and the connector first, you dumb piece of shit.
Just fuck off.

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Why do a lot of MCs just blindly form contracts?
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Why wouldn't you want form a contract though.
I would at least want to know the terms and conditions.
nah man, just sign it

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New chapter is up.
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Ah, the abominable Forest Law.

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Wait a minute, what the fuck was this asshole "right" about? All I got was
>muh soldiers muh endless war
but anons act like this is the only sane guy in the whole story or something.
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Found and edgelord
Well first no one cared who he was until he pit on the mask
Next hes a big guy
Finally he has a master plan

But seriously hes right because besides rentaro hes just about the only dude who cares about the lolis
He realizes that the normies are hypocritical fucks and will only respect the lolis if shit goes down and full on war with gastrea begins.

So he wants to start the full of war so he and his lolis will be great again. It's pretty straightforward.

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Post left handed characters.
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Most of the characters in Lucky Star except for Konata (who's ambidextrous).
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Where would we be without Nemesis
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I wonder if she will get inside rito again, she literally made him something other than a weak human with superpowers against girls.
Fuck the harem route. Nemesis route means you can have an entire harem in one body.
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I'm still waiting.

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I'm currently watching all the shows from this year that I missed while they were airing. Just started Dagashi Kashi. What am I in for?
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A bad show and then a lot more bad shows.
fuck you don't post that butt anymore
what am I gonna dude with this thirst that cannot be quenched
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Hotaru is a god tier semen demon stuck in a below average show meant to advertise candy. I only made it to the end because my dick compelled me.

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Would you have scouted her?
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No. Who the fuck uses headsets on public?
Niggers and people looking to get robbed by them.
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people that enjoys quality music who're not introverts.

>ara ara, Anon-kun, are you sure you can't smuggle this past customs for me?
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Ask me one more time and I'm throwing you off the Lido deck.
I'm sure I'll be able to fit another lolicon doujin in if you take the vibrator out dear.
She said past customs, not past her grandparents. Customs doesn't care about loli doujinshi. She's probably trying to smuggle booze in or something.

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What is the best chapter of Jojo?

My personal favorite is pic related, but I think Stardust Crusaders is objectively the best.
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>objetively the best
I know it's bait, but still, explain
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>best chapter
>names an entire fucking part
Any KC vs Metallica chapter.

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Why do you like SaeKano?

The girl seems cute, but the MC seems horrible.
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Daily reminder Megumi will get a twist in vol 12
She probably was raped by Iori
>watching shows like this for anything but the girls

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Second season when?
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Whenever Sanematsu merch is a thing
Never ever. Fucking Totty ruined everything.
Horse bestiality

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