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How could anyone say no to the Black Cat...
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He did

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Why is this so pure? And why the fuck he showed us the end in the fucking middle of series? This chapter was great, but it was last chapter material.
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>And why the fuck he showed us the end in the fucking middle of series?
Faggots needed to be put in their place, and it was glorious.
>Why is this so pure?

It's the innocent childhood romance we all wish we had

>And why the fuck he showed us the end in the fucking middle of series?

Cuckfags needed to be silenced
Don't you faggots all whine about 3dpd? Don't tell me you wanted that now.

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Akari hopes you are having a wonderful holiday season.
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>hat not on head
You dun goofed.
But where is Akari?

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Would you watch a proper Sailor V adapation?
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I'd rather a proper Keit-ai adaptation tbqh senpai.
What is Keit-ai about?
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Can anyone beat Smugzaku?
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Why did the Knights of the Round oppose Lelouch?
They all swore loyalty to Charles himself. Since Lelouch killed Charles, he is their number 1 enemy. It's pretty simple, although it is dumb that they put loyalty to one emperor over loyalty to the country.
Because he wasn't destined to be the rightful heir to the throne. That would be Schnitzel.

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Hope to bring back compfy Your Name threads
What did you feel about this movie /a/
Why Haven't you watched this movie in your local cinema, /a/
Any Baguettes here tell how Your Name is received in Baguette land?
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>Hope to bring back compfy Your Name threads
you mean bring back autist circlejerk you fucking retard
I didn't particularly like anything about it, it was just OK
>Why Haven't you watched this movie in your local cinema, /a/

cause i live in tennessee and we never get obscure shit like animes in our movie houses. except occasional miyazakis.

What if she had sex with Araragi before he ever met crab.

Maybe would she have won?
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Won what?
kizu was written after bake and thats why she lost. its that simple.
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>cat and monkey will never win
thats just sad

Admit it, /a/.
You liked VividRed Operation.
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I do like it.

I did not watch it though.
The ass is nice.
probably should watch it

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Two questions: Why did Asuka caress Shinji cheek and why did Shinji break down here at her touch?

This scene was a bit too autistic for me to understand, I understood that less than "Kimochi Warui"
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Shinji was checking whether this was reality or instrumentality by choking Asuka. Probably because he'd just done the same thing in the actual Instrumentality, a bit like pinching your arm to see if you're in a dream.

Asuka caressed his cheek because after spending the whole series unable to communicate with Shinji, they finally got to understand each other's pain during the Instrumentality, and she was empathizing with his pain for the first time.

She also said "How disgusting" because having shared Shinji's consciousness in the Tang, she now knew about Shinji's "tickle the pickle" session over her comatose body, after which he said something like "I'm disgusting".

There's also the strangulation fetish theory, someone will hopefully paste. I think both interpretations can coexist.
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Th-thanks, you too.

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Fuck, marry, kill, adopt, enslave, befriend.
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Fuck Rin
Marry Saber
Kill Wormslut
Adopt Illya
Enslave Caster
Befriend Rider
Fuck Medusa
Marry Stheno
Kill Perseus
Adopt Loli Medusa
Enslave Euryale
Befriend Gorgon Medusa
Kill: Fate

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毛羽毛現 (Keugegen) by Shigeru Mizuki, originally published in Weekly Shonen Magazine, 1967.11.12

this is the first story published under the name GeGeGe no Kitarou, picking up immediately after Hokuto no Gun/Happy Scan’s translation of Kitarou of the Graveyard (vol 4-7) from Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Vol 1-3 were the Kitarou Night Tales short stories from 1967.06~1969.04, published in Garo.

I have no idea how to clean things up, typeset or anything. I was just bored this morning and I'm waiting to go to Comiket.
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I actually don't really know how to batch upload images either.
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Mediafire link will come at the end because I think that's what people do with these sort of things, I can't remember.
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Retarded Stands Thread

Pick or roll for a number from either of these lists.


That is your Stand. Describe its ability (hopefully related to name of the song) and try not to make it too broken.

Think of a weakness or a way to defeat the other Stands in the thread.

Or just post your retarded Stand ideas.
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For Whom The Bells
I thought this thread would be more successful.
Fuck the rolling I got the solution to all your stand-related problems: MC HAMMER
It can only do one thing and that is make other stands useless. That's it. Nothing else. It makes any scene it's in jojo without stands.

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Name ONE(1) anime MC that can beat Lelouch Vi Britannia one-on-one. He can make people do anything, is highly intelligent(like me), led an army, controls a giant fucking robot, signle-handedly changed reality, and has(had) a plethora of women ready to die for him.

Go on, I'm waiting.
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naruto would destroy him
Lelouch loses to pretty much everyone one on one. He's weak as fuck
>OP implying he's is intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor.

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We all know Rakugo is AOTY. It's fun to shitpost about Hibike and Flip Flappers but even the shitposters have accepted that this is objectively AOTY. So don't get all pent up and start arguing next time you see an aoty shitpost thread. Just join in the fun and have a laugh.
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Why is she such a bitch?
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she's just a bit yandere

but she's too much of a cuck to actually do anything about it
She owns Asai though. She is his true love.
boyfriend stealing whore

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