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Which is the best JoJo opening and why is it Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town?

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the best op is the first one
Bloody Stream definitely.
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>and why is it Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town?

>Characters have different clothes/hairstyle in the new arc
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One thing that One Piece definitely gets right in my book
Yeah, if characters are only distinguishable by their hair or clothes then:

1. the art is bad or
2. the MCs lack actual character or are badly written
i guess kyoani is shit then

I had such high hopes for this series, but it just gets worse and worse with every new episode.
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>but it just gets worse and worse with every new episode.
That's not true. Episode 5 was a high point. But after THAT, everything got worse and worse.

What a fucking trainwreck.
Relax, mate. It's over now.
stop memeing, the show is already over

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I'll start
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no arms. just stubs. after all theses years they are still stubs.

Who's the best Hero Academia girl?
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Alien Queen or Boobs Mcgee.
Which one is Boobs McGee?
Theres a thread already shitlord

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you're never going to refresh yourself in your sister squirt

How sad can it be ?
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This shit is still coming out

My god
so it's gone full porn now? instead of ecchi
Have they fucked yet?

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IS makoto Shinkai the true sucessor of Miyazaki?
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No, that would be Hosoda.

Also The Garden of Words is the best Shinkai movie.
No, it's Anno.
There is no successor to Miyazaki, he will never be succeeded, and I think anyone trying to claim otherwise would be retarded.

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>the perfect waifu doesn't exis-
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Nagisa wasn't even the best girl in her own series.
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do it
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don't you dare

why is this so underrated?
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because it was really bad
Because it was literally too deep for a lot of people.
>Rolling, Falling, Scrambling Girls. For others. For themselves. Even if they're destined to be a 'mob'

Why is this so good HOLY FUCK

>Ema PILLARs a monster
>Roberto tryna fuck up a Horror with the daggers at the end
>all the fights
>how great the entire movie looks visually
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i like the continuation of leons story but it felt way to rushed

i wouldve liked to have seen this as season 2 instead of what we got
Underrated animu




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Why was sharo so best?
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Sxarp was abused as a child.
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The fuck?

yesterday I finished my christmas mondaiji reading and I'm a little confused

can you tell me when exactly His Highness gave Izayoi Leo authority?
did I miss something or the author want to reveal this later (there was a bit of information in volume 12 but I think either this was not explicitly stated or maybe my english translation was lacking or my brain was not responding)
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Did you read last embryo? maybe they stated this there
He didnt really give him his authority, just basically a power up so Izayoi could kill Azi Dahaka. Hence why it fucks Izayoi up so much. He won, but not under his own power. And especially after he had already decided to die in order to win, he was granted an "easy" victory.
I know this but did they had some sort of intercommunication?
I remember that Grim Grimoire told His Highness to defeat Azi Dahaka or something but it was Izayoi who pierced him with Indra spear and suddenly they say that it was possible to him to touch it and not burn because His Highness

and this is my concern

ITT: Post subjects you want to be covered in an anime


I just want well dressed gentlemen to poke balls around.
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I really want a cute surfing anime with cute girls who surf.

Now that i think about it i wont rule out cute girls playing cute snooker.
I want cute girls doing cute racing. I'm partial to F1 but would be fine with other styles.

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Because even when the world is dying, at least we'll be there together.
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Yearly stream is at the 7th of Januari by the way.
I wish I waited to watch it then. I just watched it for the first time a few weeks ago, so it's pretty fresh on my mind.
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It's probably more fun to join the stream having watched it already, that way you don't get spoiled by all the banter.

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