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/A/s thoughts and feelings on sweetness and lightning

>thoughts: too cute

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She's too lewd.
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She's too hungry
A glutton too.

What the hell was her problem?
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Shes /ak/ in anime form.

Also dont touch best girl.
no one wanted to play paintball with her
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I like her eyebrows

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Where does homo subtext ends and where does being openly gay start?

Owari No Seraph asks the hard questions.
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There are no endings or beginnings. We're all part of the great circle of homo.
Purple smug was confirmed to be Yuu's soulmate in the latest LN so this shitty fujo pairing is officially death and buried
Do you mean LN or manga, because if it is the former it might as well not exist.

This is Honoka

Say something nice about her
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this again.jpg
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She has a great body I would love to impregnate.
She has a cute sister. And mom.

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Who was this show's target demographic?
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normalfags, reddit, tumblr, SJW and all those boogeymen.
Entry level anime fans

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Why do anime lesbians love lolis?
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But Yuzumori loves Mimika.

Someone told me this was pretty good.
They weren't lion.
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>we'll never see bully arc animated
>we'll never see dad arc animated
>we'll only get a few episodes with Shimada in them
It's really fucking good. This week was comfy as fuck.

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>KyoAni has their own unique panel
>Other studios get shit on and have to share their shows under their publisher panel.

Why is KyoAni so much better than other studios?
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kyoani is still shit tho
Because they're saving anime

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>Tried to gain control of Kaibacorp solely to use its technology to see his dead waifu again

Weren't he, Kaiba and their respective companies business partners, couldn't he have just asked? Was there any reason Pegasus couldn't have asked to put a clause in the contract for the whole "solid vision" technology that would have allowed him to do so?
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4 words:

How did the magic scales decide that this guy was okay?
He needed a contrived plot that'd make him rely upon a children's card game, baka.

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It's time for your daily dose of Umaru

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I want to punch Umaru!
I want to kick Umaru!
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Did your dad shoved a hamster up your anus when you were a child?

It's not your fault. Umaru likes you

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Who is the most influential person of all time, in the industry?
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Walt Disney
Damn, I came here to say this.
Harry Truman

My boyfriend Ryuko is so cute.
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Did you check her for a penis?
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That's MY husband you are talking about.
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>you will never have a cute family with neither Ryuko or Satsuki

Y'all told me Narutaru was good and depressing. I'm starting the last episode, and it's been neither. Mostly it's been boring, and it feels like it's trying to hard to be edgy. Like an earlier version of Elfen Lied.

Was this the curse of Evangelion? Every anime afterward for a few years trying to out-grimdark the other? Or maybe I need to read the manga.
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Read the manga, it's a million times better.
Also, the anime ends mid way in the story as far as I remember.
So it's one of those, "the anime is only a teaser, now read the manga" types. And does the manga actually get dark? I should add that I've seen flashes of how the story might get dark and depressing, but after 12 episodes in, all that I've seen is that the groundwork of the plot has been laid/characters introduced. No arc looks to be finished, except for Shiina's friend (not even sure if it'll finish come the end of episode 13). Oh well, better start downloading the manga.
The manga was better. About the only good thing from the Narutaru anime (and the Bokurano anime for that matter) was the OP.

It's pretty edgy. Rape, nuclear holocausts, giant hands bitchslapping everyone. It's definitely not as good as Bokurano but it was an enjoyable ride for me, even though the ending is rushed fast as fuck.

Can they win Gold next year with Ribbon as president?
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she really managed to turn from a complete shit character in s1 into an understandable and likeable character in s2
Anyone else didn't find this a conclusive ending at all?

Even with the Eupho title drop, Natsuki and Yuuko's responsibilities and the lack of 2nd year was a pretty strong unsolved problem.

Actually, I want a show focused Ribbon's role as president.

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How does KyoAni look like for next year? Maidragon is some pretty solid source material for an anime, so I think that will do just fine. I'm hoping for more original LNs like pic related. What else are you hoping they do?
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Is that Botan?
She's not cute enough to be Botan.

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