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I like how both manga give the girls in the cast more screen time and interaction with one and another than in the show
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Best page this chapter

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How does /a/ feel about You?
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Easily one of the most overrated sunshines. Boring as fuck and only good for her sex appeal (even more so than your regular idol). Her porn is not even that good either.
KUSO idol.

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The ending felt so very rushed I don't even know how to feel. And that epilogue of her wanting to babies, why end there!?
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when she escaped from the egg ship and moulted, i was expecting her to become more humanoid-angelic in appearance, but flying works too i guess.
i guess it's just that kind of manga anon.
I wanted it to drift out intoa Sliice of life manga.
I guess you can't have anything

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Nene is a good girl
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she is a dork
e with nene
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What episode is this from /a/?
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That's depression
my life

I clearly understand and accepted myself, i like netorare, not clearly but some moments of it.
In other words: 1 - i like the fact that you prevent lustful interactions of your lover with another partner.
2 - When it's already too late and you falling down in abyss of dispair.
3 - Cuck of cuck, when you catch your lover and make of yourself whore worser than Mata Hari.

Cuck paradise starting here.
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Shit manga, shit onii-chan, shit friend. Imouto did nothing wrong.
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Except fact that she sell herself for money.
That was after MC fucked everything up

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This is Mugi. Say something nice.
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F'ck off bitch ass nigga
Not for u fucboi

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So, i've just finished of reading this, it tooked me like half of the year
What's your opinion of this manga?
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Let me guess, they didn't fuck?
The author is a fucking moron, he published a sequel of ntk, in the middle of ntk.
Should have ended before the NTR arc.

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What has anime taught you?
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Always strive to be the very best.

That it's perfectly okay to marry your blood related sister and play tons of Eroge with her.

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Another one, what are the odds? This time it's a group of friends (super friends) that go to a new world. And what do you know, they are extraordinarily unique that are the best and talented. What can you do? SERIOUSLY.
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I think the isekai fad is reaching its peak, it will vanish in the middle of next year.
Nope, it's going to continue. Because of that, we can only hope we find the cure for cancer.
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Are you anons willing to go to isekai?

How is there not a single show about being a merchant/trader?
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Spice and Wolf.
Bakuon has a merchant girl.
are you serious?

are YOU serious
Jesus christ

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Has any work been done on this yet?

Is this the final version for 2016?
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Is this the reddit chart?
That's the final version.
Don't we usually get one of these?

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Does anyone else just want to start hitting her and never stop?
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Yeah me. Not before I jerk and cry while listening to Linkin Park.
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Friendly reminder that you'll get b8 for making UMR thread.

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What do you think of White Album?

I find the characters compelling.
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Why's she wearing a neckbrace, did she fall down a flight of stairs?
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Opaque dialogue, unlikable MC, an almost randomly generated narrative, thin plot against what should be an incredibly engaging story, boring scenes, pointless adventures, unengaging romances, dull eroticism, stupid twists, unbearably slow pacing, it's like in the bottom 3 of series I have ever watched.

The hardest part is knowing how good it could have been. By the end of the show I realized the only relationship I cared about was Rena and Yuki and not as lovers but as loving friends turned professional rivals. I wanted to know how they would get on while having to compete with one another and it was comforting to see them share the spotlight as equals even if for that moment one was ascending to fame while the other was falling out of it. That was beautiful.

But as for the main plot and MC? Garbage. This show could have thrown out the other two girls and the loli completely and left the love triangle plus the seductive yet compelling and, honestly, kind of rapey manager and there would have been a solid core. I wouldn't care if the MC ended up with the manager. They had schemed and cheated so many times at that point that they fucking deserved each other.

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>CG intro

who thought this was a good idea?
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Meh, it was 2003 and they had to show off their moneycock somehow.
CG anime character models always look like shit. that sort of art and animation should only be used for objects and maybe some backgrounds. the characters themselves should always stay 2D or you'll end up getting garbage like Ajin or New Berserk.
Considering it was made in 2002, the CGI was actually really good for the time. CGI ages like milk though.

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