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So did you like it?
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Is the first ep already out?

And where can I find it? I only get 360p qulaity shit
Nyaa for now. I think it won't get subs so i'll pass
Shame, the visuals look pretty interesting.

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How do aliens know martial arts?
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Of all things in this series to question, why that specifically?
to me it seemed like most the aliens - saiyans, namekians, and freeza's race at least - didn't really have 'martial arts'

they had raw power and some basic ki techniques, but no real study and formalization of it like the masters on earth had, and the kais had.

and this gave the weaker humans a pretty good advantage against stronger foes. you don't need to be the strongest when you can just solar-flare your opponent blind and stab him in the kidneys

i really hope super gets back to showcasing clever techniques that allow weaker characters to become more valuable. hit was a step in the right direction though he's kind of a one-note gimmick, but the zamasu arc was all brute force bullshit. there's a million ways to apply the instant transmission technique offensively, but goku is an idiot
Frieza was manlet. He was destined to lose.

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Miuna love made it to 2017!
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In which hole would you fuck Miuna?
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>Miuna love made it to 2017!
Or maybe it didn't.
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Miuna love for me wasn't even there in 2013.

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Is fate the series with the best waifus?
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That word doesn't mean what you think, /v/.
Based on that camel toe ... it might just be the series with the best cunts.
that is not fate tho, that is toobie and she is mine

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Just finished watching the end of Oreimo and I just don't know what to think. I feel kinda upset and a bit dirty.
I knew my favorite girl wasn't going to win but I didn't expect that ending.
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greatest love story ever told
It's shit. You can say it. No one will judge you.
Yeah, I never liked Kirino in the first season but I kept watching because the scenes with Manami were so cute. First time I have ever had waifu feelings and they were shit on by the show.

How can you not love that face?

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How did the script look like whenever Misato is drinking beer?
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Is there a word for it in Japanese?
*Takes big gulp of beer*
*Make a sound like you would after pushing out a huge turd*
"Ahhh that's good"

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The great debate.
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They're both overrated shit.
Nichibros had the worst threads I've ever experienced on /a/ when it was airing.
The one that didn't flop.

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Given the new, more tolerant atmosphere of /a/, I thought I could discuss a series that /a/ traditionally hates.

I personally love Elfen Lied. It's my favorite series and I don't think any other anime series went as in-depth into human psychology and morality as EL did. Plus, a great OP. What do you think /a/?
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It's shit and you shouldn't like it let alone defend it
Bait needs to be more subtle.
Is Elfen Lied even popular with underage normies anymore?

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What went wrong
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Behaves like a 15 year old boy instead of a grown man.
>Fractale was great
>Senyuu was great
>Wake Up Girls was great
The industry is just trying to fuck him over
He can't control his butthurt.

>read genuinely good manga
>realize how dull was everything you read before
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>read a good manga
>on hiatus
It's when you figure out that 90% of manga/anime is a waste of your time, and that you like good stories, and nothing endemic to the tropes of popular manga.
>read genuinely good manga
>everything you read after is dull

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Post characters you selfinsert as
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JoJo 6.png
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>watching a beach episode in winter
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Just imagine you're in Straya
But it's summer.
>watching a winter episode in beach

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Hey you! You probably don't remember me.
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Is this yuri?
I want Yukari to lick Nanako's bellybutton!
Basically. But not as much as you think. More of a healing show than anything.

The ways all men should be treated.
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take this bitch.jpg
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>Tumblr feminist mad about the girl punching thread from earlier
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Yes please.

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What anime has made you try and change yourself or motivated you in any sort of way?

Pic related motivated me to get out of my house more often
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i only hated myself even more after i finished nhk
I wouldn't say it's had any grand impact on my life but Aria definitely got me to be somewhat more positive about things
I think GTO was pretty inspiring. yeah, it was primarily a comedy show but some of Onizuka's speeches were fucking glorious

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