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really terrible
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+ Monogatari, Spice, Clannad, Rakugo, Shirobako, Sora no Woto
+/- K-on
++ Evangelion, Haibane, Mushi
+ NHK< Panty
+/- Watamote, Hidamari

Do you like healthy girl, /a/?
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lol that fucking body is disgustingly disproportionate.
What is she looking at?
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does a bear shit in the woods?

Update fucking when
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We don't need one, Satan. We already know who won.
Thigh girl?
Nope. She's in the foreground.

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This girl walks up to you and nonchalantly demands that you put your penis up her poop chute without hesitation. What do?
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Become blind by her glorious forehead.
I love anal, and my anal queen!

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rape torture.jpg
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>torture him by letting our slave women rape him!
Was this really a thing during the Sengoku era?
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>Was this really a thing during the Sengoku era?
They do this people in modern times too
Isn't it already early Edo in it?

My guess would be yes. Supposedly you get a bit fucked up in the head if you get raped by a chick. Plus the whole, muh pride, meme back then.

If she pursued her idol career would she have sucked cock anyway?
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Oh hey guys welcpme to eb games
A lot of it.
ALL of the cocks

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure memes
Also check out our discord
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No Nose Reimi is Godlike
Lets make Jojo great again

context pls

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First one of the new year. You can't repost ones from 2016 or earlier anymore, it's time for fresh ideas.

I know what you're thinking and if you fucking post it, I'll report it a hundred times. The mods actually delete it for some reason, too. It's not good and it's not even funny
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But my new idea was only a couple of days ago.
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thats ruff
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Not as rough as your thread not getting any replies.

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now, as the dust has settled...

did we love Kiznaiver?
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I liked it. A fine anime.
It was passable. Ended up being pretty uninspired for such theorethically interesting concept and character designs.
I liked it. Not love, just like.
Nico is a miracle of the universe and deserved better.

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Can Kenji Kamiyama (GiTS SAC, Eden of the East, Moribito) be the new Miyazaki?

>Hirune Hime is set in the Kojima region of Okayama Prefecture in the year 2020, two days after the scheduled Tokyo Olympics. Kokone lives together with her father, who is always working on modifying cars. As she begins to investigate a strange dream has been seeing over and over, Kokone learns a secret about her family.
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Looks like the usual generic ghibli wannabe thing.
>new Miyazaki
Main girl needs thinner lips,

Extra credit for other characters using Joey's chin mode.
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We will never get closure, will we?
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We won't it's been almost 7 years, and why would anyone bother to animate the Light Novels?
It's dead, give it a rest
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not a single fuck.jpg
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It breaks my heart. One of the best anime of 2010, and it's only a prologue to a much superior story. Why does Japan have such shit taste?

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ITT post character that has something similar to the previous one
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Got fucked by a wolf
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single mother
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Didn't happen. She just soiled her knees because she had to reduce herself to begging for safe passage. Also, superior wolf girl.

Why is the Future Trunks arc so good, but the rest of Dragon Ball Super is such utter pointless crap?
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Black is best boy
Trick question: The Future Trunks arc was terrible.
You'd be forgiven for thinking it was good if you only watched the first half, but by the time Goku Black's identity is revealed everything falls apart and becomes an awful stupid slog of bullshit culminating in a downright comically bad ending that was played off for laughs.
>by the time Goku Black's identity is revealed everything falls apart
Nigger, the fight scenes afterwards were fucking awesome. The fuck you talking about?

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Shut Hell Thread. I can't believe they went and did this.
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Second thread today? I have tor read now.
guess it will end with next volume
If it's legit then it's the shittiest, most aniticlimatic conclusion to a character's story ever. Also can't Yurul just fucking die already?

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