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Wants to be profound desperately but doesn't have anything to say. Not even as good as Mahoromatic
generous rating tbqfh
>when future Gainax staff wanted to make movie about first man in space but were too butthurt about Kurils

Still I enjoyed the designs and worldbuilding.

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Should the girl fall in love with the MC after saving her life?
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Should the MC fall in love with every girl he saves?
Should the MC with good taste choose to only save the tsundere?

I liked it
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It's fucking Ai Mai Mi, of course you liked it.
They should get the writer of AMM and Teekyuu to meet up and fuck.
Fool, do you want to doom us all?

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Why did anime change between these two eras?
It's like we can't have decent-looking MCs anymore.
What happened?
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What's wrong with Gintoki, faggot?
His disgusting curly hairdo.
>ms paint
No matter what decade we're in, OP is always a faggot.

What happened to the Miko love, /a/?
Where has your love for these bastions of sanctity and purity gone to?
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The character type was perfected and so everyone gave up.
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I agree.
I love them, but they're not used much these days.

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Are you ready for Boku No Pico 2.0?
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Go on
>been out for a week
>sold out
>no online rip


any torrents?

We are not getting any more of this are we?
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I want more of Saras.
>Necromancer wearing heavy armor

Why is this allowed?

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This hurt so much...

Does anyone think something will come from this gem?
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>muh feels
overrated garbage
This is basically me!Me!Me! All over again of anime shorts that tell a sad story to a special anime song...But instead of based Teddyloid, its some English hipster.

Of course one can also make a case for Bulma but she's at very least acknowledged as a genius while Chi-Chi has nothing once Z starts except maybe her cooking (maybe). I mean, the story never really suggests she's justified to ever be upset at Goku or her fate (even though there's a lot to be upset over and any other woman would handle things way worse). It's taken for granted she's the wife and mother, and the "shrew" wife and mother at that. That's how she's viewed at the lens of the story, how fans remember her, and she still forever be seen as throughout the franchise at large.

Despite the fact she stayed faithful to a man who may or may not love her or his family and left them behind for years on end for whatever reason, and so on... it's not particularly impressive according to the story. She's still the "shrew" so it doesn't matter.

I'm not gonna go over the modern material this time because it's far too obvious...

Do you think Toriyama intended for her to be this character that no one is supposed to like? Is she really that bad? If not, then would fans ever vilify her so mercilessly (to the point where even actual fans start to question her integrity and reasons for being married to Goku) and make others feel bad for genuinely liking her?:

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Will you people leave when DBS is over?
I can only hope that you will.
yeah but some other battle shounen will replace it

if not another DB will be made
Possibly. Toriyama said that he didn't like her and that this is why he kept her around.

Why do I like this so much? It's so edgy but so fucking good to watch

Is the manga also good?
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I enjoyed it, I know a lot of fags on /a/ hate it and can't seem to ignore the threads. I've never read the manga so I'm interested in this
As a person who enjoyed Elfen Lied :

The anime is shit compared to the manga so it's good shit.
It's also less edgy (you know, Kisaragi's death? Be ready to laugh at the scene) and has more characters
anime was ok for my teenage "b-but cartoons are for children" self

manga I read later on and made me learn to hate the damn thing

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What's the appeal to this series? I must be missing something.

The art is okay, but surely there's more to a show than that. This series is basically just a supernatural harem show with no story, which is fine, but what about that appeals to so many weebs? I just don't see it.

The only monogatari I even liked was Oremonogatari, but I can't even tell how it's related to the rest of the series. What is he like Araragi's cousin or something?
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It all makes sense if you start with Katana, idiot.

How's your first week here treating you?
fucking newfags you're supposed to start with Valhallagatari
It helps people pretend they're smart.

Why is it such a common trope in Japanese animation for sweet, normal kids to become awful people as adults? This goes all the way back to Flit Asuno in Gundam AGE.
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Sweet, normal kids because awful adults in real life too.
it's just how life is
I hate kids.
They're all terrible.

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Friendly reminder that this is a comedy anime.
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With pretty men
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Friendly reminder this is best boy

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Befriend all of them
What an original and creative thread.

OP must be very bored

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Is this show good or is it just the equivalent of yuri bait?
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It's just ok but a blast to watch if you're a fujo I guess

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