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What are some Tsunderes done right?
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No such thing.
You are wrong because I posted one

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I'll start.
>MC and rival are having their final battle
>They start out equally but overtime start to lose their powers
>They just turn to beating the shit out of each other
>They bet everything on one final attack
>The MC loses
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I like the cliche of some character being secretly powerful. Even if they're already strong, but have some secret extra power, like when Satellizer fights while unconscious. Terumi in Blazblue claiming is he bad at fighting. Even characters who have no right being powerful at all somehow being the best combatant in their world.

Imagine if some random genki girl character we've never seen before just picked up a Light Saber in Star Wars one day and could take on the best Jedi like it was nothing just because she is so incredibly and naturally talented and skilled, while giggling about how 'this is fun' while her opponent is freaking out about how can she possibly be keeping up with him and so on. Then when her opponent things he's found and opening and tries to cut her in half, she just moves much faster than she had before and blocks it like it was a joke while 'ooh that was cool!'

That kind of thing works too.
>Protagonist spends the time learning some useless shit while his friends get powerboosts
>turns out to quadriple his power

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Miyazaki >>>>>> Hackoto Shinkai
>In speaking with Japanese media outlet News Post Seven, Ishida, who’s won the prestigious Naoki Award for literature and had two of his novels (Ikebukuro West Gate Park and [email protected]) adapted into manga, said:

>“I think Makoto Shinkai, the director of Your Name, is good at grasping the emotions of young people. I figure he probably didn’t have any enjoyable romances in his high school days.”

>Ishida went on to say that he thinks that Shinkai channels his imagined ideal of young romance into the anime he creates, and voiced his opinion that “Having a character who’s never had a steady girlfriend or had sex, but who’s still cool, is a fundamental part of a girls’ manga-like world.” And while some have been calling Shinkai “the next Hayao Miyazaki,” Ishida pointed to what he feels is a stark difference between the two anime creators.

>“With Miyazaki and his themes of man versus nature, he packs his work with his own experiences. But with Shinkai, I don’t think he’s really experienced [the things being portrayed in his films].”

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Ishida is a hack
Why is Miyazaki samefagging on /a/ so much lately?
Why is he so bothered by what we like? Is he scared he might be remembered only as the grumpy old man that he is?
You are going all out today with all these Kimi no Na Wa threads
I can tell they're all made by you because the OPs are structured similarly with some article linked and a quote from it
Fucking cancer

What do you think of poor girls, /a/?
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I can relate to them and it makes me sad.
I can't relate to them and it makes me sad.
I can't relate to them and it makes me mad at them

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Who was best girl?
and why hasn't there been a SOL about historical american billionaires?
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Trump is my daughter!
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Why is Ford so smug?
Write it yourself and watch as nobody give a shitty about your garbage.

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what is anime teaching to the children?
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Wholesome moral values
The way how the world works and to embrace love.
Precure told me that fists solve problems

Wait, what? When did the Exorcists become known by everyone? Weren't the Exorcists a secret?
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I'm so confused. Why are they so scared of Rin? Didn't they make up in S1?
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I made thing(s). Unfortunately there were not many good faces in episode 1.
Is it bad that I want to pluck those out?

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"Reload Blast" was just announced to air for this coming July

Further information at:
>http://natalie . mu/comic/news/216049
>Series from Kazuya Minekura
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Looks like shit, some people from /v/ will probably enjoy it

So OPM is getting another spinoff
I'm amazed Saiyuki is still a thing.

Fucking fujos.

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Tamaki is so cute. I want to massage her feet while she sketches.
I want a cute girl to call me papa.

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What did they mean by this?
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That great legs were the only things she didn't have.
Takeuchi can't draw thick though.
What a cute girl. What's her name?

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You can be kind or mean, just post it.
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>You can be mean
Your taste sucks.
See above
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-1 Tamako market

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When the fuck is Jobin going to attack Gappy ?
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Hey bitch 4.jpg
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This is Miss Mari. She lives in a hotel, takes 3 showers a day and listens to Rammstein.

Say something nice to her!
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There is nothing nice to say. Shit design, shit taste, probably shit skin and hair. All in all just shit.
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She's cute when she's suffering.

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This will be your policewoman (male) for the night
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Bumping thread out of respect for fellow oldfag.
What's this anime I saw it once but I forgot the name
This show is fucking great and more people need to watch it

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scar s are sexy?
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what's the appeal, anyway?

don't you dare post the other one

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