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Will all this suffering be worth it just to get Nami?
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I can't over the fact that Mangastream even puts cursewords into soundseffects.
I mean really? Why is the lighter saying Fuck? And where can I buy one?
>no eng sub BR rip of film gold
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The rest of the crew has already had her. What's taking Sanji so long?

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watamote thread. EVERYONE ready for the new year.
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How are you guys doing?

What was the most underrated show of 2016 and why was it Ange Vierge?
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Because it's not.
Because the fact that it managed to actually present everything that was going on so well despite its pathetically low budget is a testament to the talent of its creators, but /a/ just makes a joke about QUALITY and moves on like on-model faces and motion smear are all that matters.
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I think most people didn't get past the premise or the first couple of episodes expecting some generic battle and fanservice anime and missed on all the fun.

How will you please your wife in 2017?
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Why was Maho stuck with a shitty tank like the Tiger? Why didn't she get something better and prototype with KMM money instead of that old piece of junk?
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i, for one, will love Erika forever
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By loving her eternally and making tank models with her for all time!
I love my cute wife!

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Precure Thread
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Mirai is the cutest girl in the whole world!
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>in a show meant to teach people not to be selfish
Have you seen the last episode?
Everybody has a selfish heart, it's how you act on it and that struggles can make you stronger.

>it's different when it's somebody else.
Would you have hated Nozomi if she had switched with Mana?
According to you DokiDoki is about not being selfish and Nozomi is quite selfish

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He's gonna update. R-Right?
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He didn't update Mob, so nope.
I want to believe


Why is Mai Tokiha such an inspiring character
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>brother eats it
>she goes on the warpath
>overcomes many challenges
>has a great set of tits
>First Mai Hime thread for 2017?

I'm sure Sunrise won't forget about us right, right ;_;

I'm sure they are disgusted with what anime has become.

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Symphogear Thread

Optional Yuri

Mandatory kung fu movies

Maximum Hype

Stream in 7 hours

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>he put the thread subject in the name field
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Actually I didn't mean to put a subject, it was just the name I was using when putting a reminder in the /m/ thread.

Sorry for the confusion.
I still need to watch season 3

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It's time.

Happy new years, faggots.
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What is your most anticipated homo series of 2017?
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KanColle 2824
Touhou Project 1623
Touken Ranbu 1501
Idolmaster 1479
Love Live 762
Fate series 622
Granblue Fantasy 584
Haikyuu 508
Osomatsu-san 493
Girls&Panzer 433
Kuroko no Basuke 411
Tiger & Bunny 352
Vocaloid 343
Yowamushi Pedal 324
Ensemble Stars 311
Attack on Titan 296
World Trigger 248
Hetalia 186
Kekkai Sensen 159
Boku Hero Academia 149

Comiket 91 circles
>Osomatsu-san 493

I'm glad this is still popular enough to get doujinshi.

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Happy New Year!
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No lewds in New Year.
I love you, goyim
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Have a PowaPuri New Year!

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Index S3 in 2017

Mark my words
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You said that in 2015 about 2016, you little liar.
It'll happen one day.
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It' ded, Jim.

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Well, this is probably the last C91 thread for 2016, but the day is still young on the western hemisphere.

For those who went in person, did you manage to get everything you were looking for?
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Hisasi scan fucking when?
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post lewds
Bomber Grape's C91 is up.

Will they ever go back to 2hus?

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Good girl
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Happy new years everyone
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Episode 137: 反逆の覇王眷竜 – Hangyaku no Haōkenryū
(The Rebellious Supreme King Servant Dragon)
Sora and Edo were no match against Zarc's might. Inheriting the wishes of their fallen friends, Kurosaki and Kaito stand against Zarc.

Sora and Edo were no match against Zarc's might. Inheriting the wishes of their fallen friends, Kurosaki and Kaito stand against Zarc. Facing off against the fearsome might of Zarc's Supreme King Servant Dragon, Kurosaki and Kaito risk it all and challenge Zarc in order to save Yuto and Yuya! Will the two of them be able to create a miracle!?

Kurosaki Shun
Gongenzaka Noboru
Sawatari Shingo
Shiun’in Sora
Edo Phoenix
Kozuki Allen
Sasayama Sayaka
Jack Atlas
Akaba Reiji

Script: 前川 淳 || Maekawa Atsushi
Direction: 望月敬一郎 || Mochizuki Keiichiro
Storyboard: 西田章二 || Nishida Shouji
Animation Director: 宍倉 敏 – Shishikura Toshi
Jack is back, tremble in fear Zarc becouse the King is here .
I wish for nothing but death and destruction for next year and all years to come. That's how bad this year has been to me. Just kill everybody.

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An autist can't be this CUTE
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Tokyu Silvester Concer is playing polovetsian dance as the countdown song. This is what I call meme magic.
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. . .

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