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The translation is on point af
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Hypocrisy of the highest level, 8man being a closet normie and having a saviour complex so big it would put batman to shame.
Kill yourself.
What idiot thought Normie was a good translation here? No one outside of certain forums knows what that means.
"Normals" or, better, "Normal people" would be far more likely to be understood.
You're limiting your audience to neckbeards when you pull shit like this.

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Which letter do you want to lick the most?
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>tfw Ritsu's 3dpd expression ruins an otherwise wonderful picture

Usually when people argue about which is teh best girl I just ignore it since everyone has a different taste. But when it come to Keion, Mio is objectivly the best girl by a huge margin.

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>Search through anime descriptions to find something that might interest me
>Found one
>Anime looks like this
Unbearable. And that from someone who could endure Berserk 2016.
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>He missed all the threads
They were hopefully hatethreads
Trainwreck threads. I mean, it was... interesting.

Anyone still watching this? The endcard is beautiful this ep. I want to fuck this small lion
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I like the new OP.
This is 2-cour?
do we get 2 cour? nice.

at first i thought i didn't like the new OP (esp. compared to the first one by BOC), but i ended up liking it by the end.

This is the most retarded thing I've ever read
Why do these faggots keep eating Tanuki and why is Benten getting along with it

This series is messed up
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>not wanting to eat cute shota tanukis
He changes his mind later on when he recognize Mom tanuki and isn't willing to eat her.

Based Gino is so based.
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I watched R2 8 years ago and I don't even remember him. Like for real. He was such a forgettable character.
Why is Rolo such a literal faggot

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Say something nice about this masochist
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Her boobs.
Her ass

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Thoughts on RAITA?
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I love it.
Fucking awful.
I think he'd be okay with flat characters but that's not saying much.
He needs more LOOMIS in his life.

What do you guys think of the newest NOTGHIBLI movie?


It's like Kiki, Howl, Ponyo and Arriety in one movie!
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Arriety was fine and Marnie was great so I'll probably enjoy this.
And Howl was beautiful but with a crap story and Kiki is great and Ponyo is fun.

Everything Ghibli is mediocre at worse.
Why'd they have to make a new studio?

I mean it's technically Ghibli, why did Miyazaki not just find a successor?

>[HorribleSubs] Spiritpact - 01 [720p].mkv
First Chinkshit of the season.
Special guest this time: Truck-san
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No, thanks.
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I'm not going to watch it.
But let me guess - it's generic action trash with shitty animation.
Also the characters have ugly designs and ugly names.
It's actually yaoishit.

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Akio Otsuka (57) got married. I'm sure he was married before. Seiyuu veteran that you must know if you've seen more than 10 anime. MGS' Snake, Bleach Shunsui, Fate/Zero Rider, HxH Uvogin, One Piece Blackbeard, etc.
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First post best post.
What's with all of this marriages lately? Is Japan finally picking up on the low birth rate problem?

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>First Arslan Senki
>Now Shoukoku no Altair
Fujos do love some kebab meat huh?
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Don't forget Magi
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Smelly hairy fat balding men with big dicks
What's not to like?
Also they're rich.
Even Better
Horny Grand Pashas with longass beards

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The ennemies he killed/beat were at max freiza tier so far (questionnable)

Goku who basically so the same training as him as a superior race is reaching SSG or SSB and would obliterate boros in his normal form with a mere ki blast

>Still comparing the two

Really OPMfags?
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His entire existence is a parody of characters like Goku you retard
Why is your n key broken?
I used the N word too much

Anon! Your loli is upset! What do you do?
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Hid her teddy bear underwear.
Finger her butthole.

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Which Akuma would you riddle?
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Only the best.
Isuke-sama, all day and all night long.
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nio-chan approves.jpg
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