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>Story about the underdog who has to surpass his born good rival with pure hard work.
>One of his early fights is about showing a fatalist that destiny is wrong.

>Also he's the chosen one and almost all of his victories come from the demon inside of him.
>The other "hard work because I'm shit" character, Lee, never wins ever.

How do you fuck up the moral of your story this badly? Neji was right all along.
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Well it's the third best shounen of all time next to Dragon Ball and Yu Yu Hakusho, so it does just fine.
Just stop reading before it goes to shit and it's a decent manga.
At least Naruto doesn't spam shitty backstory training montage flashbacks like Lee does.

Who is ready for some more Megumeme?
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I am https://youtu.be/0UpZnSjMko4
>no more black pantsu

This is so sad.
If I had a Megumeme, so help me god, I would visit such unholiness upon her anus that you would never shit again out of sheer sympathy. As I took great handfuls of her peachy white cheeks in my hands, satan himself would begin to weep with joy. He knows that the sin I am about to commit will damn every soul in existence, that the profane, wet noises alone will stain the universe with its echoes, that the sight of my face buried in her will scorch the eyes of god himself.

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I swear these guys are seeding the terminal phase of the death on anime!

>Anime director Yutaka Yamamoto, or "Yamakan" (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Wake Up, Girls!, Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens), and former president of Gainax Toshio Okada, or "the Otaking," have a history of criticizing the anime industry, even going so far as to declare anime "dead." At a Christmas Eve discussion at Akihabara UDX Gallery in Tokyo, they focused their attacks on a topic often considered taboo: the production committee system.

>Both men considered the system, which originated as a way to disperse risk among numerous stakeholders and to simplify fundraising, a "shackle" around anime. The companies that make up the production committee have an incentive to maintain control of their anime, which translates to at least 40% of the copyright. Despite the presence of Chinese communications firms who are willing to put up as much as three billion yen (US$26 million) to produce anime, production committees are often loath to accept this much if it means sacrificing their controlling stake. Yamamoto said if the managing companies can only put up 40 million yen (US$346,000), that means the production budget will be set at only 100 million yen (US$865,000).
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>Okada went on to say that if the Chinese firms still contributed a large figure like two billion yen (US$17.3 million), then the production committee will split the money among 10 different projects. This is a factor in the increasing amount of anime in production today, although it (according to Okada) comes at the expense of quality. "If we had a billion yen, we could make a really good anime movie," he lamented. But this would come at the cost of its funding being 100% Chinese. "People want the production committee system because they want money."

>Okada advocated for "getting rid of these middle-aged men [on the production committees] and connecting directly with the Chinese funders." Yamamoto didn't want to go this far, but called for a "change in mentality" to raise more money and to value individual anime more. Okada predicted that a "slave revolt" was coming.
Whatever, anime can't get much worse than already is.
Can you imagine 50 "Bloodivores" per season???

If they like China so much, go work there and leave anime alone!!!

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I'll keep it and treat it nicely, thank you.
Don't lewd the ghost
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Grim reminder that Yuuko is no longer the softest.

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>have mouth on hand
>don't use it to get the best head

what the fuck was wrong with Shinichi?
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If she hadn't fucked the entire band (minus bassist) Shinichi might have considered it.
not sure what this is in reference to
Migi is voiced by Aya Hirano you newfag

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What if she publicly humiliates you, /a/? How would you recover?
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Some random bitch I don't care about talking shit is something that I- now bear with me here- don't care about.
well after being publicly humiliated Anything you do will improve your status so I would just do whatever i want
I wouldn't waste my life for planning a stupid "revenge", that's for sure.

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This little piece of nugget walks up to you and proclaims the following: "UMA!"
What would you reply to such an outrageous statement?
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Get a job, hippie.
Pet her and take care of the nugget.
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Umaru thread?

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Is this a gyaru?
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No, this is a Riajuu
No, it's a best girl.
You have no fucking clue what a gyaru is, do you?

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Why does /a/ never talk about Hyakko?
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It's shit
Why would it?

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Just finished Eureka Seven after so many years. What have I been missing out on? And why am I so sad?
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It's not even all that good.
Renton and Eureka found love. You never will.

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Stop watching yurishit.
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>implying I ever did
True that.
Reading is superior.

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Found this in a single frame of Ep 12 while rewatching. This would be human catalyst of the human/angel impact recipe by my assumption, considering it looks just like an Eva. But why does it look like it does? It has Eva restraints which shouldn't exist, and it's glowing.

Anyone have any idea as to what this is? As far as I know it's the only frame that shows the actual Eva / human thing. Why only one frame? What the fuck even is it? It's like a bastardization of the Children of Adam and Lilith. Is that what an actual "Impact" looks like?

Why is it only in like 1-3 frames?
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Reason would lead us to believe the whole idea about Evas, Lilith and Adam was not finalized.

But i refuse to believe it, i prefer inane theories.
That is Adam waking up and going supernova after the Lance of Longinus contact experiment, i.e., moments before Second Impact.

It looks like an Eva because Evas are artificial clones of Adam.
Wearing this kind of armor/restraint was probably fashionable at the time.
Or maybe they just wanted to emphasize the similarities between Adam end evas.

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How do you meet anime friends irl?

I went to an anime con today with my friends, but they don't watch anime and just wanted to hang out. I was gonna try and look for some new people to talk to (not replacing my old friends, just adding) because none of my friends like anime but since they were there it was a bit hard.
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Have you tried killing yourself?
Are you Asian?
b-but not having any friends is part of the hobby.

How can japs have such incredibly SHIT taste
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What is wrong with this? (Minus the 1st place)
Why does todoroki still get vote, he hasn't got the spotlight since the sport festival.
Close to a month, still in denial. Best Boy gets first place, just like how it meant to be.

>ITT : Anime scene that trigger you

Why the fuck nip use so many honorific
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You are triggered by a different language working differently from the one you are comfortable with?
I'm triggered by bats. I fucking hate bats. Useless assholes who fly into shit and spread rabies.
I've never seen a bat fly into something and I have seen gorillions of bats in my time.

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