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This may be subjective, but there is nothing eye catching this season. It's lacking mature themes, science fiction, mystery, etc. The last four seasons, I have been able to watch some kind of anime. This season looks like it will break the chain.
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Goodbye then.
>muh mature anime for mature anime viewers like me
Funny thing is, there is a show this season that is exactly what he's asking for.

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>a birthday
How many birthdays do you have?
I don't know any characters that share my birthday but I share mine with Miyazaki.
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select your birthday and it will tell you characters that share it

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ITT: We badly describe anime
>A young boy tries to use his robots massive drill to penetrate the sky's
>There's also a HAWT girl with an anti material rifle
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>pervert goes around taking people's clothes off
A little autistic girl who wears cute pajamas decides to delete herself from existence because of internet drama, but in the end she still exists somehow.
A bunch of high school girls do high school girl things.
Hint: Haruhi

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What is your favourite mahou shoujo outfit in anime/manga?
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this one
bad taste

That's a pretty easy question

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Hi I am Yuno. Hi am from Japan.

Your site is cute. Many many cute photo. I am in your site for many many Time, but I no understando all.

What you talk? What is the favorite discussion you say please?

Sorry for my question. Bye bye America.

Yuno ᠎ ᠎ ᠎
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>Bye bye America.
why does she always leave so soon
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Nineties Keit-Ai.jpg
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Not go Yuno, please.

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Can you name an anime that peaked in the first episode?
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The angels should have won, they're way cuter than stupid humans
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One of the things I don't understand is why humans named them "angels"?
To fit in with the Judeo-Christian theme. Read the bible, angels are not described as winged humanoids.
The japanese word used is actually 使徒, which means apostle/disciple

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Thought it would be tumblr trash, it's actually pretty good.
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I read it all today and it's really great. But since it's a manhwa, most /a/nons don't think it belongs here.
i read it because someone mentioned it on /a/

same here at first it was intrigued by the concept, as i continued to read version 1 i couldn't stop, still havent read version 2?

should i read all of version 2 or just skip to the end?
cause I'm think just the ending of version 2 is different, am i wrong?
Or does is diverge sooner than the last few chapters?

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Give me your best Isekai plot ideas, /a/.
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A grown man Forest Gumps his way through the new world and kills the demon lord and gets all the bitches but this time he isn't just a dense Japanese fuck boy, he is legit retarded.
Can we just keep on running?
Early 20th century gun designer reincarnated into a gun in a medium fantasy neo-feudal wild west type world that only recently invented gunpowder. Gun meets peasant boy with aspirations and adventure ensues.

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>but violence is bad
>why must we fight? why not do things legally by using the system?
>m-muh peace
I'm about to lose my shit watching this.
Gundam thread I guess.
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>I'm about to lose my shit watching this.
Then stop.
Gundam 00 is best Gundam.
I can't. I'm already on the 20th episode of Season 2.

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>Anime has more male's than female's
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SO MUCH THIS. Fujo cancer need to be purged.
>apostrophe s
>male protagonist

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Shiburin is sad, what did you do?
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Take her on a compensated date
Forgot to pay her. Sorry Shiburin.
came inside even tho she said to pull out. i gave her an extra bill. i don't get why she's so mad

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fat chance
Irohasu is a foxy girl

Niconico douga General Seiyuu Election ''Most amazing seiyuu''
(about 39000 voters)
1. Koichi Yamadera
2. Akira Ishida
3. Miyuki Sawashiro
4. Hiroshi Kamiya
5. Akio Otsuka
5. Tomokazu Sugita
7. Saori Hayami
7. Mamoru Miyano
9. Takahiro Sakurai
10. Ayane Sakura
10. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
10. Aoi Yuuki

Top 25, gender and age groups, here:
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Is there anyone who still does not think Sawashiro is best among female VAs, I don't know what to say anymore, also that Hanazawa is just a meme
based Kamiya still that high even after fujos got mad at him
Sawashiro is the most technically impressive, but hearing her voice a couple of shit characters really killed it for me.

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Who tops?
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It's ambiguous.
The pig makes bald lick his boots.
Victor is a power bottom

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