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What do you think about Yoruichi?

What is your fantasy when fapping to Yoruichi?
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That Kukaku joins in
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wet pussy.jpg
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I have no specific fantasies. Just her alone is enough to get me going.
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Here's a hint.

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Why have people forgotten about the masterpiece katanagatari
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Because it wasn't actually that good
it was retarded monster of the week with a shitty ending
it was pretty fucking good, pham


Could this be a 4 chan reference?
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>4chan invented clovers
there's been a lot of clover shirts recently in anime
No, Azuma did when he made Yotsuba

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Is it worth a watch?
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Yes it's far better than dragon ball super. Far Far Far Far Far Better
I enjoyed GT, it's honestly not as bad as these fucktards always make it out to be
I had a really hard time watching. Haven't seen super, so I cannot compare it.

Which one did you prefer /a/?
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Honk is cuter but Chika is the better leader. I prefer the former.
The Chikan keeps her bitches in order better
Honoka since she the world fucking world didn't revolve around her and Kotori's whole life purpose was not sucking Kotoka while she became emo because Honoka prefer Umi more

New key visual and PV.

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good shit
Who's at bitch beside the oldest brother?

When does S2 start anyway?
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Is this the most heavily marketed film of 2017? Literally there are ads everywhere. Living in Japan There are fucking elevator doors with with this kind of art on it. I understand the last Koike Lupin thing was great and successful but it's just weird how hard they're pushing it when the previous TV series didn't get this much attention. I didn't even see as much Kimi no Wa advertisements when that came out.

is this going to be anime film of the year?
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I will be shocked if this turns out to be any good. The staff is fine and all I just have feeling
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How can you be shocked when the last film was heavily praised. Koike isn't the kind of guy who you expect to shit out a bad film. If anything, you should say it will be shocking if it turned out bad.

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wasn't this faggot fucking dead??
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no watch it again and learn to think about the things you watch
He got better.

Does a rose-colored campus life exist, /a/?
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no ;_;
Yes, just live a normal campus life while wearing rose-colored glasses.
Out of all infinite possibilities?

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Anarchy, Socialism, Republic, Plutocracy or Absolute Monarchy, /a/?

Choose your destiny
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This is blatant feminist propaganda.
Build a wall and make the dragon pay for it.
Obviously Felt is gonna win, the cliche of poor little girl from the slums is to be the king is just too pleasant not to be used.

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What is a Hand Shaker?
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Motion sickness.
when i have a really really bad anxiety attack my hands start shaking for days and days

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I can't sleep /a/ sing me a song
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Anime Ja Nai!
(anime ja nai)
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CDAG 3.0.jpg
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did I miss any in the last season?
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Girlish number had more than just episode 3.
Major s1 ep 19 the mom is drunk it was pretty cute

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Ballroom off hiatus. Time for some fancy dresses and sweet moves again, after a long, long while.

Danceguy won't be editing the chapter, so if a helpful editor wants to fix the chapter, please. Except, maybe wait for a proofreader to go through it first. Shouldn't take long as I got one working on it already.

In other news, 2017 summer anime confirmed! Yay!
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Production I.G
Director: Itadzu Yoshimi
Screenplay: Suemitsu Kenichi
Design: Kishida Takauchi
Music: Hayashi Yuuki

I don't follow names so I dunno if this staff is good or not. Hope so
Oh thank god. Sesuji wo Pin was starting to wear me out with how shallow the dancing is.
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>Why couldn't you say "Let's do our best together!?"

>Second Heat

>You didn't care?

>You don't expect anything from me?
Pages 06 & 07 are just reminders for people who forgot what's going on.

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Demi > Gabriel > Urara > Maid Dragon
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Hey at least put Maid Dragon over Urara, it's not that bad.
Too early to call between the four IMO. All going to be at least decent though.
Maidragon was thoroughly unimpressive, outside the dragon cups.

Demi was consistently more interesting and funny. And it has succ-sensei for the tiddies quota.

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