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Your date for tonight
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*my date for eternity
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Is the OVA out yet?

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This series basically just makes fun of anybody who doesn't have any friends. It's obvious because it rubs it in your face at the end and he still ends up with a decent job and an implied girlfriend.
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Did someone have a rough childhood?
i think it highlights the importance of having real friends more than it makes fun of those without friends. In the end, all of his friends are there for him and believe in him l, despite his years of absence. that's the importance of it all, he developed the friendships that last a lifetime, which he seemingly failed to do originally. regardless, i enjoyed watching it.
remember this comes from japan which considers people who fail at life for any reason living garbage and actively WANTS them to kill themselves

it's natural an anime about depression would be like this

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>next chapter is Fri, 13 Jan 2017
waiting warmly
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aka Girl who will loose
Was the latest raw dumped?
It should be out in an hour and a half since the series on comic-clear update at noon.

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Write La Kek.png
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or Manga
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Bonus check list:
- Isekai
- Skeletons
- /tg/ elements
- Black swords
- Harem
- Beastgrills
- Slaves
- Blonde imouto
some totally normal Japanese high schooler meets truck-kun, dies, and gets isekai'd to another world as another totally normal high schooler. However, it's a magic high school.

Then at some point, a girl fall on him from the sky and tells him she's his fiancée (and she's a princess). Then shitloads of other girls appear too, and harem hijincks ensues.

In the end, MC is massively cockblocked, don't realize anything, and childhood friend looses.
A boy falls in love with a girl. However, when he confesses the girl tells him she's actually a genderbent clone of him.

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Is this like Flip Flappers but for smart people?
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It's more like Cowboy Bebop for dumb people.
That's not very Dandy of you, anon.
It's more like cowboy bebop but for the underaged and Champloo for even dumber people

I want to fuck Kobeni until my dick falls off. How is she so perfect and so lewd? Her body is like sex personified.
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>child-bearing hips
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I want to fuck Mashiro until my dick falls off.
I want to fuck Kobeni and Mashiro until my dicks fall off.

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Now that most stuff aired, what do you think will become AOTS?
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Little Witch Academia, or Ai Mai Mi if the former falls apart. No runners up, everything else is shit.
Not Konosuba, at least.
LWA or Maidragon.

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What would you fix about this series?
>Character Design
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Good writing.
nothing, i really like it so far so i cant point out a thing without sounding like a little bitch
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They try to make us care for the underdeveloped characters that are raped.

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We did it guys

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This one next, please.
>not posting the brown one
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>We did it
You mean normalfags did it.

Yuu a cute. Jealous girls are the best.

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Colour pallatte .png
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Guess the anime from the colour palette.
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I'm taking minimalist art to it's logical conclusion
teenage mutant ninja turtles

Best boy Shikamaru getting his own arc.

And he's finally gonna fuck Temari.

Anyone else watching?
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>Nruto SHITPUDDEN hasn't ended
Are people even watching this? Why would they this to themselves.
Check mine digits!
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shikatema dom.png
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im watching, its pretty cool that they are going for SoL direction slowly but surely
Still surreal to see your OTP come true after all these years

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You're under arrest, geekboy.
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Why are slutty women so hot? I don't understand
>Why are girls that want to fuck so hot?
Gee, anon.
Will we ever see a second season of this show?

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So /a/ when did you first pirate your anime?
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Also I'm surprised they where at so fast at episode 18 of Naruto already in 2003

Naruto 18 came out in Japan February 6, 2003. They had it the next day!
The first anime I got illegally was Akira, which I asked somebody else to download for me.
After that I began pirating personally with Trigun and Excel Saga.
around 2006 but I used youtube most of the time

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This page made me marathon the entirety of it in 3 days. Has any page made you do this?
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Can someone post the semen pool drawing?
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Do you like girls with special needs?
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I want to see Rikka's asshole spread open desu
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Rikka is perfect
I like rikka, chuuni sis cute

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