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say something good about Naruto
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it ended

but that's wrong
The animation in the major fight scenes had actual thought put into them. You can shit on the Derp Pain all you want but the animation for every other battle shonen outside of HxH is garbage tier and forgettable.

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This was so awkward and unromantic.
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That was the point.
Like all real romance.
It's almost like they're inexpirenced teenagers or something.

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why isn't it called yaoi on ice instead?
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Have you watched the show?
Because it's not actually gay
The name is a funny troll that makes it memorable.

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A new Nozaki-kun chapter came out, starring Chiyo's little brother.

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They look like they just fucked. Is lewding Chiyo even allowed?
Do you usually fuck with your clothes on?
What makes them look like the just fucked?
The real Chiyo is multiplying, it's already part of the clothes too.

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>someone says your favorite anime is bad

How do you respond to this?
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Well, your favourite anime IS bad
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Calmly inform them that they have shit taste and be on my way.

Please say something nice about Umi.

She is a nice, hardworking and beautiful idol!
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I never watched love live

Is it worth watching for Rin? I only jerk off to the hammerhead dojins of Rin where she barks like a dog so he cum
All idols getting enough attention in LoveLive.

Rin more in S2 than S1 though but she is cute.
She has the second-best singing voice among the original girls.

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Imouto on the cover
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Scans out? Dump it?
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Imouto is cute. Second best girl after Kaguya.
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The covers are really georgous

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Which idol would make the perfect girlfriend?
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Yayoi > Iori

No need to shower Yayoi with expensive gifts or too much attention, the occasional hot meal would suffice. She'd allow vaginal sex in the missionary position, unlike Iori

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would you?
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I would dom her.
Why are jap demons always superior to jap angels?

AOTY: Handshakers

God tier:
Detective Conan

Intrigued tier:

Touhu tier:
Urara Meirochou

Great tier:
Maid Dragon
One Room > Seiren
Ai-Mai-Mi - Surgical Friends
Nyanko Days
Gabriel Dropout

Good tier:
Masamune-kun no Revenge
Idol Jihen

Meh tier:
Akiba's Trip The Animation
Youji Senki

Shit tier:

Dropped tier:
Spiritpakt (it was actually decent, but chinese shit gets old fast)
Yaoi no Exorcist
Schoolgirl Strikers
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>God tier:
I want this meme to stop
>calling great show a meme
then stop
Kuzu no Honkai airs today. Will be interesting how explicit they`ll dare to show it if at all.

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How could anyone watch this and not feel emasculated?
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By not subscribing to shitty arbitrary gender roles and not being an insecure bitch.

Because if something as benign as a cartoon is enough to challenge your masculinity then you where never much of a man to start with.
To be a man is to watch CGDCT.

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The bread was so good it move Rize to tears

also GochiUsa thread
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It is my highly educated opinion that Rize would make the best wife, with Chiya in a close second and Chino in third.
I finally got around to watching both seasons of the last couple weeks. It was fun.

Aoyama and Mocha are best girls, btw.

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Why didn't Madoka just wish for the universe to be self sustaining so witches or magical girls didn't have to exist in order to create "new energy"?
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>self sustaining
First you explain to us what you think "self sustaining" means, then we'll tell you why you are stupid.

>witches or magical girls didn't have to exist
But Madoka wanted them to exist. Watch the damn show.
why didn't frodo just catapult the ring into the volcano?
The show implies that the world is heading towards a big freeze. I'm implying that Madoka is retarded for not making a better wish.
Madoka didn't want girls to suffer, so in order for them to not suffer they really can't be magical girls or witches.

Pick one
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I dropped this shit show when I saw that the succubus was shy. Fuck outta here.
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Episode 2 preview
I pick the vampire girl and snow girl to fuck.

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Did it air already? I don't see the shitstorm.
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Response was "meh", premise and source material were OK but execution was bad and QUALITY was supreme.
There wasn't one. People just thought it was shit and then stopped talking about it
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YSa face.jpg
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there are people who like it, but this is 4chan.
they will be yelled out of the room, like thought police....

the gestapo beats you down for saying an anime could have redeeming parts.

funny, i say 'gestapo', in defense of a wehraboo anime....

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