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What was her name again?
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Cross Anon
Dropped Show is her full name.

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When you apologize, you have to show your belly.

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Sorry for eating too much.
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But if I do that I will have to commit sudoku.
is she pregnant?

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Anyone remember Ryoko?
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guess not.
Kinda. I still masturbate to Sasami, though.

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This is your Rugby partner tonight.
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This is your Volleyball setter tonight.
This is your basketball buddy tonight.
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This is your swimming senpai tonight.

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Is ANYONE watching this? I don't think I've seen a single thread for this show since season 3 started.
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I am, OP, although season 1 and 2 were only above average as far as sports series go.

Right now the only thing I'm waiting for is Midousuji's return.
Can't say that I am. 2 seasons were enough for me.
Really surprised at how improved the animation quality is. It's almost Haikyuu level at times.

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This is me. This is literally me.
Say something nice to me.
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I want to fuck you
Your show wasn't the worst with KyoAni ever put out.
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You're not as cute as me.

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What was this girl's name again?
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What the fuck is the point of that string?
Not best girl Fino.

Why does this look so familiar
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They're both looking at the same cock.
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Easy Mode.jpg
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Oh shit yeah, didn't 100% notice it without the text bubbles

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himeko inaba

that girl
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What about her?
bullying newbies for fun!
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I've seen the first episode and from what i understand they're going for interdimensional travel in various fairy tale-type worlds, but the snow world was so fucking boring. There's literally nothing interesting in there, it's a white landscape with giant animals covered in snow and no further signs of intelligence life or interesting landscapes. How am i supposed to be hooked? Because it doen't look like the characters are supposed to be the hook of the show; Cocona for now seems like the archetypal "i don't know what to do with my life" teen and Papika is really annoying, and equally stereotypical, with her hyperactiveness.
Have i misunderstood the show and expected too much? Is it supposed to be just a sakuga fest? Will it get better?
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If you didn't like the characters, the nice animation, the nice atmosphere with those great backgrounds and the well paced episodic format with a cool climax in the end then maybe it's not the show for you.
The next episodes are just improved versions of that same formula until the shows does get a real plot and by then you've either liked it or you didn't.
1. it gets much better later, AOTY material
2. it also shits the bed at the end
Just make it to episode 3, ADHD-kun

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how gay is this cute japanese boy?
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2/10, slightly confused because boy was the first human being that treated him decently.
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10/10, wants to get dicked by Kaworu

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So i just finished part 6 and what the fuck is this shit? What the fuck happend? The univerese reset? What the fuck happend to the other JoJos?
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Ok bye
giorno is still around because of hax. everyone else is gone though.
>everyone else is gone though.
That's not how the universe reset works retard, the only people dead is the one that Pucci personall killed


It's back.
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Hope they keep the previous staff.
They can still fuck off by copping out and making Chibiusa stick limbed and long skirted shit.
The difference between the medium back then and today is just glaring.
Venus and Mars looks amazing especially Venus.

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ITT anime where the best girl actually wins
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Is she insane, seeing her cats as miniature people to cope with loneliness and depression?
This is all I can think of and it ruins my viewing experience.
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Yes. Won't belong before she starts trying to fuck them.
How do girls and girl cats have sex?

Dogs are better. Especially huskies.

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