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Anon, say something nice about Ume-sama.
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suck my dick
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my dick.jpg
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Do you think she'd a good job?
She is a good dyke.

What is this thing and why is it so hot?
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Are pantyhole spats even a thing?

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What is this expression trying to convey?
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I wish to be the potato
that's not what I mean when I said to eat my pudding
Annoyance at getting memed on.

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let's see if anyone knows the show that is behind the famous webm

I like it quite a lot, it sucks that it only had a handful of episodes, but it's fine the way it is. The comedy is quite repetitive anyways, so one can't really watch all the episodes at once. It'd become too stale then.

Is the manga any different from the show?
It also is still continuing, so is it still set in university then, what does the character do. Is there even any plot or character development?
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It was amazing following it weekly. Sadly, no one on /a/ really gave a shit from what I remember.
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Best boy
I need a translation for the manga.

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ITT: Characters that ruined their respective shows
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ITT: bait thread.
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OPs that ruined their respective threads

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>30% moeshit and idol
>25% ecchi harem
>15% fujoshi bait
>10% mecha
>15% western casual shit
>5% otakushit
>1 or 2 anime each year to keep hipster hope
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What's the point of inventing random numbers?
Is this thread going to be an exercise in fictional statistics?
>100% OP are fag

0% loli pantsu

A bit late into the season, but I think this has a chance for being the best show of the season.
It was just great.
Also most delicious imouto.
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I liked it but for some reason nobody is watching.
Which Dream would you BanG?
Shy, thick blondie, spunky protag and imouto.
At leat it looks like it can catch fire among nips, if they can keep up the quality.

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Is the author dead?
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the fanbase is
How many days has it been since I actually replied in a WT thread. FUCK! Not to be pessimistic but I think the hiatus is gonna continue for another 2 months at least. Jump just released a schedule of new series for 8 weeks instead of just having temporary placeholder series. Low key says that WT ain't gonna return.
what fanbase?

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I don't get it.

What exactly is bad or evil about being in infinite tsukuyomi
>be stuck in endless genjutsu, it would basically be like a dream
>you can do what ever you want in that dream
>the tree keeps you alive

are they fucking retarded
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>>the tree keeps you alive
They don't, the tree eventually drains you of your chakra and you die
You die in real life too.
You keep making these threads. Stop.

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>Hand over the Jizya and nothing happens to you anon. Except your tight boipuccy!
Wat do?
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They are?
>mfw checked the vol 18 spoilers
>mfw za─čanos pasha originally came balt-rhein nobility but somehow ended on Turkish side
Wait what? It got an anime adaptation?.

Would Nichijou have been more successful if they lewded Mio more? Like showing off her sexy legs for example
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Nichijou would have been more successful if it was actually funny
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Mio wasn't the one who needed to be sexualized
it was funny
no but it could have used less slow moments

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Asuka was bred for gangbangs.
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I don't disagree
She died the last time, so I doubt it.

She's great at gangbangs, but she's not bred for it since she'll die after that one.
tfw you'll never gangbang asuka

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When is the Miku anime airing?
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Same time my Rin anime is airing.
>make a shitty voice synthesizer
>slap a cute girl on it
>people with no talent make shitty songs with it
>people with no taste obsess over them
I fucking hate Vocaloid so god damn much.

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Exactly which part of this is supposed to be okay, Mr. Oku?
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Who in the industry saw this and went, "no, yeah, we can publish this"?
That horrible 3D with textures pasted on makes me want to puke

I have a pen
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I have an apple
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