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What do you think about SR?
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I love it.
I hope they make a season 3.
Eri best girl, tenma a shit

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Find a flaw.
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only waifu'd by literal autists
She is not bland, she is just as enriching as Bugs & Daffy.
She's not in my bed.

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The MC is such a nice guy. He takes care of the weakest life form.

Should he have killed all the villagers though by not telling them that he poisonous?
I think he could have come to a peaceful resolution with them because he wasn't edible.
Also why didn't he check if any adventurers were alive or not? Did the villagers eat and kill them all?
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Which types of stories are more cancerous, reincarnation or transportation?
isekai where the MC is a fucking genius who can annihilate great dragons at the age of 10 when all children of his age can barely recite a spell

stories that invovle time travels always end up being massive pile of nonsenses and inconsistencies

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she's going to be R3's antagonist isn't she?
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I'd be okay with that. Better than Best Girl being absent.
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I thought Victory was supposed to be good.
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>Any Gundam
Tomino told us to avoid it, why you didn't listen

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Aki=Trap>Loli Mom>Class Rep=Imouto>>>>Maid (Ugly, no personality, literal peasant)>>>>>>>Lying Slut Bimbo/Worst Girl
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Whatever the ranking, Aki is most definitely best.
I would deal with her autism for her legs
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Hear, hear.

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YAMATO DAMASHII GUTS AN- wait, wrong series.

Grappler Baki chapter 192 is out, and oddly hilarious.
The Cyrillic/Russian is because the text randomly switches between Japanese and Japanized-Russian.

Check it out!
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Retsu was a dick before he got assimilated into Japan.
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img000016 (1).png
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New Kimetsu Yaiba chapter is out
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This manga isn't good at being expressive.
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>training arc

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Will we ever see another anime with such perfect pacing?
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Occultic;Nine was true kino.
>perfect pacing
>that piece of shit i literally didn't finish
memes aside o;n has good pacing, storytelling-wise. It's just that they speak way too fast.

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Favorite scene from the manga
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I wonder if we'll get to see this scene again when Berserk comes off hiatus or if we'll just skip straight to the Rape.
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>you tell Hanabi that you're in love with her and want her to light up your life forever
>she responds with this

What do you do.
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fuck you leatherman
It's more revolting to never get the chance to know someone different.
Cave her fucking skull in

What went so fucking wrong?
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Nothing it's a good series with a good manga adapted poorly thanks to toei incompetence
Original run: Asgard arc
2002 Revival: Toei going full jew and firing Yamauchi and the staff
After Elysium: Everything

ND is pretty cool though
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In other words...

AOTS gets another great episode.
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The new Kuzu no Honkai episode is out?

More like Kuso no Honkai.

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>The Bakusa's own mechs all over the world
>The beastmen bow to the Bakusa's

You catch Georgette sneaking food during a very strict period of time when supplies are low and are supposed to be conserved, how would you punish her?
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Witches need there strength, it's all the grunt workers who should be rationing their meals.
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There is only one way.
Have her punish me.

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