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Alright /a/, you've captured this wild dog. Now what do you do?
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euthanize it

Set it free, where it belongs.
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I didn't want a dog. I wanted a zebra. I hate my parents, they never get me what I want.

what does it say about my personality that I see the love plots as the main feature in animes?
ranma, rurouni kenshin, even naruto

starved for affection or?
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Ranma IS a romantic comedy. It's just that Rumiko Takahashi's definition of Romantic comedy seems to stop actual development since she believes it'd hurt the humor side.

Can't say anything about the other two though, especially Naruto.
It means you're a little girl

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left or right?
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>mind control hamsters

What the FUCK were they thinking?
Man, this show was so bad, then why did I loved all the characters in it?

My maid can beat up your maid
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Who wins?
thats not even his true form
so what happened to her?

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Literally a more boring clone of Himouto Umaru Chan!
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I'm honestly really surprised that people have been saying this. I hated Umaru, but I like this a lot.
Bait thread, moving on.

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>highest stat is luck
>unluckiest person on the show
what did they mean by this
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It's all fucking aqua's fault
Vanir later explains that his whole party has negative luck stats, so he gets fucked by them.

Since the anime axed kazuma being a upper tier adventurer with dust's party animeonlyfags will never know.
one person rolling a natural 20 doesn't stop everyone else rolling 1s

What was the most Awful Anime you have ever seen?
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Question for /a/ here.

Is it possible to made animation entirely in digital? I mean no need for so many hand drawn process. And would the result be better?

what about this anime? I feel like its mostly 3D blended in 2D format. to save cost I think?
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You're slow. There are fully digital shows already. Google Shingo Natsume.
hmm I see. The industry should have move entirely to digital.
No, that'd be terrible. Bring back handdrawn anime.

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>Hideaki Anno is Working on his Next Project


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Anno is great when he isn't near Eva
This too be honest.

Eva was raw creative energy mixed with reverence and rebellion of everything he loved when he was young. A lot of abstract thinking, and very gonzo. He has a much more finely honed pen at this point and the life experience from which to draw far more mature and deeply engrossing work onto the screen.
Shin Godzilla was the right move. It isn't Eva

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So if someone wanted to write their own manga that has Stands, like Jojo, and inventive Stand Battles, like Jojo... but is its own original thing and not just some knockoff like Diesel... How would one go about doing that, besides coming up with a new name for the Stands?
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>would one go about doing that, besides coming up with a new name for the Stands?
Writing and drawing?
>What is Big Order.
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show me your spirit animal and I'll show you mine


Will rhombus-pupils-chan save Seiren?
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>kyouko route is on winter
Kyouko is the one who will save this crap but will be too late.
maybe she can
if she has a route, that's it.
>romance end for everyone but childhood friend
>only childhood friend gets a romance end

What am I expecting /a/? Should I drop it or continue?
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You should learn to think for yourself.
Why don't you watch it and develop your own opinion? You might as well be with those idiots on MAL forums.

ITT: Overrated manga/anime series
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You're only saying that because it got popular

Phantom Blood is criminally underrated though. Your pic should be DIU or Stardust

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We could of gotten the 1st one, but instead we got a CGI clusterfuck with 2 sequels.
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2001 version was pure kino.

The first movie at least had neat character designs, except 002 he needed a bigger nose and orange hair then I give it a 10/10

The new ones are pure garbage, and the models look like MMD and the backgrounds look like they came from a PS2 game.

Just let 009 die in peace.
I disagree. even RE: Cyborg 009 was still ugly as fuck if that's what you're referring to. The only good Cyborg 009 film was the one from 1980.

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What is justice? What is seigi? Should superhero's have the same rights as regular people? Should we defend them? Should we hate them?

Another question: Why was this show so good?
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Interesting superhuman politics and world building with good characters and animation.
Justice > Freedom > Peace
Some of the episodes were good. Some dragged on.

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