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The Kino no Tabi anime's character designs were pretty bad and almost retroactively ruined the entire series
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>watching 14 year old anime

Kill yourself, oldfag.
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Kill yourself newfag

ITT: boring shots that you see in every anime that you dont want to see again
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Yosuga No Sora didn't have this shot
Everyone's super surprised but we can't be assed to draw that, so we'll just pan up to the sky.
It's fascinating because the stance betrays incompetence on multiple levels.
First is the fact that he's not standing anymore. Apparently he lost his balance and went down. That's not good.
Secondly is the fact that he's turning is back to the monster after only wounding it.

Why is she truly the sexiest
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Nao-chan is the sexiest
No, Shiho-chan is the sexiest
Is that ahoge dead?

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Choose one.
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Kaede. Screw you though, harem is the correct choice.

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Why is this 14-year-old arch wizard so lewd?
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She has to try extra hard to make up for that unappealing body
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It all returns to nothing

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What was his power level again?
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Over 8000.
Irrelevant because powerlevels don't mean anything. Read the manga.
At least eight Saibamen.

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Akira's feet.png
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What makes an animu 'good' to you? Like what criteria are you judging it by?

Pic unrelated.
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If it has good feet shots or not.
fun things which are fun
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2010s anime > 2000s anime
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2000s had Death Note and COde geass, but 2010s has Steins gate and Attack on titan, so im lightly in favor of 2010. beside, 2010s didnt had crap like flcl
Your tastes are /v/core.
This is really bad bait and I'm offended that you would think people would fall for it.

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Why is Tuxedo Mask such a jerk?
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Why is she so dumb?
He wants some of that sailor pussy.

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Why is this belief common?
Why do you give the benefit of the doubt to an illustrator and not to a professional writer?
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>an illustrator
If your job is to both draw a comic and to come up with the stuff that happens in that comic, you're a professional writer.
I prefer the One Piece anime only because we get to see more crew interactions (mini filler). The actual filler arcs suck.
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A lot of Sailor Moon filler was absolute shit though.

But, the Black Rose arc in Utena was some damn good filler.

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>this music

What did gook moot mean by this?
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evangelion is 20 years old
what more is there to discuss about this fucking anime?

I'm afraid to admit it, but /a/ has become full of normies and absolute new fucking faggots.

I usually don't find kisses very hot, but when it happens in an innocent title for little girls, it's a different story.
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I really like all the fanart and OC this is getting. Sasuga nippon.
I'm still not sure whether this is actually getting popular, or just meme-tier.
Well it's still pretty high. I just wonder how much is this going to last.

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Last anime you watched becomes a VN.
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Too late.
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It's a choose-your-own-adventure game with a lot of funny bad ends.
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I go the Machi route in a heartbeat

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You do know that modern browsers allow you to turn off sound for each tab right?

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