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>character drinks 1 (one) shitty can of beer
>they're fucking deliriously wasted.
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Would you drink with her?

I would too if I weighed 90lbs.

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What did he mean by this?
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Soul taker is like a 20/20 parody on EVA
Shinji is fucked in the head.
he's fucked up

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Are there any characters from recent anime that have "way too big" tits? Because those are the perfect size.
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Yes, there are.
You could let me know anon.
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Titymonster are ok.

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Can male characters be moe?
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Maybe if you're a faggot.
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>he wasn't around for Kaiji threads
I want to protect that smile, but I also want to see another season of him suffering.

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ITT: Casual filters. Post anime that can only truly be appreciated if you have a high powerlevel.
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>understand enough japanese to know the subtitles are completely fucking wrong
>tfw dont know enough to watch anything raw
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according to Nyaa, these subs are A+ quality.
Fucking nepotism.
>CR releases bullshit script
>FFF doesn't touch it except to add karaoke and translations for the songs
>FFF release is now marked as ebin A+ quality
Proof of nepotism right there
theyre fucking awful. i watch them when they come out so i didnt know about FFF, but if they really are doing that, then thats the epitome of lazy fan subbing
They justify themselves saying CR's script is good enough
Let me quote Naine, one of their guys
>It’s edited, but most of CR’s translation is left intact because it’s actually good. The added references to heaven and hell are English figures of speech which would be appropriate in a translation to English of any show. Nothing is being “changed”.

Was it rape?
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Thankfully, Hanabi is an emotionally barren empty shell, so she wasn't traumatized.
It's true, Hanabi is a super predator hungry for orgasms and is preying on all her misguided partners.
Literally unironically rape

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Using three words or less.

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Perfect bullying target


why is she holding on to her butt?
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There's lots of stories with normal people being transported to fantastical lands but why no stories of normal people gaining fantastical powers but staying in the normal world?
Not escapist enough?
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>why no stories of normal people gaining fantastical powers but staying in the normal world
you're joking, right?
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>no stories of normal people gaining fantastical powers but staying in the normal world?
This may be the dumbest post I've seen in all of 2017

Our boy Otto is on a roll.

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Summaryanon our saviour
>He even knows arbitrary english phrases.
Doesn't his (alleged) departure date precede the existence of some of the memes he understands?
>So where'd he pick up all his Japan knowledge then?
Memory fuckery from his Authority, from Flugel (Subaru).
Isn't it peculiar that the only Witches still alive are the one of "nonstandard" sins?

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Precure Thread
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Here come that girl
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I don't know what it is about kirakira, it feels like i'm literally watching a show for kids still in diapers as appose to ones just out of them.
Here's your (you).

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Why didn't Utah kiss Rika?
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Because he's a dumb 8 year old.
Shikata ga nai
I'm pretty sure he did twice.

All these countless years later, never has an anime girl won my heart as much as Nagisa.

I love AKB0048 so, so, SO much.
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This show succeeded in getting me into the real AKB48. Mission accomplished Kawamori
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It was good right up until the pacing got fucked.

And then somehow beyond all human comprehension, Kawamori does the exact same thing 5 years later. How does he do it?
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Same, but now that everyone's left or is leaving soon I can't be arsed to follow the new people.

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Chapter 85 is out now. Dumping
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shot fired at every shoujo artist ever

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