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How many of these girls will appear in the next "heroines" illustration?
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Most definitely:

Haikyuu girl
Yaiba girl

Everyone else
Move Erina up to Most definitely, SnS is still one of the big sellers from WSJ
Emma must appear. She's so cute, I love her.

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Naoki Urasawa is probably the best mangaka for the 20 last years.

>Monster, 20th Century Boy, Pluto, etc general
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why was the ending of 20th century boy so disappointing. maybe it's just me but I thought the character development was some of the best i've ever experienced and the ending was just really underwhelming

Well, in a way, the ending of Pluto was kinda disappointing too (Relatively speaking).

But at least, Urasawa doesn't have that pretentious pseudo-cleverness Togashi got.
Yeah that's true. I get it, japanese story-telling treats the ending different than American story-telling but I just was underwhelmed

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>having the balls to say "fuck it" and screw off with your side girl

I'd like him to just run away to some bumblefuck cottage with Rem. He has kids with her and before he knows it 70 years pass by and he passes away from old age, only to respawn right back to the current save point.
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Well there's an AU side story about just that.
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There's a side story already talking about how their lives would have been like if he did though.

The anime kinda dropped the ball on showing that he still holds affection for Rem though. Well it was kinda obvious too, but not spelled out like in the source material.
Subaru-oyaji a hot

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How are your homeland and her people portray in manga/anime, /a/?
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Everywhere is near Big Ben
i have no idea
Japan seems to like the we're all loud, obnoxious and/or vainglorious, but extremely kind hearted and devoted to the very end.

I kind of like that interpretation.

Let's colorize those manga pages.

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Has this gotten any better or is it still finicky thanks to server issues?
source? iqdb/google/WAIT got nothing.

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It's finally happening.

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Will it be given to Kyoani?
Mystery series? Hopefully its good enough to satisfy the mysteryfags since they shit up threads if its not up to their par.
More like Hyouka but with adult characters, and the girl is the detective ones while the dude is the sidekick.

Can a french anon translate please?
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Person likes to work from home, translating stuff from French to Japanese, according to Google Translate.
Dear Michel,

Right now, at home, it's raining a lot. As I hate walking around under the rain, I use this time to work slowly [finger block]. I'm proud to be able to read [french?] easily. Their exists in [French?] Japan translations of french novels but I prefer to read books in their original language. B. B.
thanks : ) I wonder what it means that kiki can read this . Are the characters actually talking in french the whole time? Does the federation have an official language ?

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She's looking right at you, /a/.

Say something.
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c'mon don't keep her waiting
The wind
Did you just fart?

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Is pic related the best romance in all of anime? If not what is?
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It isn't and the answer is Genesis of Aquarion
But Toradora is the Greatest Love Story Ever Told™.

How many poneglyphs do they have now? Did big mom just have the one and is this just copies of different sides? Or did they steal rubbings of 3 separate ones? Also does anyone have a source and not just anecdotal opinions?
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last panel seems unclear myself

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>4-5 episodes in
>something about games (galge / eroge) >something about onii-chan / imouto simulator
>some bad route example,
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Rec and request threads are that ---> way.
Eriri a best

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Why is SharePoint Server so shit? She ruined the whole episode!
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Tell your boss it will take months to fix and it makes sense to go with an Office 365 solution.

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Why didn't you protect his smile?
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Leaving it unprotected produced much more interesting results.
He did not deserve it
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Nobody deserves Shaft character development.

What the hell was her problem?
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For some reason imitation anime always triggers me. Even when I was a kid
I thought Tenkai Knights was anime.
Canadian-Japanese anime series

Can someone explain the hardon for 90s anime of the past few years?

Is it just people who grew up with them?
Or is it because of shit like future funk that have nothing to do with 90s anime, but use it as an """"aesthetic"""? (I find that stupid as hell)

Either way I'm annoyed by the recent hardon for it. For the record, I watch 90s shows myself so it's not the shows I hate. It's the annoying users.
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It's just better.
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This image should explain why people (rightfully) have a hardon for 90s anime.
Everyone wants to be part of the shitty 90's kid meme.

I hate the nineties nostalgia. Guess it's cause we couldn't afford a TV and I had no friends so I never got to watch all those shows as a kid.

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