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I bet Sakura's pussy steams like a hot kettle.
Stop that.
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Sakura is sexy.

Shit posting aside, this scene is the first one to make me tear big time. Also, a perfect ending to an almost perfect anime. I guess I'm alone on this thought
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>I guess I'm alone on this thought
Probably, Stage 4 and especially 5 did quite the damage for me
I do love the hell out of 1st and 2nd stage though and always find myself rewatching it every two months while i'm messing around on photoshop
It was literally an advertisement for the Toyota GT86. And it confirmed that, while most of the cast got to "rage their dream," Takumi's friends never accomplish anything of worth while Takumi makes it big in Formula D.

Stage 6 was alright and a lot less shit than 4 and 5, but by no means tear worthy.

>all that buildup as to what the "Dream" in Project Dream stood for
>"my dream was to train the fastest street racers in Gunma"
Made me want to buy a car so consider that a good advert

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Why are lolis so cute
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To trick their prey into dropping their guard


i have 3 little sisters and they're the most revolting creatures on earth
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So what exactly is the point of her character? She has literally no reason to be there. Is she just supposed to be making fun of silly gaijins? For the record, I like her a lot.
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Because Mayo is already best girl.
>still watching this shit
It's pretty good though, I don't know why /a/ doesn't like it. Does futaba like it?

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what is the appeal of /ss/?
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>don't have quetz in episode 5 at all
>deliver double in 6
How can anyone compete with GodAni?
mommy issues?
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It means you want to fuck your mother

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Best girl always wins
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Does that mean she will lose eventually?
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I'm in love with Akane!
I've only gotten to episode 4 and Akane is already shaping up to be hands down the biggest piece of shit in the anime. I fucking hate her guts but I love that she exists.

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Has any girls in any mecha series has topped Rukino Saki?

I don't think so, let me tell you why:

>Has her own robot
>She isn't afraid of killing the enemy
>Taller than most females
>Big boobs by all standards
>She fucks the MC in a lot of crazy-ass positions
>Former Idol, can sing AND dance at the same time
>Appears when she is needed, not context required.
>Loyal until the end
>Hates cow-themed spaceships
>Voiced by based Haruka Tomatsu
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Shoko a shit.
Saki deserved to be in a better show.

She deserved to be in a better show

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>ITT we post girls who were too good for the manga/show they were in

I'll start with Sakuya from Hayate the Combat Butler.

>Fun personality
>Looks cute

She needs more chapters.
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Anyone voiced by Kana Ueda is automatically best girl.

Double so if she's speaking kansai.
No arguments there.
It's too bad she fell off hard in later seasons

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What are you reading/translating/cleaning & redrawing/typesetting?
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never ever
Do you even have a life anon, besides shitposting?

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We're halfway through the season /a/. Post your best girl rankings

1) Satania
2) Hikari Takanashi
3) Hikari Tsuneki
4) Fuuka
5) Akko
6) Tooru
7) Mayonnaise
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1. Megumin
2. Kagura
3. Kamiki
4. Aki
5. Shizuru
6. Gab
7. Koume
8. Kanna
9. Fukka
10. Hikari
1. Kobayashi
2. Kanna
3. Tooru
4. Lucoa
5. Saikawa
6. Fafnir
7. Saikawa and Kanna's teacher

Every girl in other shows is bland, generic garbage, specially in shows like Urara or Gabriel.
right here

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Older women stuck in loli bodies are a miracle.This season has like 3 of them and I love them all.
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Eternal lolis are the best.
she's actually one of the soldiers of the tiny Poplar army, but was defective because she doesn't have huge poplars.
They are abominations of the highest order, loli should always been pure innocent young children.
It's pointless otherwise.

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Loki has the most delicious midriff of all time
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How does her butthole taste?

Like trouble.

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We're still going?


Say what you will about the series itself, but this is one of the best animated fight scenes in anime history.

Prove me wrong.
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what anime
Pretty sick honestly

>have already watched all the good anime, which sadly is a very small portion
>have to wait for new seasons/new good anime to come out to watch anything worthwhile
Is this really how you enjoy it? I'd like to fill more time
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read mango

What's the oldest (by decade or year) anime you've watched, OP? You most certainly have not watched all the good shows.

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