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Would you a ham /a/?
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I would go HAM on that ham.

I'd baste that ham, if you know what I mean.
I've fucked a ham sandwich before, so yeah, why not?

W-What if someone had walked in on them?
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Everyone except the four main characters thinks they are a couple so it would just be a normal sight.

Stop making new threads and post in the existing thread so it's not just two autists spaghettiing about pixels over there please.

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Now that naruto and bleach are dead.
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>Naruto is dead
I wish
No next "Big 3" there won't be a shonen succesful anime about super powers since generations are changing and now everything is digital eventually manga will die
it's SAO, OPM, and One Piece

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>he's an umaru abuser
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Master Roshi, protect Umaru!
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i hate her but I dont think violence is the answer

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what's her problem?
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Eyyyyy niggergon what's up I was just talking to you on /his/
Asagohan is literally autistic
her body was too perfect

Did she have a right to enter the Alice Game?
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No, but she sure rose to the occasion

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Who are some good /a/ role models?

Male or female, it don't mattah
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Yeah, a great role model for how to fucking die lol

its Lillie episode

sadly no new episode next week
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Lillie is too sexy for an 11 year old.

What is your favorite series and character?
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You posted both.
Boku no pico

Hi there guys! Ill tell you why I think ZKC is worth getting into.

Zettai Karen Children is about a group of young girls who have powers called ESP. ESP is a power that some people have, and can either be acquired at birth, or later in life; generally through a kind of trauma.

There are many Espers throughout the world who are levels 1-3, but only about 3% are levels 4 and up. I'll give you a quick guide for the ESP levels:

"Level 1 - The Level 1 is capable of sensing people who are standing still, they are also very sensitive to people with psychic abilities

Level 2 - The level 2 is capable of sensing to many people, they're also capable of making a door or a screendoor tremble.

Level 3 - The level 3 is capable of making a house tremble, along with moving long distances through a suspended electric phenomenon

Level 4 - The level 4 is capable of knocking down a flower vase. They're also capable of sensing peoples who are walking. They are also able to protect themselves.

Level 5 - The level 5 is capable of seeing through walls. They are also capable of knocking down tombstones.

Level 6 - There are only less 3% that are capable of destroying a house, they're capable of creating landslides and fissures on the ground.

Level 7 - The level 7 are capable of destroying various kinds of objects, they're also able to fly."

(Source: ZKC Wiki)

Now here's an unofficial description:
"It's the 21st century, and the number of ESPers continues to increase. They are active in the military, diplomacy, politics, and in other places. They hold the key for global competition. A country that controls ESP can control the world! However individuals who posses higher than Level 4 are less than 3% of the population. There are only three Level 7 people who have government contracts. These three are Kaoru, Aoi, and Shiho, ten-year old girls, who work for B.A.B.E.L. With the guidance of Kouichi, a twenty-year old genius, they catch criminals and evil ESPers."

(Source: bato.to)
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Here's some information on the more popular characters, as well:

Kaoru Akashi (Voiced by Aya Hirano) is a level 7 psychokinetic. She's energetic, cute, a bit of a pervert towards women, and has an angelic personality. She wants a world where Espers and Normals can live in harmony; However, she's the envisioned Queen of Catastrophe, who is said will lead Espers into a war against humanity.

Koichi Minamoto (Voiced by Nakamura Yuichi) is an employee of BABEL, and the guardian of the Level 7 Espers: The Children. He's a genius who accidentally became a father figure to those girls. Minamoto's kindness is what helps the girls stay as "angels", instead of the predicted "devils." He too is fighting for a future where Espers and humans can live in harmony.

Kyosuke Hyoubu (Voiced by Yusa Koji) was born in 1930, and enlisted in the Japan's special Esper force at eight years old after his father's passing. He too, once had the dream Kaoru had, until he was killed by the normal he loved and adored the most. Now, he's determined to have a future where his Queen rules the Esper race, and humanity is permanently eradicated. He created PANDRA, a pure Esper criminal organization, which he plans on handing over to the Queen of Catastrophe. Hyoubu was so popular that he even got his own anime: THE UNLIMITED Hyoubu Kyousuke!

ZKC would appeal to avid shippers. Minamoto and Kaoru are the most likely to get together, but Hyoubu is pretty comfortable around other men as well. That, and its rumored that he was once in love with Saotome too. Yuuri is also in love with Kaoru, so there's the Yuri appeal.

ZKC is fun, exciting, and silly at times, but gets super mature and dark. People who love X-men, and like a developing romance will love it.

People who also enjoy a beautiful cast of men and women will love it too! The expressions that author draws are priceless, too!

So it's all up to you whether you get into ZKC or not. I'm just recommending it to you because I think it's awesome!
You manage to make this funny and actually good show sound like unwatchable shounenshit. Why is there so much interest in Zettai Karen Children now anyway?
Would you at least like to tell me how I made it sound like unwatchable shonenshit?

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Post anime using non-anime
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Family Guy
Gintama right?

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>you will never make a girl this happy

Somebody end the pain.
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>when the doujin gives a heartboner stronger than the dickboner

Pochi too good
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So that's going to happen in the manga, right?
Disgusting hag

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Will this ever get a new season?
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It ended so badly, I hope it doesn't.
delinquent girl should have won.
>show was shit
>manga went to shit
>it also ended like five years ago
Fuck off
how did it end anon?

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I am a Autist chapter 262 is out only 5 chapters left and jesus this is depressing 1 year time skip since chapter 261

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This is not how inb4 works, and I'm tired of newfags fucking using it this way. It's not a magical defense, it's a prelude to a defense. You can't just do "inb4 x" and pretend you're safe like some sort of gradeschooler saying "no punchbacks!" If you have no justification for your cancerous bullshit, it's still cancerous.

Fuck off.
>doing an inb4 in OP
You can tell that you belong on a certain other site
I meant it tongue and cheek senpai but thanks for the (you)'s

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Why doesn't she allow students to enjoy their teenage lives?
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sexual frustration
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