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Rebecca or Fujiko, /a/?

Young or Mature?
Blonde or Brunette?
Italian or Japanese?
Cute or Sexy?
Virgin or Experienced?
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Rebecca was the worst thing about the show. Italy's Mary Sue OC DO NOT STEAL who was brilliant at literally everything, and also just happened to be Lupin's official wife. Just fucking terrible.
Don't care
Don't care
Don't care
who the fuck is rebecca

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>stfu you little slut
It's me. Vanir
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Why is it so hard to find good characterization through simple but natural body language and actions in anime that isn't made by KyoAni?
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How do you make things like this? Is it a online program or what?
wtf I hate KyoAni now
Which one is the middle bottom?

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your waifu a shit.jpg
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Poor, sweet, kind Menma...
I think she might be mine...
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I claim both
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bed comfy.png
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Since you insist

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why is she so alpha, /a/nnabelles?
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Being a goddess entitles her to Mikuru's prime ass.
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She's sexy and she knows it. And she knows how to use and abuse it.
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Isn't that a facade though? She seems to sperg out in unfamiliar situations

ITT: Favourite cliches
My favourite cliche is the sexy sensei
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ditzy clumsy grille
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The chubby girl is always ara/genki.
The zany gaijin.
Japs have a hard time seeing their own idiosyncrasies, but they sure know what to expect from others.

I want to marry this brat.
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shes adorable
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Vampire lolis.jpg
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Choose wisely.
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Both. One eternity should be enough time to give for both.

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Nah, Ueno was based.
They made her look too gorgeous in the movie. Manga Ueno had a bit of smug, cunty look to her. Thematically, it fit her better.
She did not have a single redeeming character trait.

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You know, if the other studios want to be as successful as KyoAni then they should strive to be more like KyoAni.
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They can't.
So what are you expecting from KyoAni in the next few years, /a/?
trump anime about how illegal immigration is illegal

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She did nothing wrong and didn't deserve that ending.
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Being an easy slut often get you bad endings.
Natural selection of females not being picky enough in their males and choosing a Chad\Psycho which ends bloody.
I don't know this bitch.
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Tomboys are for spanking.

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Fucking DROPPED. Worst AOTS
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I like all this false outburst when he was known about before the first episode.
Weak bait
wait, how old i andrew?

He looks like 22 y/o or something near that age.

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You can Rubesty into a spiked coffin.
If you can turn into Nico then yes, you look okay
Good enough to eat, sweetie.

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I'm going to bury my face between Kou's buttcheeks and sniff her anus.
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Rin, get back to work.

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You switch bodies with the MC of the last show you watched. How fucked is the MC in your body?
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I will finally be a fucking loli.
I hope sensei got a doctorate degree in Pharmacotherapy somewhere.
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Only Yesterday

Well it certainly will have an effect on the story...

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