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This was also a big mistake on Goku's part, how bad is it now that there is two Zeno's?
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Is it just me who thinks the fact that there are two of them is stupid?

As the God of everything, he should exist simultaneously in all times, so the Zenchan who showed up in future Trunks' timeline shouldve been the same one Goku knew.

I've thought of this as well, but it is what it is I guess. Considering Time Travel is illegal as shit and Goku basically gave them proof of doing this by producing a second Zeno.

And he got away with it! Talk about a lucky guy. Either way, Goku is also naive and innocent and I guess Zeno is drawn towards that aspect of him.
Is it just me or is one of them suspicious?

I feel like that "gag" with the one Zen-oh forgetting which hand to raise may have been more than just a fun addition. Something seems off about that.

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Why did we never get anything as good as Tamers ever again?
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Was Digimon ever good, really? I mean, it veered between SoL and multiplayer isekai with lots of shounen fighting and poop jokes in between. It's not like it's as kino as Heaven's Gate or Gigli.
>Was Digimon ever good, really?
Adventure was okay to decent
Tamers was actually good and had very well written characters, since madman Konaka was writing it.

The English dub for any season of it is abysmal however
It's called Appli Monsters.

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>Piano starts
>Aaahhhhhhh! Eeeeyai. Eeeeeyai. AAAAAAAAhhhhhh....! Eeeyai. Eeeyai. WHOOOOOoooooOooooaaaaaAaaaaa!
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My love for you

Is like a truck

I love putting on some headphones, and listening to that shit while I go on a walk at night during the summer.

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When did you realize that medium sized breasts are the best after all?
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>medium sized
Those were big tits back then, that actually look and move like the animator has touched tits in his life at least once.
Medium is boring.
Give me small or big.
How much is medium?

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ITT: Girls with enjo kousai-ish design. I'll start with the most obvious one.
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In what way?

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I just caught up binge-reading this, did I like it?
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what the hell
is this them attacking the Zhao city?
Yes, you did.
>did i like it?
No you don't.

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Am I fucking missing something or this shit has not yet been translated?
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>needing subs for hentai

How can I accurately rate it on MAL if I don't know the story?

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ITT: absurdly ridiculous Gary Stu characters that you like
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These two are my favorite. Too bad they never got second seasons
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s2 never

Childhood is thinking Kuroneko should have won
Adulthood is realizing Kirino is the superior girl
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>what is self insert
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feels good man
that's not how it works.

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What are /a/'s thoughts on Onihei?
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AOTY 2017
i wanna kiss Heizou
Has anyone else been getting Bebop/Champloo vibes from this? I don't think it's as good all around as either of those but the episode structure keeps reminding me of Watanabe

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Why is she inside a washing machine?
NO anon.
It's you who is in the washing machine
Why am I inside a washing machine?

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moshi moshi

seibah dess
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moshi moshi

king of knights desu
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>honey, who was that?
>wrong number

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Why is this legal?
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Well it definitely puts me in the mood for a coke
Is it possible to make coke lose money? Can I burn a can of coke from someone else and get a refund?
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What did Kentaro Miura mean by this?

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Best shounen hero
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Here's your pity (You).
He really is.
Couldn't even become Hokage. Loser.

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90% of anime is shit, right?
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90% of anything is shit, man
Truer words have yet been spoken this day.
Sounds about right. Just look at the current season.

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