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>he skips the opening and the ending every time
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Nothing wrong there. Most of them are bad anyways.
Nobody would actually do this
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>listening to the OP and ED each time even though you've already seen them once and no OP will ever hold a candle to inner light or Buchikome

>[HorribleSubs] Stella no Mahou - 01 [720p].mkv
>Seeders: 74

>[Hidoi desu] Stella no Mahou - 01 [TV 720p AAC] [B0EE4DD4].mkv
>Seeders: 3

>[Kawaii] Stella no Mahou - 01 [914E3FF8].mkv
>Seeders: 4

What the fuck is this shit? Daisuke's subs for this show are almost unwatchably bad, but there's no seeds for the fansub edits that fix their script. There isn't even a single batch torrent available. How does a good show get neglected this badly? Fansubbing is fucking dead.
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The real mccoy.
It doesn't deserve any better.
Only retards watch anime.

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I just saw Your Name at my local film festival and I didn't cry once, what the fuck is wrong with me
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congratulations you are not faggot
but I want to be faggot

That happened to me as well. But after I read the novel and rewatched it. The 2nd-5th time I cried like a bitch.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Fake and gay.

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"Staring out his window with one hand he holds a key, in the other a small box whose contents are unknown. How will this discovery change his perception of the world around him? A subervisive anime which just happens to be a deconstruction of media itself as well as commentating on human individualism and spirit. Also there's rape and murder for the mature anime viewer"

I liked it. Made me want to kill myself. I am a worthless human being. This anime showed me the way. 10/10. I will never forget this important milestone in our history. When no key des boxu was released onto the world and made us collectively realize that we are all going to die one day and nothing we do matters.
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where can i watch
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Not on crunchyroll gold because of the toddler rape scene mentioned previously. You're gonna have to use TOR to access crunchyroll black and pay a fee of $199 US dollars in order to access a steam key.\
>pic related is the scene
You need to have a high power level in order to see it, you also need to have a DEEP appreciation for anime as a creative medium.

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Why was she so Tsundere?
Did she want the Shindick?
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His dick must have been tiny, why is Asuka such a rice burner?
She wanted strong hands wrapped around her. It was her motivating force. The Choker, holding Shinji's airway shut, fantasizing about him strangling her.
We literally had a big ass thread about it for two days

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I don't know

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/a/ would politely turn it down
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Yeah, I don't accept presents from prostitutes, but I don't mind giving presents to prostitutes if they blow me right.
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Enjo Kosai.

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How do we make this character sexy?
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Make her male
Remove glasses.
Give chest.

We're 90% done. It's not like Kobayashi is ugly within the context of her show; she's just a bit dowdy.
Take away the glasses and undo the ponytail

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Would you an old vampire lady?
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damn those boob are good

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I'll be honest this show looks kinda interesting but I have one major problem with it

Rakugo sucks

Fuck rakugo

This isn't some cultural differences shit either, I hate vaudeville and musicals and most shit that is done on a live stage that isn't music or stand-up comedy either. Especially improv.

Am I overestimating the prominence of rakugo in the show, or should I just forget about it?
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There's a shit ton of Rakugo in it.
You should still give it a try anyway, there's usually plenty of drama surrounding everything that make the performances very interesting to watch.
Just watch the first episode, it's 45 mins long and does a great job selling the show. If you don't like it then you can leave it at that.
Have you actually listened to any Rakugo?
If Yota's performance doesn't make you audibly laugh, then you can probably dismiss the show as not for you.
There is a lot of Rakugo. You are overestimating how much you need to enjoy rakugo itself to enjoy how it's presented in the show though. Half the time I don't really think the stories are funny or interesting, but the visual and sound direction is so good it basically forces you to feel entertained. The instant that jazz kicks in I'm glued to the screen, it doesn't even matter what they're saying.

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moshi moshi?
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File: 1407845941585.png (735KB, 894x1120px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: moshi moshi.jpg (27KB, 600x440px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
moshi moshi.jpg
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What would you do with this pair?
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Nothing, really. I have zero drive to fuck Ume.
I'd much rather watch her do cute yuri things with the fujo muscle cop girl.
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>I have zero drive to fuck Ume.
Lick and massage them, obviously.

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Have you ever tried to fuck a clock?
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Tried with my German cuckoo clock. It ended up painful.
Nope, not yet
I haven't even watched this show but is she, dare I say, best girl?

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